Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Ultimate Gentleman's Residence.

A chap cannot be shut-up in a Tavern all the time. He can live where he wishes and where his heart desires.

This old Knight hankers sometimes for a 'Gentleman's Residence' with a difference; and an occasional - OK, daily - plaything. One can dream.

Something different from my old Castle and Joust.

And here is the ideal 'Gentleman's Residence'. A Bachelor Pad with wings that can make good use of the Island's lakes and bays.

Room inside for a nicely appointed 'bed-sit' with bay windows, a galley and ablutions. Just the ticket. Go wherever and whenever he chooses. Room up front for a valet too.

And a plaything? Sporty, like a car but also like a jet-ski. With wings.

Who says this Tavern is 'dark'. Hah!


  1. For a Gentleman that likes flying it looks like 'The' perfect bachelor pad to me ;-)

    1. It even has a balcony where a chap can smoke his pipe..


    2. A balcony sounds rather tempting... Is there enough room to sit and share a glass or two with a friend?

    3. Indeed. The big one has a flat 'nose' to sit on and the little one is designed for just two, with nice side decks to sit on and dangle feet in the water. (You can have a modest party inside the big one).

    4. It all sounds so perfect and i am wondering what sort of parties you would choose to hold in that Bachelor pad of yours :-)

    5. Small intimate parties in which everyone wears leather aviator helmets and talks of the old days of riding horses into battles. Hahahahaha.

  2. Hahahaha.

    But seriously that reminds me of when one of my friends/colleagues who is a collector of militaria brought his German helmet collection to keep the overnight contingent of a candle lit vigil warm.

    There were LOLs all round and the helmets were quite inadequate for the weather ;-) Unfortunately the night temperature was sooo cold that camera batteries failed so there is no picture evidence.

    Such is my life ;-) LOL

  3. Great aeroplane. Some wonderful footage of it landing and taking off on the water. It did look like it sits quite low (surprisingly so) in the water. A lovely thought, to have it as a bachelor pad! Cigars in the aft-starbourd lounge.


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