Sunday, September 8, 2013

A New Page in Oz Politics.

A lot of cheering in the Tavern last night as the wrecker-Left side of politics was wiped off the Oz landscape. In the worst result in 100 years, the Labour Party under the erratic and calumnous leadership of Kevin Rudd was vigorously thrown out of office by the Australian Public.

A lot was made by Rudd of $10 Billion 'holes' in Liberal budgets and a prospect of "Cuts, Cuts, Cuts", in an attempt to divert the Public from the $300 Billion hole left by Labour. Well cuts were made last night.

A solid majority of seats went to the Conservatives. From a 'hung' Parliament with Labour kept in power by egocentric Independents and lunatic Greens,  Tony Abbott took three years to rise to full leader potential and show the colour of his armour, the sharpness of his sword and his skill in wielding it.

He took 91 seats to Labour's 56. A few are still to be determined.

People still voted for Rudd and his party, nevertheless. Many people. Millions of people. Despite all the spite, the lies, the sheer brazen-ness of KRudd's on-the-fly 'promises'.

This is indicative of the problem faced by Tony Abbott and the Liberals. How to manage a country with so many brain-dead, entitlement-demanding people intent on defying sense, history and the better nature of human beings.

It is a problem that the West has built over the last 60 years under the slow and careful guidance of Socialism, the sneaky little sister of Communism.

THIS is the problem that will not go away. Women.

No matter how nice a man is there will always be harridans in every street ready to lie, caumnise, demand and condemn him. 

The Princess of Lies loves to Hate

And Tony Abbott is surrounded by women. He likes women - as most men do. He helps, supports, loves women. His family is All-Women.

Mk50 of Brisbane popped into the bar from Catellaxy. He told us:

Mrs Mk50 laughed when Margie Abbott and her 3 daughters rocked up last night. She explained her levity thusly:
‘It’s Margie and the girls kicking the femenazi’s right in the slats. The three daughters are in virginal white, she’s in wicked witch’s black. Recall how the femenazi’s squealed about Abbot’s advice to his daughters? Remember Gillard’s old comment that all married women are whores? Now, look at their colour scheme and tell me what they are saying about all of that crap! It’s a giant FU.”

Then I laughed too.

But all too many women are his First Enemies. Because he is a Man. All too many women in the street follow the Feminist rhetoric like sheep.

There are many, many men of KRudd's ilk who are eager to suborn women, use them and abuse their better nature to gain power too. The Feminists hugged themselves in glee when Gillard knifed KRudd the first time and howled when he returned the favour.

Only a resurgence of the Feminine Woman can save the Western World. It is she that has to defeat the Feminist woman.

All the Policies for supporting 'women at work' and 'Paid Parental Leave' (for women - not fathers; not children) will not help our society nor the Conservative side of politics.

The Office for the Status of Women in Oz will be a litmus test of Abbott's leadership. If it survives the first term we shall know that the Conservatives lost.

If the Family Court, so biased and destructive of the feminine woman's aspiration as a Human Being; destroyer of the Masculine man's aspiration as a family man; enabler of lies and embezzlement; if that survives we will know that the Conservatives lost.

If Marriage is not accorded its rightful place as the Foundation Stone of Society and Civilisation, we will know that the Conservatives lost.

If the 'pluralist', 'multiculturalist', 'all Values are Equal' attitude remains or worse, grows, we will know that the Conservatives lost.

If the Man in the street, the family man, the boy in school is continued to be treated as a pariah, we will know that the Conservatives lost.

Abbott has been saddled with $300 Billion of Debt. It will be a huge task to drag ourselves out of the swamps of Penury.

The Economic challenges are far worse than those tackled by Howard. He took ten years of hard work to remove just $90 billion of Labour's last debts and turn it into a $ 40 billion surplus and savings. Rudd squandered that and put us back in debt. Gillard increased the debt. Rudd again added more.

Labour IS debt. But not just economic.

It is the creator of Spiritual debt and destruction.

There may be little effort available to save us from the

Road to Perdition.
Abbott's win last night may be a cross-road. There is much work to do.

He has to undo a mind-set of 'Entitlement' and Feminist-driven destruction of the Family, of Integrity, of Authenticity.

Our Universities and Schools, our Universities and Legal Structures are riven with deceit and calumnies. Our Christian Heritage is rubbished and denied.

Our society is sinking, economically and spiritually in a sea of 'Single-Mothers'.

Hope is the last virtue to fall before oblivion. We must hang onto it.

But our fingers are weak.
Grasp your glasses and Drink deep.


  1. OMG. And you wonder why you are estranged from your daughter. So sad.

    1. Hello Anomymouse. You call upon God's name as easily as judging me and my beloved daughter. Yet you seem to know none of us. Perhaps you might let us know who you are.

      My love for women is saddened by the manner in which they are suborned and their femininity distorted. There is a sickness in our society which makes me sad.

      I give my opinion, for what it is worth. In this matter it is about Politics and our society. I would prefer you commented on those; even upon my opinions. But your callous criticism of me and the pains of my daughter are telling of a sickness in you. May God and further experience heal you. I will pray in sight of the Grail for you as I do for her.

