Friday, September 6, 2013

Caring, Sharing, Conned, Bombed.

We are a caring mob here in the Tavern. But we can spot a con a mile off. Sometimes. Many cannot though, especially when a female con artiste is at work.

We were talking of 'boat people' again and with some modest commiseration for the 'genuine' refugees who have been sailing into our shores at great expense to themselves and with the glee of Pirates, care of the complete dereliction of duty of the Government.

That motley crew - the Labour Government - is about to be sent out to sea in leaky boats themselves after tomorrow.

Meanwhile all the caring, sharing folk in Oz are up in arms about the fate that is about to befall those 'asylum seekers' who are here. Well, some are. There are others who care and who share but know what Love and Charity are really about.

The Age Newspaper is like unto the Guardian in the UK. Left to the core. They are easily conned.  They ran a story to tug at our hearts a while back. Andy Bolt told us:

In May, she was the poster girl for The Age’s campaign for more “compassion” to boat people:

"IT SHOULD have been cause for unbridled joy. Having fled the trauma and tragedy of life in Sri Lanka, Ranjini had been found to be a refugee, married the man who would be a father to her two boys and begun a new life in suburban Melbourne. Now she was pregnant.
Say hello to your new neighbour.

Nice, friendly looking lady. Who would not be pleased to have such a sweet smile living next door?
Instead, confirmation of the pregnancy last Saturday only compounded her feeling of complete and utter despair. It came two days after Ranjini was told, without warning, that she had been deemed a threat to Australia’s national security and whisked away with her sons to the Villawood detention centre in Sydney…  
What? This nice gal? A threat?
‘’I am in total shock,’’ says Nathalie Klapper, who struck up a friendship with Ranjini…  
‘’There is nothing subversive or political or nasty about Ranjini whatsoever,’’ Klapper says. ‘’She’s the most positive, upbeat, strong person despite all the horrors that she has been through...’’  
‘’I can’t speak highly enough of her,’’ says Jenny Sims, a minister at the Chermside-Kedron Community Church in Brisbane… ‘’She’s a loving, caring, gentle person who has been through a lot of trauma.’’…  
What is it with 'Community Churches'?  

Ah, women priests! The compassionate sisterhood; the feminists who want to do what the men do. They seem to be full of 'nice' people who seem not able to be real Christians, but just love to portray themselves a such. Kevin Rudd supporters and copiers all. They quote the Bible - well the Old Testament parts - but do not even recognise the Church established by Christ Himself.
Pam Nielsen, who met Ranjini earlier on, after she was transferred from Christmas Island to the Leonora detention centre, south-east of Derby in Western Australia, and then to Inverbrackie centre in the Adelaide Hills, agrees. ''She's a kind, generous, little woman. Every time I met her, talked to her, all she wanted to do was please me.'' 
Read more: 
It was at Inverbrackie that Ranjini's love of music and art was discovered by members of support group the Hills' Circle of Friends. Soon enough, locals donated a violin and art materials and Ranjini became close to a member of the group, former art teacher Pam Nielsen.  
There was no more moving moment than the afternoon she tentatively began playing the violin in the garden, surrounded by asylum seekers, children and visitors. 
''My relationship with her just grew out of support and friendship,'' Nielsen tells The Age. Her sense that Ranjini would find happiness and peace was reinforced when she visited Brisbane and Ranjini, then in community detention and still awaiting a decision on her refugee status, cooked lunch and they watched the boys play footy in the backyard. 
The boys' progress was demonstrated when eight-year-old Pirai sat on the back step with Neilsen's husband, Trevor, and told him the story in the Australian children's picture book Wombat Stew. ''He pretty much recited the whole thing,'' says Nielsen. 
Ganesh's best friend, Dave Panchalingam, says Ranjini was making progress, too: taking violin and dressmaking lessons, painting, learning English and volunteering. ''She was really, really happy about the new life, but the day after their first-month wedding anniversary they were separated.'' 
While friends say Ranjini's focus was squarely on the future, she also openly touched on fragments of her own sad story, including the death of her first husband, a fighter with the Tamil Tigers, and her work caring for orphans during Sri Lanka's civil war.

Read more:
 But Steve brought us up to date.
 Ranjini, 33, is the 47th asylum seeker in the current caseload to receive a negative ASIO assessment… (But) she does not know what she is accused of doing, or saying, she cannot defend herself. 
Today, however, The Age learns that maybe ASIO isn’t so stupid - and its poster girl not so innocent:

Tamil refugee Ranjini admitted to having trained child soldiers during Sri Lanka’s bloody civil war in a secret ASIO report used to justify her indefinite detention in Australia.  

Please Miss, I don't like this. Can we just play cricket today?

She also told immigration officials she rose to the
rank of lieutenant-colonel
in the separatist Tamil Tigers and fought two battles in the late 1990s against Sri Lankan forces…  

"Beats being a woman priest in a Community Church.
We're only 14, female and we can Kill people."

