Sunday, December 8, 2013

Men Going their own Way

 A grand bunch of guys from the past gathered in the bar today, reminiscing on their Glory Days. I knew some of them. Colleagues from a previous life. Some were quite young when I was coming to the end of my time.

Military types tend to do that from time to time. Those that stay in the saddles and even those Knights that take to Tavern Keeping in their later years.

Men go their own way.

I have many friends on the 'Men's Rights Movement' and amongst them the talk often turns to the 'single man's life'. A Life which for many is a necessity in a society where women seem to reject so much of the normal masculinity of good men in their hurry to escape their own fantasies of  the small minority of not so nice men.

It is difficult to be a Good man in today's society and even those that are 'Good' teeter on the edge of the Abyss sometimes. Every military man knows this. His lot in life is to stare into that abyss from time to time.

Some fall in.

I will talk of this and more in a moment but first let us recall. Let us see the Knights of today and listen to their refrain.

Fabulous music. Apposite too.

Men have always gone their own way. Men of action and devotion, that is. Adventurers, discoverers, inventors. Unlike many of the young men in the MGTOW branches of the MRM they plan, they study, they take great self-discipline and skills which are wrest from long experience and effort. They search for the talents and the abilities in themselves and make Character.

They do something more than just useful to themselves. They serve. They take a strong position on the great waves of life.

See the modern Knight in his cockpit, before battle.

In a previous era the Knight on his steed with lance and sword could wreak havoc against similar foes. Today's Knights have steeds of steel that fly and  have lances with warheads thrown instead of held and with warheads that can devastate a town.

See them.

They sit: some pray: some meditate on what they have to do today.

"Please God, let me do 'Right'. "

It is so easy to do wrong.
They are thinking men.

Thinking.... "I may die today".
Some might hear the echo of his Viking ancestors.
'It is a good day to die'.


Will a Good man die today?

Few of those older models of MGTOW ran from anything. Few were 'driven away'. They were not afraid.

Many were Good men. But as I said before, some teetered on the Abyss, as do so many men in the military.

With great Power comes a great temptation to do evil.

Some do that.

The Abyss stares back and draws them in.

The power to kill confers special responsibility and demand on Character.

History is replete with fallen heroes.

I commanded men in my day. I used to tell them..." You must kill the enemy, but not hate them. They are men, boys, just like you."

Today it is anyone who gets in the way and one's aim must be surer than ever.

But it is not the life or death of the enemy that matters.

We all die sometime by some means. No. It is the State of your Soul that matters. His too.

Life is hard whether one is good or bad. Or lazy. Life gives so much opportunity to engage with the world. But every engagement also provides the grist for the mill of Character creating. And for choice.

I have dealt with 'choice ' before.

The 'main' choice is between Good and Evil. In our own hearts and minds.

Our young men face choices. Too many excuse their choices by blaming someone or something else. 'Twas always this.

Your life is made by the world you live in.
You are made by You.

You will lose your life one day.

When you have stared into the Abyss and walked back from it, not fearful or blaming, but having chosen, then you have earned the Glory.

You can go to your rest knowing that you won the battle.

And to the raised glasses of your peers.

Gentlemen. To absent friends.

Pax Dei. May God strap you in.


  1. they plan, they study, they take great self-discipline and skills which are wrest from long experience and effort. They search for the talents and the abilities in themselves and make Character.

    In my experience those sort of guys also value the talents and abilities of others. The difference in experiences leads to different outlooks on how to proceed and make the right choice.

    The choice as you say is always between 'Good and Evil'. It takes a strong person to see the difference between the two.

    I too raise a glass to your absent friends.

    1. And they would acknowledge a Lady too. maybe I will overhear some musings about that subject again soon.


  2. "It is difficult to be a Good man in today's society..."

    I agree and I would say that it is difficult to be any kind of man in western society today. Regardless of what beliefs concerning good and evil he might hold, he is a man nonetheless and the culture is hostile towards him irrespective of his choices. Thus, MGTOW has provided both men and society with a surprising alternative. I don't think anyone expected that in the face of all the hate, callousness, and disrespect men encounter that they would simply leave. I honestly think everyone, perhaps even men themselves, figured they just had to take it. That there was no other choice. But when it became unbearable finally, and quite nobly, men have taken the best option they had: they pulled up their tent stakes and left. And who could blame them? There are far worse responses men could have chosen given these circumstances, but yet they left in peace. The next time some hate filled feminist talks about how rotten the male gender is, you might point out the concept of MGTOW as a demonstration that men actually do care for women.

    From Iron John

    1. Yes, society is hostile to men. Only the deaf and blind could disagree. Deaf and blind of heart and soul.

      But a man's own soul is his business, John. He has to attend to what he does and why. The talk amongst those guys as they reminisced certainly covered the dangers, the heat, the sweat (fortunately less rust to clean out in modern armour) but also the bigger questions of 'what were we doing there?'. 'Who pulls our strings?'

      The Abyss is hidden like a crevasse in snow. Step on it and down you go. It is the wise and experienced man who expects it and has roped himself. Many of those flying Knights had a Rosary.

      The MGTOW have a clear right to self - determination, I agree and make their choices, but as the subtext of what you say shows, it is often a pained choice to leave women behind. There are greater issues than simply 'relationships' with women. Taking a position on the great waves with an intent to participate in great things is their draw, not a runner-up compensation.

      Where are the MGTOW going? What draws them? What Character are they building? A sound one? An Heroic one?

    2. "Where are the MGTOW going? What draws them? What Character are they building? A sound one? An Heroic one?"

      All fair questions. I think it's more about moving away from something rather towards anything. Where they will end up, that will be different for each one depending on their individual choices. One thing is for sure, the discontent is the same across the board and that is what drives them. They are all seeking a new life, one where they can live like men and not like public enemies. And I would not call them hero's, but rather pioneers. They are venturing into a great unknown. This is a migration of sorts. One that is still underway. One where final destination in not completely known to the travelers themselves. All they know for sure is they can no longer stay where they currently are and they must find a new home. Perhaps this is not all that different from the Hebrew people who left Egypt ages ago. An Exodus from a land that did not want them, in the hopes of finding an oasis in the great desert. Time will tell.

      From Iron John

    3. Yes, Iron John. They are being driven away. Where they are is just too uncomfortable. Time will indeed tell. The 'public enemy' zone seems to be spreading though.

  3. Men. Real women can only love them. And it's about time they came out and start shouting it.

    1. Sound like a generous lady is in the bar. The drinks are on the house.

  4. "Gentlemen. To absent friends."
    Absent friends-*hoist*


    1. From all over, Capt. I shall have a lot of glasses to refill. Hahaha.

  5. I just try to be what seems right. Don't know about "good".


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