      Please have a drink of Kindness. On the House.

    2. Amfortas,

      I was making the rounds at NO, curious to see if there were any opinions on Syria, the latest on Zimmerman after yesterday, then wandered over.

      Wow, you handled that "drive by" commenter well. (Low blow, Anon - it actually says more about you than it does Amfortas).

      Don't you love it how people read a snapshot of your life in a given moment and think they know you completely (without risking revealing anything about themselves?:)

      No worries, I won't comment regularly and I won't leave a link because some may feel uncomfortable with that, so I'll just sign at the bottom - I just wanted to commend your mature handling of it.

      Take care,


      P.S. - referring to your earlier post, you may count at least one Obama voter who is beginning to regret her decision, btw, based primarily on his odd stance with Syria - shades of George W. Bush and Iraq.

      So mark this day down - not only did a woman admit she was wrong in her voting choice, but actually agreed with you on something ;)

    3. That is very kind of you Chrysalis. You are welcome to drop by and comment on anything here. Rest assured I won't expect you to be wrong often nor right either, just to give the view from your bar-stool or patio chair in the sun. Politely and with a drink of Grace at hand. I may even have a Pool installed when summer comes just so the 'anons' can cool off a bit and enjoy something.

  2. Nice analysis, excellent penmanship and hits the nail right on. I watched in astonishment at the female protesters at one of the N.S.W. polling booth's, screeching abuse in support of illegal boat people. Just what the world needs, more out of control, rude, abusive, ignorant screeching females. I wonder if they know the damage they have done to their cause and overall respect for women. Feminists with a critical absence of femininity - loathsome creatures who forfeit all right to respect from both genders and are to be deservedly reviled.

    I was also fascinated with K Krudd's capitulation speech - ungracious, typically self-serving and his jibe at the candidate who opposed him in his seat was unworthy, demeaning and just plain rude. He again showed his true colours. We are well rid of him and his arrogant, egotistical dysfunction.

    I watched Bob Hawke shaking his head in disbelief as Labor glitterati desperately tried to re-interpret facts, pontificating that if "it weren't for disunity they would have won the election". No recognition of disastrous policies, the destruction of trust, lies, deceit, union corruption and theft of funds, coal mine leases for mates and the $11 thousand million dollars spent on cosseting illegal immigrants while our own homeless sleep under bridges and on park bench's, while our aged are forced to endure conditions that make them envy those locked up in prison and our pensioners are unable to heat their homes or shower daily. More of the same old, same old! A pox on their house for their lies.

    I also shall include "Anonymous" in my invocations to the good Lord, the poor little thing.
    Peter H.

    1. A splendid addition to the analysis. Peter H, and thank you for it.

      I was standing outside a polling booth for several hours handing out leaflets - I will not say for which Party - and had an opportunity to meet and talk to others doing the same for various parties. To a man and woman they were pleasant folk. Our Democracy is populated by some quite pleasant people who do dogged work for often quite vile parties. They are mostly duped. Deluded. Self-deluded. The Left, particularly, is dis-Graceful. Not surprising the Graceless (and interminably long) speech by KRudd.

      But that very 'niceness' that is apparent on the surface is not a Grace, and covers minds and hearts that can turn in an instant into nasty and destructive. The calumnies slip out easily. Just as easily as Anonymouse above.

      I sometimes wonder whether this Tavern's drinks should be franchised. There is a great need for Grace in the world at large.

  3. "THIS is the problem that will not go away. Women."

    Women are a problem? What a horrible thing to say. Seriously.

    I can understand the issue with non-sensical protesters, however I'm happy to support the right of blithering idiots as long as some people are happy to stand up for common-sense.

    I recall a recent interview with Joe Hockey , where a reporter referred to Abbott's alleged "issue with women" because he mentioned a candidate had 'sex appeal'. Did Joe point out the obvious - that saying someone has sex-appeal is a compliment and a nice thing to say?! Did he point out that thinking a woman has sex appeal would clearly indicate Abbott has no issue with women?
    No.. he errr'd and did not pass comment. Did not condemn the criticism as a puritanical BS at is worst.
    There is no problem with thinking someone has sex appeal. Why wasn't this pointed out on National television.

    It's a sad day when "gender issues" cannot be framed in a realistic context and also cannot be spoken about without hysteria and barely a shred of common-sense.

    Clearly our media has BIG issues.. but it doesn't help to over-compensate. Women are not a "problem". Common sense is.

    On another point...

    "... 'Paid Parental Leave' (for women - not fathers...)" Paid parental leave can apply to fathers. In fact, even if a mother starts as the primary care giver, they can pass the benefit onto the father for the entire benefit, or part of it. If the father is the primary care giver.. then (in theory) they get the parental leave benefit. I don't know anyone who's benefited from this policy so I can't speak from experience.

    1. This is a substantial bit of critique and just the sort of think for the Pin & Balloon Bar. A good stab at opinion. Good for you, sir.

      Yes, the 'women are the problem' was an attention-grabber but you missed what followed. "All too many women in the street follow the Feminist rhetoric like sheep".

