Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Discrimination and suspicion of Men.

UPDATE: In light of the video toward the end of this post.

A lot of men watched this on TV. Women too. But will our society at large take any notice?

Few thought so.

You watch. Make your own mind up.

Airlines have been told time and time again to stop the clear discrimination against men. They all say "we will review our policy". They never do.

Note the airline spokes'persons' claim that the policy is a response to 'customer comments'. Which customers would they be? Clearly they do not listen to men, so what does that leave us with?

Our schools are 'female dominated' but the phrase is never seen in a newspaper. Even this TV report shied away from it. There are no 'Orders from Above' to have 40% males as teachers. That's just for women in Boardrooms.

The incidents and fields of activity shown here are just the tip of a
Misandric iceberg
kept afloat by the Office for the Status of Womyn.

There is no Office for the Status of men.

Even God the Father would be 'spoken to' by a cop in Oz for taking a photo of His children.

Did you notice the statistics shown?  On child sexual abuse in Oz. ABS statistics.

And NOT shown?

30.2% by a male relative. 11.1% by a 'stranger'.

That covers everyone except female relatives, who are not mentioned

The 58.7% of perpetrators who are
never mentioned.
Women Relatives.

Men get the blame, the shame, the suspicion  and the discriminatory policies, while the majority of perpetrators are ignored.

The Lawyer asks that the Discrimination Commissioner (always a woman) should stop this misandry.

One like our Governor General, in the highest position in the land, who when she was the Discrimination Commissioner dismissed a senior civil servant's request for a review of discrimination against men in Health funding with, "Well he would complain, wouldn't he: he's a man".

Drink deep of courage.


It is not just these limited areas of course, nor just police and public that are suspicious. Misandry is rife and embedded in our legal and 'family justice' system, as it is all over the wesern world.

Just listen to and watch these two women 'interrogating' a father who was concerned about his little girl being medicated without his knowledge.

These women are 'fire-proof'. They can say what they like and treat him as a probable criminal and an idiot simply for him being a good father.

Ask yourself just how outraged you would be if a woman, a MOTHER, was subjected to this 'emotional violence'.  The demeaning. The 'cut-offs'. The refusal to listen. The accusation. The hearsay taken as fact. But this is a Father.

We rarely get to see the Verbal Violence that goes on behind closed doors in the 'Child Protection' offices. By women like this.

It is a good strategy to have 
a secret camera !!

One has to wonder if this obese, vociferous, antagonistic, lecturing, interfering 'Zupervizor' is one of Virgin Airline's customer commenters on men sitting next to children.

Nothing will change until YOU swamp the Government with Complaint and Demand.

And EXPOSE the Misandry.

If you do not, the ship of Society will surely be sunk as this misandry iceberg tears into its hull.


The Zozchial Verker conducting the outrageous interrogation has attracted the attention she is due. The video has gone viral and so have details of this awful woman.

In the spirit of 'transparancy' and the American Government's (her Employer of ultimate record) desire that everyone should be spied upon, her details have been gathered.

DodgaOfficial 10 minutes ago
The womans name is Amy Greene, thumbs up to get this information out! You can send an email to her employers at don't let this women get away with this!
Amy R Greene
 57 Kenmare St, Apt 23 New York, NY 10012-4670

 Age: 55-59

AnonymousCyberGirl 1 hour ago
Her boss: Michael Iapoce, Commissioner 1061 Development Court Kingston, NY 12401 Phone: 8453345000 Her professional organization: National Association of Social Workers - NYC Chapter 50 Broadway, Suite 1001 New York, NY 10004 Ph. 2126680050 • Fax: 2126680305 Call her boss and professional organization and demand an investigation in her professional conduct.

AnonymousCyberGirl 23 minutes ago
Facebook department page*ty-Department-of-Health/152954*704746322
This woman needs all the Tough Love she can get.

** Many thanks to and the staunch chaps there for the 'heads-up on the videos. See the right side-bar.


  1. Replies
    1. Not to date, James. Clearly they FUND the discrimination.

  2. I found this quote in an aircraft forum: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Those who should never be allowed, make all the rules." This applies quite nicely to these situations.

    1. Yet, Jonathon, many who 'can' also teach and set the rules. These commit sins of omission. They do not protest.

  3. "Drink deep of courage.


    Damn right! He's got the right idea too:

    From Iron John

    1. Ahh yes, the famous newsman. "I'm as mad as Hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore".

      Men - AND women of goodwill - MUST DEFY this scourge, this denigration.

      We are constantly told that women are 'oppressed'. But nowhere do I see it. But I DO SEE and HEAR and EXPERIENCE the continual oppression of men.

      DEFY. !!

      And have that drink Iron John.


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