Monday, September 23, 2013

Women, at my Command

There are beautiful sunny days as we come into Springtime, and an old Knight's fancy turns to ladies.

And music.

There is a special Grace that comes to composers. The old Greeks said it was the Muses that brought it. And some is needed too for the hard work that singers need to do to turn notes on a page into sounds that burrow deep into our hearts and lifts them up.

So today I sat out on the patio and summoned a line of ladies - and one small girl with a fabulous voice - to sing for my pleasure.

And for you too.

Maybe I will invite some gentlemen one day. But right now, I like what came by.


First up the beautiful Elina, Latvia's best export, with her dark-eyed friend Anna.

Encore, m'dears. What a pair.

Both have a touch of Callas. So let's hear from the Prima Donna herself. Have a hanky ready.

Not to be outdone, she wants a twofer as well. And after Madam Butterfly, it has to be Mimi.

Maria has a teaching job now. She is perfecting Angels.

But Anna insists on competing. From the same opera. And she is Fabulous.

And its a take - over.

It is Anna, hedgerow to tree. Determined.

But to finish, a small girl on the rise, showing just what she can do. "I can do that, too" she shows. The Bridge at Arno sees a lot of young women threatening to throw themselves off !

Now I must go and wash the bar tops with my tears.

Why is it that such soaring voices by beautiful women - and little girls - make me weep?

I could never be an atheist while I have ears and my hearing aids, and my heart that can be touched so.

It takes a very cold and unimaginative mind to think that these girls have genes that are examples of the 'survival of the fittest'. There is no possible 'animal' heritage in their art. They have a gift that nature alone did not confer. The composers too.

There was no slow mutation of a gene here and a gene there that could result in such soul-touching effect in just a few hundred thousand years. What possible 'survival' use could such sound fulfil?

That their singing is 'natural' and the songs/symphonies too, is countered by the simple fact that they serve no purpose than to feed the Soul and Glorify. And it takes years of hard work and training.

It is Human, beyond nature, and Divine.

Eat your heart out Professor Dawkins. You sad soul.

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