      Not all women of course. That was clear even in implication. Abbott has some fine women on his team and there are many fine women out there in society too. Many. I am sure you know some. They do not follow feminists like sheep but they are fewer and generally will take the privileges which are doled out on a gender-basis anyway.

      And men too. I didn't simply single out women. "There are many, many men of KRudd's ilk who are eager to suborn women, use them and abuse their better nature to gain power too." I think this counts as 'inclusion', don't you?

      I don't think it is horrible to point out some clear appearances, although I can agree that there is wriggle-room and grey areas. But a spade is a spade here and this comment space enables differing views.

      It has been a sad day for a very long time as you point out when you say "It's a sad day when "gender issues" cannot be framed in a realistic context and also cannot be spoken about without hysteria and barely a shred of common-sense."

      When the Discrimination Commissioner (now our Governor General) dismisses a senior civil servants seeking a review of gender discrimination in health services with the words, "Well he would complain: he's a man", that was a sad day and the lack of realism went right over the heads of many. Common sense had no chance of looking in. It did not get a foot in the door of her Office.

      And the $73 Million spent on blatantly anti-male propaganda in the 'Australia Says No' campaign was so far from realism and distant from common sense that the mind boggled. It was Government policy which under Labour has been a common-sense-free area.

      "All men are rapists" sounds hysterical to me too, but it is taught in our Universities in 'Gender Studies'.

      The paid parental leave referred to is the Abbott plan and you are right to challenge it. The details are not out yet. The skeleton plan so far applies only to large companies it would seem who will be footing the bill and paying an extra 1.5% tax, which will no doubt be fed into prices. But most businesses in Oz are very small and will fall beyond those criteria and if they too have to pay such large amounts over such lengthy periods their viability will be threatened. Someone has to pay. Who? And why? Will they be exempt and thereby privilege only parents in large companies?

      The current system is unwieldly and in need of reform but frankly it is a slap in the face to all those taxpayers who never benefitted from such a scheme in the past and have to pay for it now for others. I wonder if your parents did?

      The concept of paid parental leave needs reviewing in toto. You may think it is gender non-specific, but many would say otherwise.

      You might disagree and have a quite different opinion. The customers here have quite varied opinions.

      But back to the penultimate point. Yes, common sense or the lack thereof is a problem. Our media can overcompensate. And so can I. So can anyone. Overcompensation is quite usual. That is what happens when pendulums are sent swinging up and up in one direction. They tend to come back hard and fast.

      As for Joe Hockey failing to get a ripost in, who knows what he might have said that is now lying on the cutting room floor. Media editors are not as free with their largesse as I am. But the very fact of the manufactured hysteria over such a complementary remark tends to support my argument.

      Have a cool drink and twang a guitar, sir. We have a drum set too. And thank you for your comments. I am duely chastened.

  4. Happy News for our Buds down under! As for the women, that is an uphill battle. ...

    Great piece amfortas! The drummer

    1. Being as women make up a slightly larger percentage of voters here and the vote was overwhelming in support of the Liberals, it does bode well. Many women and men who voted labour last time, changed sides.

      Yes it will be an uphill battle, but women have proven their strength when it comes to 'change' in society and while it has to date been a change toward the worse, it may well be as I hoped above that there will be a resurgence of the feminine woman and a clearing out of the feminist woman.

      Hopefully, too, the result of this election will send a message to women elsewhere that the time has come to restore fine women and get rid of the wicked witches.

  5. There are questions about Abbott v Turnbull but anything is better than what went before.

    1. The 'questions' about Abbott vs Turnbull are more Labour spin and calumny that anything. Turnbull has proven to be a fine Lt Col to Tony's General and should be congratulated. But he is not the one who was elected when he and Abbott vied for the job. He has knuckled down and has opportunity to do more as a Minister in government than he could hope for as an opposition leader.

  6. I would love to hear more about the Australia Says No campaign,Amfortas.

    1. Ok, m'dear. It was a feminist-inspired campaign against rape and sexual abuse. Laudable on the surface but omitting the clear evidence that such crime in Oz is very small and confined to 'lower orders', if I may use that expression. And it was totally biased against men in general. It was a rehash of the 'all men are rapists' mantra with all woman being either victims or about to be.

      "Australia says NO to violence against Women". Of course Australia says that. But no-one bothers to say, "Australia says NO to violence against men, women and children". As the ABS (Oz Bureau of Stats) clearly shows, sexual violence against children is 58% - 69% by women. Again, however, it is far and away smaller than the hysteria claims. Violence against men runs at a staggering rate in comparison with violence against women or children. But no one gives a damn.

      The TV ads which denigrated men and made women even more fearful than they are already cost $73 million, paid from the pockets of taxpayers, most of which tax money came from men.

      Another conveniently ignored factor in this feminist, anti-male hysteria, is the clear fact that a very large proportion of both violence and sexual abuse occurs in our Aboriginal sector of society, but no-one is allowed to mention that. Especially when we have handy white, male brutes and thugs, rapists and perverts, paedophiles and kiddy-fiddling male priests to blow out of proportion and out of our concerns for their innocence until proven guilty. Men are simply lumped together and condemned. Good men. Kind men. Intelligent providers and protectors.


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