Monday, December 2, 2013

Celebrating Women : Art against Violence

We don't permit fighting in the Tavern. We send obstreperous folk outside where they can pull one another's hair.

But some are firmly of the view that such firmness is too masculine and they prefer to knit.

As did one young lady, a feminist (yes, Virginia, we do let them come into the bar) who dropped in to knit one and pearl a few to see if we would stop being violent to women.

She is 'Empowered'. She refuses to be a 'Cultural Lemming' and become a 'Parent'. Ughhh !!

"Well, there's a bit of hope for us all, at least", someone said.

There is a bottomless pit of ideas for ‘art’ these days, and going down to where the bottom is found, and other orifices in some, the mind will boggle at what can come forth.

Women have choices. She could have chosen her other nether orifice for a different colour palette. It would have made little difference apart from the hue and the phew. But we dissuaded her.

We loudly showed our appreciation.

We also had Mr  Paul show his efforts in a similar artistic manner.

We loudly appreciated his efforts too.
We all had a drink. But the lady left for some reason after we warned her about the carpet rules. Mr Paul stayed.


  1. Obstre....OK, you win.
    You MADE me look up a word.


    1. That's because I am an overbearing, sexist, lacking empathy and compassion. It's not my fault.


  2. Well the first video disturbs me on many levels! The second one not so much.

    But neither of them are art ;-)

    1. The second is someone having fun in response to the first which was taxpayer funded and shown on a taxpayer funded TV channel. THAT is the disturbing part.

  3. For me the disturbing part is that the woman thought of idea in the first place. Why on earth would she stuff wool up into her vagina and knit proclaiming it art? To me that is a disgusting concept.

    1. I do not deny women the ability to be creative and to express themselves, CherryPie. But the most awful expressions tend to come from professed feminists who 'blame' women with their claims that whatever they do with their vaginas in the 'public square' is a woman's 'Right'.

      The silly woman even starts off her drivel by saying 'vaginas aren't scary. They won't bite you', or something like that. As if anyone else but feminists have ever let such an idea cross their mind.

      As I alluded, she could have achieved the same results by stuffing the wool up her other nether orifice. That's where so much of feminism seems to come from.

      (Oh dear. I might get a comment from the Troll with a brain the size of his nether orifice now)

  4. Elsewhere, Michelle commented:

    Oh King Amfortas, first I watched the "vagina art" and nearly lost my breakfast. Thank goodness you were kind enough to post the "penis art" video. I was laughing so hard at that guy. You saved my breakfast and my good humor

    I especially liked the part where he provided the dialogue of the abusive man rejecting the thought of beating the crap out of the woman because he caught sight of the white ribbon.

  5. I was absolutely revolted by that video when I first watched it on youtube. I couldn't stomach watching it a second time. The woman is sick.

    1. Yes, indeed. But RamzPaul makes it all better :)


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