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The Power of False Allegations

Update below.
Riotous whoopings going on in the Pub in the village.  Not the Tavern where some more sober thoughts were discussed. But In the Raccoon Arms, Anna's place. It seems Freddie Starr is going to sue one of Anna's old mates and Anna is delighted.

I like a wee dram in the Raccoon from time to time and the power of the internet email inbox alerts me to 'party time' there. So it was that Anna was telling all her patrons about Freddie.

You might have heard  (who hasn't) that the Plods in the UK are combing the undergrowth and the BBC looking for well paid Paedophiles. Entertainers that the TV viewers paid well via the BBC's extorted licence fee. Rolf Harris is to be 'tried' by a Court after the media has finished blackening him, but Freddie Starr has captured top billing. He was arrested last year.

Truth & Consequence

Anna does not presume to find Freddie guilty as anyone is innocent until proven guilty and let's face the horrible and all too well known fact that all too often such charges are the result of blatant False Allegation, all too usually by some crazy woman. But Freddie is fighting back:

Congratulations Freddie. (Says Anna) You are a Starr - and a brave man. For all my sympathy for Karin, for all my sympathy for your ex-colleagues who are too frightened to speak out for fear they will be next - I admire you. You have the courage of your convictions. You haven't allowed yourself to be cowed by the threat that it may make the police try harder to 'nail' you; you haven't let the depression of your curtailed contact with your own children get to you; you have your new young wife standing by you - and you are taking the fight right back to where it belongs.
Who is Karin? Anna tells of her old mate.

Karin Ward, or Kat Ward as she likes to be known, was the ex-Duncroft girl, now middle aged and suffering from serious cancer, who fell in with a group of Duncroft girls who had been trying to spin the tale of 'Jimmy Savile - paedophile' for years.
Too frightened of getting sued themselves, they declined to sign an affidavit for the Mirror that the tale they told was true; they declined to, or couldn't, offer the police any verifiable evidence against Mr Savile when the police went to the trouble of tracing all their class mates from the 1970s and could not find any who could corroborate their tale -  
but they did have success when Karin Ward went onto Friends Reunited asking for help jogging her failing memory of her days at Duncroft for the latest 'Miseri-lit' on-line book she was writing. 
Her original book made no claims of sexual abuse against Jimmy Savile,  but by the time her new found 'friends' had helped to jog her memory, she had been persuaded/persuaded herself that, amongst other claims,

- not only Jimmy Savile but Freddie Starr had committed sexual offences against her.

She had also been introduced to Miss Jones' nephew, a BBC producer who would be only to happy to use her on screen to bolster his story 'that any journalist would have wanted' that his Aunt ran a children's home where paedophiles were free to prey on children.
The fact that, at that time, Karin was in the middle of chemotherapy, and had had major bowel surgery mattered not a jot to ambitious journalists. Jimmy Savile had died, and they could get this fantastic tale 'out', libel free.   
They said, in response to the Pollard report, that they had known of his 'danger to children' months beforehand, but been too tied up with pressure of work and annual holidays to do anything about it - however, now that he had died and was no longer able to sue for defamation, they could drop everything, bring Miss Ward into studio - nothing was more important to them!
You can hear more of the intricacies at the Raccoon Arms itself. Well worth popping over there sometime.

Lots of folk confide in Anna over a dram or two. She won't tell who said what though. Nice Gal.

I salute Freddie Starr, for the landscape is full of ex-celebrities who have been too frightened to speak out following the Exposure programme - I know, I have had e-mails from many of them, applauding my attempts to get to the bottom of it - but always prefaced  
'this is in confidence, please don't mention my name'.  
Many of them have been on police bail since shortly after the programme was transmitted.  
Unable to have unsupervised contact with even their own children, never mind anyone else's.  
Their lives ruined, reputations besmirched, by the very public nature of the witch hunt.  
Others worked at the BBC with Savile, or other odious individuals who have chosen to jump on the bandwagon. I have spent many hours listening to tales of woe on the telephone from people who do not know which way to turn after the bandwagon has rolled over them.

Anna has sympathy for Karin. Not enough to excuse her though. And certainly no sympathy for the scum who make such a practice of ruining men's lives, be it through their accusations or by feeding 'celebrity' and cash to the accusers.

Mark Williams-Thomas, the publicity hungry Chewing GumShoe who had continued to hone his investigative skills on the mean streets of Westminster - plucking chewing gum from the side walk, had taken the information he gleaned from being a £500 researcher on Meirion's programme, and the contact he had with the FriendsReunited group, over to ITV. There, the tale was resurrected as the infamous 'Exposure' programme.

Anna points to one of the many 'rationales' that bitter women have for picking on some man, some famous man, just to get money and sympathy.

Karin had an unhappy past, a fractured family, no money - and at the time - no future. She can have had no inkling of the acres of misery she was unleashing  on hundreds of innocent individuals as a result of her decision to include the infamous 'Savile allegations' in her latest book. However much I understand the state of mind she was in at the time, anxious to leave some money for her family, feeling bitter against the hand life had dealt her - she did make those allegations, and now she will have to prove, if possible, the truth of them - or give Freddie Starr the money from her book. 

For many NON-Famous men a false Allegation of some filth or abuse is a common sound in the Family Court where women are coached not by BBC producers but by Lawyers. They too are not in the slightest bit interested in Truth or Consequence, but in the Money.

Money, sympathy, the spotlight: all the gains of a neurotic, bitter woman with an easy False Allegation to level.

So many 'girlfriends' rally around to feed the neuroticism, goad, encourage, 'help', especially to help 'remember', invent, suggest, even 'tell'.

But Freddie isn't having a bar of it.

I hope Rolf Harris too will challenge his accusers of decades ago.

As the old saying goes - and went somewhere....

Put up or shut up.

But not in a Family Court of course. No false accuser is ever asked to prove their ruinous calumnies in a Family Court.

Freddie is initiating an action. No doubt he will drag many liars and collaborators into the frame along with Kat. I hope the dock will see a procession not only of BBC producers but of Police too. Conspirators.


The Savile tales are being dissected again today by the folks in Anna's pub and despite the loss of customers temporarily, I do recommend you pop over to the Raccoon Arms for a swift one and hear the next lot of exploding false allegations.

It is instructive to see just how the lies grow and grow, with Lawyerly assistance. M'Learneds Russell, Jones and Walker, Advocates for the Wannabe compensationers may have bitten off more than their sharp teeth can chew.

Drink up. Wash the taste of evil from your mouth. But do come back to the Tavern where we keep an eye on the proceedings.

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