Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nelson Mandela - the Bigger Picture

This Tavern is a place fit for Heroes and Saints. Heck I said so myself. So one can expect that Nelson Mandela should be welcomed here, considering the outpouring of praise from the News and Commentators, politicians and the usual suspects in our Universities.

He is after all being touted as being due to take a seat somewhere closer to the left side of God Himself than Jesus occupies.

So just as any Saint has his or her life looked at fairly carefully and all claims are put to some scrutiny, we should take a look. That pen-ultimately is St Peter's job, of course, and I doubt that the old Saint at the Pearly Gates is going to appreciate the sort of snow-job that we are getting down here.

He is not easily accessible for comment, however.

So, we asked one of our more clear thinking and deep-digging earthly Tavern regulars to take a squiz.

Stefan Molyneux did just that.

As is not unusual, Blogger is slow on uploading the video so you will have to click the link:

Now, having heard that, what do you think?
I think I want a drink.


  1. Very interesting. I had no idea that Mandela was involved in the bombings. I will have look into this. Also, I would like to add that I don't care for the US flag being lowered for him, regardless of what he may have accomplished. It is the symbol our nation and should be reserved only for the passing our own citizens. As it should be for any other country or person(s).

    From Iron John

    1. Most people do not know either, Iron.John. What can we say about that? There seems to be a concerted effort by our educators, politicians and press to manipulate our perceptions, telling us just the things that they want us to know about and think. The socialist west continually tries to deify Communist leaders.

      It is up to YOU, sir, to seek out the truth and form opinions based on a much fuller understanding than the myths of the agitproppers.

      Have a drink of Truth and Clarity to help you on that road. On the House.

  2. The most important point in that commentary is:

    "You pretend that communism is on the left and fascism on the right and so on. When there is only one poll totalitarian versus political and economic freedom and so there's this supposed opposite poll/polarity between communism and fascism, but its not really the case"

    Communism and fascism are different flavours/colours of the same coin. Both deeply undesirable to anyone who cares about liberty.

    As to Mandela... his early life did not cover him in glory but in later years he achieved some great things. However am not convinced that the situation over there is better, it is just different.

    1. One can find many points of difference, Cherie, but regrettably there are many aspects which look just the same. The myth-making, the mendacities, the downright coercion even unto death. What is astonishing (were it not so predictable from even a cursory knowledge of human nature) is that so many people want to see Mandela as a saint; they desire false rhetoric; they want a 'socialist' paradise; they find so much to envy; they are prepared - and experienced - in overlooking wickedness in high places.

      Your favourite tipple coming up.

    2. The vast majority of people are sheeples and need to be led and told what to think and do. That is human nature. Someone will eventually take the lead to round up the sheeples to help or coerce them.

      The sheeples might grumble that they are oppressed, but they do not understand that the oppression has taken place because they needed to be led...

      Thereby the sheeples overlook the wickedness...

      The sheeples need someone to lead them... and the Media bias promotes the 'leaders' that the sheeples think they need.

      Leading to the mess we are in ;-)

      I think I am in need of my favourtite tipple right now...

  3. Thanks for the video! So, Mandela was a typical corrupt politician and over 90 leaders of the world came to worship today, who admit their corruption by just showing up.

    The real questions is...what do THEY want? (rim shot)

    1. A man of the people who pull the strings; that was Mandela. He served a purpose for all the cringers who try to make us all feel guilty for 'colonialism'. There DOES seem to be some instances of him being very kind and supportive of some people. The TV cameras and entourage recording such events are difficult to fake.

  4. The mistake many make is that he achieved great things later. In fact, as a post to come will point out, he was then hand-in-glove with Them and the successes were manufactured but the base ANC never altered. See Zuma.

    1. Stephan paid great attention to the decline of South Africa under Mandela's rhetoric-filled Presidency. One can see a model that Obama is trying to emulate.


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