Friday, September 13, 2013

Falling, Falling.

We were treated to a sound box around the ears today care of a curmudgeonly customer in whom we place much faith. JH is a good man with a fine eye. He warns a great deal of the Fall of our Civilisation.

He brought a friend with him who had quite a lot to say and said it very well, quietly, cogently and within the desired bounds of brevity. Almost. He has a style similar to Alistair Cooke, whom many will recall for 'Letter from America'

But let James' guest, Stefan Molyneux - from Canada, speak.

James himself remarked:

The definition of a socialist is one who would use the state to implement all sorts of welfare under the auspices of ideologues not in the real world and that can only be done with money and that money can only come from the taxpayer.   A dead-giveaway of a socialist is to want to tax “the wealthy” to oblivion, this then becomes the rest of the middle-class as the wealthy run from the country and finally the ordinary middle-class citizen. 
The poor remain in exactly the same position – disenfranchised. 
The definition of a socialist government is one which would implement such policies, running up huge debts and resorting to borrowing and the printing press on a massive scale, seeing nothing wrong with this compared to the social benefits which should accrue … but never do.

Other points were touched upon early in the piece. The Christians of Rome occupy a pivotal position. 

The Christians back then held out but eventually succumbed. The 'Post-Vatican 2' Catholics and their 'Zozchial Justiz' fetish were the last of the moderns to fall as well. They joined their somewhat Christian but often just ersatz  Protestant brethren in being 'holier than thou' in their giving of other people's money.

Individual Morality and Charity  
fell with it.

The Government 'grants' money to church groups to dispense their 'charitable' efforts but ties the monies to 'no-smoking' rules, 'women's equality' mendacities, 'homosexual rights' and a dozen other complete nonsenses that have nothing to do with charity, love, kindness or even the value of money.

Even the freely offered parishioners' collection plate monies are given in part to organisations that provide abortions and support a raft of Socialist endeavours.

The recent election is Oz was a wake-up trumpet. People are starting to realize that the Huge Debts we have can only continue to grow and the welfare state continue to rot the fruits on the vine unless we find a different path. The 'Economic' issues are an in-you-face expression of an internal malaise.

Boils and lesions.

Will the modern world, our civilisation, fall?

Will today's equivalent of the Goths and Vandals, the Muslim world and the Communist world, enter and sack it?

It has already.

It was not the Muslims, the Goths, the vandals from other lands, but the rot from within.

The Fall of our civilisation is both Temporal and Spiritual.

Drink, so that you survive the coming Drought.

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