Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cherie's Choices.

Rising to a challenge is stock for some of my customers. Heroes and Heroines look to the task and come through, just as CherryPie did with her program of song for Christmas.

I set a small task and threw open the Music Room. "What are your Christmas favourites?".

Cherie brought hers for our enjoyment.

"It is difficult to choose from my favourite Christmas Carols and songs.    And when narrowed down there are also many good YouTube versions… it is difficult to choose a favourite and some of my favourites are not available on YouTube.  But I got there in the end.
My choices are all ones that I sung regularly when I was in a choir, but I have chosen a variety of styles rather than choosing full choir versions in every case."

And what delights too.

 Once in Royal David’s City.
Taken from 'Carols from King's' 2004.
The 'Cathedral Choirs' are a jewel in the English Tradition. And what can match them?
I have to admit a soft spot for this little girl. Her voice and youthful purity is captivating. It reminds me.

Jackie Evancho - Silent Night
There is a special space in my heart in which my own little blond girl should be.  It is waiting for her to come back to it.
But from small things, big ones grow and sometimes they go away.

The Little Drummer Boy Performed by the Albright Angels and Mane

And now some healthy big girls without male accompaniment. What a fine harmony.

All Angels sing "The Angel Gabriel"


The boys get a turn too. And what boys they are !

"This one is not part of my Christmas choices (or something I have sung) but I came across it whilst I was browsing around on YouTube.  The voice is phenomenal.  I thought you might enjoy it "

 Vienna Boys Choir - Ave Maria


I hope you enjoy them
I enjoyed them all, mdear. Your glass is full and waiting.
And finally a Taverner's Turn.
Another little girl, Rhema Marvanne, going places and singing praises.

O Holy Night

A satisfying evening. God Bless, Cherie.

But there is only so much an old Knight's heart can hold before it overflows and I need to hurry off and wring out my towel.

Perhaps my other customers could just go over to Cherie's Place while I tidy m'self up a bit.

 I shall be down in the Crypt with this one. Not simply Christmassy, but out of the depths.

Canto Gregoriano
Schola Gregoriana

Pax Dei.


  1. I am glad you enjoyed my choices, I like your fine additions too.

    Happy Christmas to you my dear :-)

  2. I suspect one of the most greatly admired Christmas carol performances was Silent Night, in German,on Christmas Day, in "No Man's Land, at the onset of The Great War.
    Crazy antics ensued.

    No matter what "ya'll " may deem holy, make the best of this annual Holy Day season.
    (how was THAT for "generic"?)



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