Ranjini insists she has given up the cause of Tamil independence in Sri Lanka and wants to focus on raising her children - including a boy born in January while in detention.  
But a review of the case by retired federal court judge Margaret Stone, delivered in July but not made public until now, was scathing, finding Ranjini’s claims  
‘’self-serving and implausible’’…  
[Ranjini ] told officials her then husband - known as ‘’Akbar’’, killed in a 2006 battle - was a bodyguard for feared Tigers commander Prabhakaran and led fighters armed with rocket-propelled grenades.  
She admitted to using machineguns and AK-47s, being trained in karate, but not in the use of bombs or explosives.  

"OK you lot. Lt Col Ranjini wants a fine turnout at the Carnage today"

 An extensive investigation of her refugee claims found she was ‘’heavily indoctrinated’’ into the Tigers... 

Having been a warrior for a considerable time before ever taking up Tavern-Keeping, I can appreciate the need for people to take up arms against a wicked regime. But Sri Lanka hardly registered as such and the Tamil Tigers seemed to  have a lot of support from Communists.

Having a nice smile and all the femininity at her command, she subverted and destroyed childhood for many children. She trained them to kill. Do you know, remember, how hard it is to get kiddies to do things? It takes a mommy-talent, suggestion, 'empathy', nurturing, just to get them to wash their hands before a meal.

Yet she taught children to kill.

Our society goes berserk when a man looks at a child through a schoolyard fence. Even his own children. Lord knows the conniptions when a chap holds a child's hand.

She taught school-kiddies to kill.

She was promoted for her skill. To teach children to kill.

Our society will put a man on a 'Register' for touching a child and hound him from a neighbourhood. But she was a 'kind, generous little woman'.

The lady vicar thought so.

Kevin Rudd and his loyal 40+ % of welded-on Labour voters - and Community Church-goers  with LadyVicars- may well want the smiling Sri Lankan lady as a next door neighbour, but we already have the aforementioned and they are quite bad enough without adding Communist Lt Colonel Child-Soldier Trainers.

Grace comes to all who seek it. Sometimes it even comes to the non-deserving.

I hope this lady puts some effort into seeking forgiveness and turns her talents for carnage, conniving and confidence-stealing to better use. Restoration of the Souls of all the children she turned into killers is just more work for our already busy God.

Talking of which... Drinks on the House.

Pax Dei Vobiscum.



  1. We find this all the time throughout history. Look at the Spartans. The women were not shrinking violets at all. They did not hesitate to exert control over young men when it came to pushing them to be warriors.

  2. Bolt has a large readership over here too. Good that there are still some left like that.

  3. This really is well written and enlightening. I am personally of the opinion that our protective agencies, in all probability, do not go around randomly picking on attractive young people (female or male) or unattractive one's for that matter, singling them out for individual persecution especially to provide the "bleeding heart do-gooders" with a "cause". The "do-gooders" are quite able to manufacture that without relying on the slender resources provided to these agencies by the taxpayer. I suspect that the resources afforded to the agencies is, at least mostly, stringently administered, erring on the side of caution and genuinely within the best interests of our nation. I wish this were true of our politicians where self-aggrandisement appears to dominate. Still, it is great when the day arrives that enables us to "flush 'em down the loo" with a hearty chortle.
    Peter H.

    1. Good points. But I would question the ability of 'Agencies' to apply their monies with any better accountability, efficiency and effectiveness than that any other public sector 'departments'.

      But let us drink deep of 'Hope'.

  4. Training children soldiers is a crime against humanity, she should be prosecuted to the full extent of Australian and international law. She is no different then a Nazi war criminal fleeing late WW2 Europe to see anonymous refuge in some unsuspecting foreign country. Good on ASIO for detection this abuse of our good will to real refugees.

    1. Our Government, whatever the hue, will not 'prosecute' this woman. Would that it would. She is a woman for a start. And that will be the end of the matter. Almost. Just wait for all the wriggling out that may occur. (Her husband 'made' her do it)

  5. Oh come now....
    A WOMAN would NEVER do THAT...

    (feel free to "linkify")

    1. Yes, we are still under the illusion that women can do no wrong let alone evil. They are all 'nurturing', aren't they. But we must understand that some, like some men, and in roughly the same small proportion, can be evil, excusing of themselves, cruel and justifying of themselves.

      It is notable that all the people who spoke up for her were of accord. Mostly other women too. They all saw the 'outside' of her. We live in an era where 'appearances' make up much of our apprehension of people, and a nice smile is taken as 'proof' of 'niceness'. Toothpaste adverts depend on it.

      But what is in her heart? What is her Soul like?

      Such people are sick to the Soul. Finding compassion for people can be too easy, and most of the do-gooder folk who help refuges WANT the refuges to all be genuine. But many are perpetrators of trauma rather than simply victims. One needs compassion for them too but it is a difficult compassion, based on a clarity of understanding and working in conjunction with God to find the appropriate real kind within ourselves.


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