Saturday, December 21, 2013

Trying to be Good

I keep saying: This tavern is for sinners on the road away from perdition. Me included. My customers speak of many things that are 'wrong' with our society and some that are divine.

There are Good people - not all that many, 'tis true - and a lot of otherwise good people who, but for accretions of dust from the road, would be good but seem not to know how.

But deep inside they do. And deep inside they are.

Some 'critics' say that Old Amfortas often bangs on about Good Men on Men’s Rights forums. I do. Just as here. It has a purpose; to alert members to themselves, more often than not.

You see, inside even the grottiest of ordinary people lurks a small 'good' person covered over and weighed down by shyte. No-one starts off 'bad'. The Good has to be brought out. Sometimes it takes him pulling himself up by the bootstraps. That is rare. Sometimes someone has to reach down into the pit, grab his hair and pull him out. It is dangerous work. The bold and the bald have a problem!

Sometimes it is just a simple act by another man (or woman) that simply 'touches' the right button.

It is the same with women. Inside every nasty Feminist harpy is a small ‘good girl’ weighed down and covered in shyte.

Secret Santa Saves a Man's Life and Soul
"Have you had enough now?"

We all need Love.

We all need Grace.

We go through life like travellers on foot with a rucksack. We pick up things we think are useful. Or fun. Some glitter. They distract. Very often it is someone else who slips something in our back-pack like a smuggler in an airport. We are the innocents who get caught by Customs.

It is astonishing to find just how much stuff in your head isn't yours.

"Have you had enough now?"

The back-pack gets heavy. We can barely walk straight. We have to put it down.

The end of a year is a good time to examine all that you have accumulated. Open that back-pack. Chuck a lot of 'stuff' out. Lighten your load. Much of it was no good at all. Fools Gold.

Take a drink of Grace.

Pax Dei Vobiscum.


  1. It is always best to keep reviewing that rucksack and discarding the rubbish but it is not always easy. I try not to put (negative) things in that rucksack in the first place but that is not easy either.

    I always try to focus on the good points in the people that I meet on my life's journey. Usually I find that easy but on rare occasions I struggle to find any good points. When that happens it gives me pause for thought.

    Focusing on Love is key, it can light a candle to guide help guide us on our pathway through life...

  2. There are some 'good' things in our ruck-sacks too, Cherie, that 'once were useful'. A small child learns not to go out of the gate unless holding mummy's hand, but that fine rule must be discarded when it is 'time to put away childish things'. The virtues we were taught also can become vices as we insist on letters rather than spirit.

    But the bad there are aplenty. They are more easily apprehended at a distance than close up. Close up they can dazzle. They may need to be seen as is the Gorgon's head reflected in a shield or through tears.

    That young man's tears may save his life.

    I will pray for him.


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