Monday, September 16, 2013

The 'Black' Problem in Oz.

The laughter in the P&B became raucous this morning with news of our 'Black Youth' on the uprising. You think America has a problem? Just look at ours. Uprising or taking a rise?

Schools in Melbourne, Oz, are running an 'election' for the first Indigenous Prime Minister. It will take a while for these young people to make the age and experience necessary. But as you can see there is something else missing.

America elected its first Black President, and went for a half-way black chap. Oz as usual goes all the way.

AUSTRALIANS may have chosen their next prime minister, but the polls are still open for two southeast indigenous students
Alkira Secondary College, Cranbourne, student Shaylene Black and Dandenong High School's Sam Cocker have recorded their best pitches in The Other Election to become Australia's first indigenous Prime Minister.

Shaylene, in Year 11, is running second out of the 600 indigenous students competing in the national competition, with the winner to be decided by online voting.

Sam Cocker is a candidate in The Other Election for indigenous youth.     
In his speech, Sam said he hoped to follow in the footsteps of Paul Keating and Kevin Rudd, who both delivered landmark speeches on Aboriginal reconciliation.

The mind boggles.

This is the state of Oz education and race relations. Two quite White children have been brainwashed into thinking that they are Black.  At least the girl has a surname that says so, and let's face it, Shaylene is about as aboriginal a name as you can get, like, innit, 'n that?

The cocky lad has Kevin Rudd as a role model. And Paul Keating. A narcissist looney and a foul-mouthed 'World's Best Treasurer', who wasn't. Legends in their own lefty lunchtimes.

As far as we know, neither has declared themselves to be homosexual, acknowledging the Rainbow Serpent. Small educational omission there.

It should cause a riot in the humpies in Arnhem Land.

Gimme a drink.


  1. It's a pity that instead of young people being taught not to be racist, they are instead being taught to be racist.

    People, including and perhaps especially schoolchildren, should be taught to consider the record and message of a politician instead of their race, colour, sex, age or any other discriminating factor.

    1. Martin Luther King is hailed and his words forgotten. In Oz there is kudos and taxpayer largesse in being 'Indigenous', just so long as you toe the leftist line. One can be 'indigenous' here with just one 128th blood.

    2. "People, including and perhaps especially schoolchildren, should be taught to consider the record and message of a politician instead of their race, colour, sex, age or any other discriminating factor."

      We used to have that in the US. We even have a day set aside to honor one man's actual works of such a premise.

      Strangely, when "Affirmative Action" is ignorantly cited as a basis for "special" protections and imaginary "rights", SOME folks seem to "interpret" (para)"regardless of..." as "What they really meant was-with special consideration toward."
      This extends to "special" considerations for bank loans, (once)"higher" education acceptance/tuition gifts, gub'mint contractor's workforce, "domestic"(fill in the blank), business clientele, and of course-suitability for holding elected political/ appointed bureaucratic office.

      Also as strange, "Affirmative Action" seems to have become a "special" contraconsideration in the prosecution/sentencing of those prone to contra oath-of-office comprehension behavior, as well as exactly how far SOME "journalists" will look up the arse of individuals publicly exposed (distinct from accused)as intellectual/criminal/moral charlatans.

      We TRY to keep the "indigenous" and other "hyphen qualification" down to 1/64 in the US, of course, "special" considerations apply for SOME folk flying MULTIPLE "special consideration" flags.

      Is there such a thing as exceptional, or exponential, "Without regard to..." hyphenation?

      (sigh) I'll have a club soda, with lime, maybe a little umbrella,....IN A DIRTY GLASS!

    3. Only clean glasses to start with I'm sorry. But once you have drank, you can refill !!

  2. One has to sigh. In football, it's the same. Our own team goes overboard catering for the indigenous and what do they do? Want indigenous versus white friendlies.

    1. At least you can still tell the difference. The indigenous ones cry and call small white girls racists. We shall become a truly equal country when a white player calls a black schoolgirl a racist for making a stupid remark about his hairless chest.


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