Saturday, October 14, 2017

Sun & Water

It is that time of the year when the mild and pleasant Tasmanian winter gives way to a beautiful sunny spring and I can sit out on my deck and watch the boats. I do like the waters here. Blue skies enhance the blueness of the waters - and gray skies give the waters a 'steel' quality, at least to look at.
And folk get out there in boats.

The first cruise ship of the season slid in the other day at 5am to give 3000 people a taste of Hobart. I cannot claim it was the best day for them but by the time they weighed anchor to continue their cruising, the skies had cleared and the evening was beautiful. Well, they deserved to have something to remember.

There is a very full schedule of large ships coming this year. So the local sailors get the waters as they can.

But as happens every year, the opening of the sailing season (I didn't know there was one) saw the Parade of Sail that I have shown before.  So, for the sailors here - James at the helm - I give you a small show around.

Some prefer to be really independant and fast !

Others like a friends along.

 It can get quite crowded out there. 


Have a long, cool drink.

Give thanks.



  1. Seems a bit busy out there on the blue/grey. Going to get yourself a runabout and join them?

    1. I occasionally go on the water and have a friend with an ocean-going yacht, but I am not so inclined, m'self. I would much prefer to sail the air and the winds :)

    2. We'll see what we can do if I ever get down that way.

    3. I would dearly like to see you and your boat in the 'Parade of Sail' here. Heck, I'd even get you in the local rag (unless you grease my palm with some air-jolly coin)

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    1. Updated it gets whenever there is a quiet spot on the day, but yesterday I was with several hundred others saying a Public Rosary and today is Sunday. I have been at Mass. You want more supplies and I have to get supplied-up. :)


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