Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dirty Jobs - Real Education.

It is the privilege of the Tavern Keeper that he can overhear the most fascinating discussions. As I did today between two articulate men who see past the Bromides.

Not that I serve bromide here. On the contrary; some think my produce is too strong and induces testosterone fits. That is also not true. But there is a lot of bromide being foisted on folk outside.

We had Mike Rowe sitting at the bar with Nick Gillespie from Reason TV.

Mike did a TV series that saw him trying out a huge number of dirty jobs for the entertainment and education of Reality TV viewers. It is one of those programs that really does show reality; no script; no 'writers'; no artificially constructed events. Just men at work.

Yes, mostly men.

The subject of their chat was the usefulness and cost of higher education. A TRILLION bucks is owed by a large population of young people in America who are unlikely ever to pay it back. The Law of Diminishing Returns has been entirely overlooked.

That economic 'Law' has been superceded by 'equality of outcomes' which sees an increasing majority of Degrees being awarded to
young women who will pass on their debts to young men doing dirty jobs.

 Proportionally similar quanta can be shown in many western countries. meanwhile someone has to clean the drains and build the roads and bridges.

SO MUCH clear thinking and 'follow-through' of concepts were evident in their chat that I must have refilled their goblets half a dozen times - and mine too.

So, as the discussion went on and captured my attention to such a degree that I failed to take notes, I will let you listen for yourselves.

Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe on the High Cost of College.

Now you might have a few things to say on the subject too.

Let it rip.

And have a drink too.



  1. An angle on the story we need to start looking at more widely. The technically skilled falls into this too.

    1. Indeed. I look forward to your particular commentary at N.O.


  2. What's the alternative though?


    1. You ask. I ask you. I am just the tavern-keeper.


      Take a seat at the bar and tell us your solution. I will pour the drinks.


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