Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Boot for Him and a Shoe for Her.

Some small signs of a change in the weather - or even the Climate - today brought smiles to the Tavern customers' faces. The sun is out to dry up the dreary.

The warmth emanating from Canberra is being caused by the burning the collected works of Professor Flannery, the 'Climate Commissioner', as he is ejected from his Office.

A Boot up the Arse sends him on his way.
THE Abbott government has moved swiftly to disband the Climate Commission and sack its commissioners, including controversial chief commissioner Tim Flannery. 
The Coalition is delivering on an election promise to dispense with the commission, saving taxpayers $580,000 this financial year and $1.6 million in following years. Mr Hunt said he had also written to Professor Flannery and the other five commissioners, thanking them for their efforts and formally advising them of the decision, effective immediately.  
The Climate Commission has been a controversial body. Established by the Gillard government in 2011, it was charged with providing Australians with “an independent and reliable source of information about the science of climate change, the international action being taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the economics of a carbon price”. 
However it delivered reports with titles including the “angry summer” and “critical decade” which said climate change is already having a deleterious impact in Australia. The reports were widely publicised and the commission was accused of running an agenda. 
Macquarie University academics Ryan Crompton and John McAneney, for instance, responded to the “angry summer” report with a paper which said, in part; “any claim of a climate change influence on increasing disaster loss totals to date is simply unfounded and in contradiction to the international scientific evidence”. 
Professor Flannery's part-time role as chief commissioner attracted an annual salary of $180,000.

The villagers of Oz have had their small wallets picked for years by the Socialists who have in turn paid their shonky mates.

Flannery is just one of the

army of rent-seeking scum

that have been ripping off the taxpayer for the last few years of Socialist-Feminist-Green chicanery. There WILL be more thrown out on their arses in the days and weeks to come.

These parasites are being paid enormous sums for bombastically lecturing the population from their comfortable, air-conditioned seats, and taking liberties with expense accounts.

Flannery, who is a 'Professor' in the same mold as Professor Gillard, has and had no qualification as a climate scientist. Not that such a qualification is needed once a person has learned to read from the

politically correct pages in the socialist hymn-book.

His 'pay' of $180,000 a year for a Part-time job is an insult to taxpayers raising families on a third of that. His entire career, like so many of the rent-seeking scum in similar sinecures, has been stolen from productive pockets.

Andy Bolt gave us 'Highlights' of Flannery’s CV:  

Before he became Climate Commissioner, Flannery warned the Arctic could be ice free by 2013 (ice this year increased instead), “Australia is likely to lose its northern rainfall” (there’s actually been more rain) and “Perth will be the 21st century’s first ghost metropolis” (Perth is now headed for its wettest September in 40 years).  
More seriously, Flannery in 2007 said global warming had hit Australia so hard that without desalination plants Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane could be out of water by 2009.  
“Even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and our river systems,” he warned.
Instead, floods filled dams in Sydney and Brisbane, and the expensive desalination plants hurriedly built in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide are now all mothballed or scheduled to be.  
Under Flannery, the Climate Commission similarly leaped on any sign that the planet might be warming, and played down evidence it wasn’t.  

So hot that Traffic Lights are melting !!!

But whatever you do, don't show why. Blame Global Warming instead.

It blamed global warming for the Murray Darling Basin drought, despite admitting earlier there was no obvious link.  
Last year, it even issued an alarmist report on “Australia’s Angry Summer”, hyping warm temperatures in Australia while ignoring low ones in the United States.

His grossly inflated scares, well publicised by leftist media, have cost Australia BILLIONS of dollars. His hypocricies have caught up with him and he now has to slink back to his waterside home - the waterside he himself claimed would rise up and flood the land.

Well a different Rise has happened.

The Tide has turned and his ilk will be washed away.

Giving him the boot however is just a part-measure. Flannery should have to pay back his ill-taken gains.

Those who appointed him should be charged with embezzlement of public funds and they too should try their backsides and a pair of boots for fit:

I will drink to that.

There is more to consider however, especially when thinking of footwear and funds:

That $180,000 a year deprived 3 women of shoes.
In fact it is the equivalent in just one year of THREE women's lifetime spending on shoes. 
A new survey has revealed that British women will spend more than £34,000 on shoes over a course of a lifetime.
That is Au$ 58,965 

British women are very similar to the ones we have in Oz, I am told.
Clearly keen to give Carrie Bradshaw a run for her money (the Sex And The City character who realised she could have bought an apartment with the money she'd spent on shoes) British women buy on average 13 pairs of shoes per year. 

This results in an average annual spend of £570 ($982 Ozbucks) which, over the course of 60 years, equates to a staggering £34,200 - or Au$ 58.965 spent on shoes - enough to buy two new family cars and still have enough change for a fortnight’s holiday.
I searched the Tavern for all the shoes I have. Three pairs.  The newest is three years old. At least I have the 'three' part.


  1. Are those roo made shoes, or mostly imported pieces of glued together crap from um...elsewhere?
    Does Australia "owe" China as much as the U.S. does?


  2. Besides the usual "administrative" expenses, who made the lions share from construction and "outfitting" those desalination plants?
    How many "administrators" does it take to "supervise" the mothballed ones, and "wean" operations from the superfluous ones?
    Aaaaand they were ALL built to be tsunami proof, right?

    The US gub'mint is the proud landlord of an ASTOUNDING amount of empty developed real estate in urban areas (Well-and MOST of the State of Nevada where we can't put nuke waste in the desert "facility" built with "energy taxes" specifically for such a purpose)

    Lostpotential rent/sales aside, apparently, the "maintenance" bills for all these "mothballed" buildings are just as impressive.
    Any plans to renovate the desalinization plants into (ie)"immigration" centers?


    1. Ahh yes. The desalination plants were built by 'overseas consortia' and paid for by the taxpayer. The 'mothballed' and enormous plants have an ongoing massive cost despite not producing a single bucket of clean water. The average Melbourne householder pays a useless extra $300+ a year.

      As for the shoes and China: most of Oz shoes are made in poor countries. We can't have Ozzies getting into everyday manufacturing, now can we. That is poor-people's work.

      But unlike the USA, Oz has very little debt. Around $300 billion, every cent of which was incurred in the last five years of so by the Workers Party - Labour (who also built the desal plants). Our trade with China is healthy. The Chinese buy vast amounts of Oz dirt. Our dirt is far more valuable than US dollars.

  3. Well you can take your "dirt" and...and...
    Ok, ok, I must confess, THAT was funny.


    1. There are countries queuing up (well, their ships are) for as much of our fantastic dirt as they can get, Capt.


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