Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Things to Come

The Tavern takes a punt on the next week or so.  We held auditions in the Music Room. A lot of talented 'hopefuls'.

The Choir of Clare College - O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Or if you prefer an EPIC arrangement.... This took a bit of fitting in I can tell you!
O Come O Come Emmanuel - Full choir and orchestra with children's  choir too boot!


Fortunately they were followed by someone a little less full-on. 


Silent Night by St Joseph Catholic Church Choir
Just to be going on with.



  1. A nice selection. Of the two versions of 'O Come O Come Emmanuel' I prefer the slightly faster tempo of the first version.

    Seeing and listening to children sing reminds me of my 'growing up with music'.

    When I was at school I sang in the choir and played clarinet in the orchestra. The Christmas season was always very busy. Besides the end of term concert there was always at least one other concert. We always spent at least two evenings singing carols in the local hospitals and old peoples homes.

    I don’t know whose idea it was, but one year after the hospital visits, just for fun we went on to sing carols in one of the local pubs. Quite unexpectedly the landlord passed an empty beer glass round and collected money from his customers, which we passed on to charity. The following year we went singing round a few of the local pubs, something that went on to be an annual tradition.

    But the occasion I loved the most was Christmas Eve, singing carols by the Ironbridge. Over the years more and more local people turned up and joined in. This particular event was led by a very 'special man' who always made sure he reminded everyone of the true meaning of Christmas. The singing only lasted for 30 minutes, but by the end of it you knew it really was Christmas.

    The special man was one of my music teachers, he was also deputy head of the school. Prior to teaching music he taught physics

    1. Hahaha. That second version of 'O Come, Oh Come Emmanuel was a bit OTT wasn't it. I think the music teacher sort of fellow behind it had visions of a film score or was touched by Turandot. But by crikey had tried hard.

      It is that time of the year and my old bones are gearing up for scrubbing the flagstones in the Crypt. The voice was never up to much other than shouting 'Havoc' to my troops but I have a good enough ear and a heart that can be touched. I can't complain for the lack of musical talent nor be criticised as long as I acknowledge it in others.

      I am glad you enjoyed it, CherryPie. Perhaps you could put a note in my inbox for me. A list of favourites from YT that I might invite into the music room for you.

  2. I thought the second version of 'O Come O Come' sounded more like a dirge than a celebration. LOL

    There are very few people that can't sing... I am sure you can, you just don't know it ;-)

    The abbreviation YT is a new one on me, could you please expand ;-)

  3. It is poignant for me watching the Clare College choir. That college being the one that my wife attended, a prodigiously talented musician, and one of the first women admitted. I love her more than my life, and she prefers that I do not comment here.


    1. Thank you Dom. Feel free to sit at the bar and listen. No words are needed with such fine voices praying for us.

      As for her preferences, she is entitled to them and good Grace to her: you of course are as Free to comment as per your own preferences.

  4. Of course I am free, but I do take on board her reservations. I was a student at Oxford and I encountered her after a debate which, I think, we won. As mathematician she has no equal in the circles in which we move. More importantly, as a humanitarian she shines. Just such a good person . So beautiful. She is a woman.

    I don't think that she likes you.


    1. Ah. She may not like me. Hmmmm. We all have our likes and dislikes. She sounds as though she is a fine lady with a good spirit. That is enough to gain a drink at my bar even if she wants to argue with the Tavern Keeper. As long as the Big One loves me, I will get by. (But even He gives me a whack from time to time, so tell her she is in Good company. )


      'Tis good you adore you fine Lady, sir.

  5. Yes, very fine lady, but I don't think that she will argue with the tavern keeper. She would see it as a hiding to nothing, and I understand that. I don't think that you are open to having your views challenged, and my wife is not used to having her opinion questioned. To be fair, she is not entrenched in her opinions and will always listen. If somebody is having a hard time she will always go the extra mile. In her case, that means bringing waifs and strays in to the house and feeding them for a couple of weeks or more. It can be hairy.

    This Christmas we have six extras for dinner and I know it might be more. I wouldn't have it any other way.


  6. "" I don't think that you are open to having your views challenged, and my wife is not used to having her opinion questioned.""

    You may know your wife very well. Far and away better than you know me. But hey, think what you will.

  7. I wish I had not started this conversation because it just upsets everybody. I am caught in the middle, wishing to engage but not wanting to cause needless grief.

    I was brought up in a Catholic family so I probably harbour that guilt that seems to be par for the course. Especially because I don't follow the rules at all.

    My life is a confusion of interests and loyalties. Isn't that true of everyone?

    1. I do not know what you mean by 'the middle'. I am not upset. It does not have to cause any sort of grief. Perhaps the answer is in your own hands and ability to simply not comment here anymore.

      Most people encounter conflicts of loyalty at some points in life and with some situations. They have to deal with them as we all do. Similarly with various interests. Love can help.

      I have met very few Catholics that harbour 'guilt' as such so 'par for the course' is not a par or a course I am familiar with. The 'original Sin' 'guilt' is a Theological issue and is 'the Human Condition'. Get over it, I say. We did not chose to have arms and legs either. We work toward meeting God on His terms as we mature in our understanding.

      Grace is needed. Have a long, cold glass. Go and make conversation with your wife.


  8. I have rarely met a Catholic who does not feel guilt and that includes the clergy!

    My remark about being caught in the middle was poorly phrased. I think not commenting really does let you off the hook. On the other hand, I do understand what a waste of time it is and the futility of trying to reason with someone who holds certain opinions.

    1. It is your choice; don't waste your time. I don't waste mine.

  9. Just about to say nice selection and Cherie's beaten me to it. ;)

  10. You have a problem Sir, namely too many dissenters who are men with opposing views. if this blog is a place where the disenchanted minority of men come to seek solace then you are in trouble. Some of the comments I have read here, now mostly deleted, were much more fun than the blog.

    Your desperation to discourage those who disagree with you from commenting is very obvious.

  11. "" if this blog is a place where the disenchanted minority of men come to seek solace then you are in trouble.""

    It isn't. I am not.


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