Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Reality Nastier than Fiction

What a sad day and what sad, bad and mad people there are in the world beyond the Tavern's hedges.  Its enough to make an old man throw down his towel and take up his sword. In our supposedly civil land there is much amiss and irony abounds.  If only that was all to it. A fine customer interrupted a snippet I was getting my old white head around, about an ABC drama/comedy which is about to descend onto our screens, with news that beats it hands down.

I will get to that soon, but first a good friend has been 'sentenced' in a jester's Court where it is all too usual for the wicked to go free and the good to have the book crashed down on their heads.  Good man Bill was bitterly speaking of it. He knows my friend Kathy Clubb too and has much admiration for her as I do. Kathy used to stand with me and say the Rosary outside the Hobart abortuary before she moved to the teeming metropolis, the sinful city of Melbourne.
Mother Punished For Loving Babies
A wonderful woman, a single mother with 13 children, has just found out that her deep care for unborn children will cost her dearly. For daring to show love to mothers who are heading off to the abortion mills, she has just been slugged with a very hefty fine.
So in the People’s Republik of Victoria where the Dan Andrews’ government has declared war on faith, family, and freedom, this wonderful mother now has to pay the price. Victoria is clearly the most anti-Christian, secular left state in the nation, and those who dare to defy its evil decrees will be strongly punished.
Kathy says: In August 2016, I was arrested for offering help to a couple outside a Melbourne abortion business. The arrest was made under Victoria’s Safe Access Zone Amendment. For the past 15 months, I’ve made many appearances in the Magistrate’s Court, and today, October 11th, the magistrate found me guilty. I’ve been fined $5000 for attempting to save a baby from being killed and for trying to save its parents from a lifetime of regret.
As Kathy just told me: “All I did was offer help to women outside an abortion facility. I was trying to save a baby and to save its parents from a lifetime of regret.” She also told me: “I’m very concerned about the impact of this law on our freedom of political communication.”
She continued: “We must definitely pray for our parliamentarians, who need their eyes opened to the horrors of abortion.” Yes we sure do Kathy. So many of them are utterly clueless about all this. We must get the truth about abortion – and this terrible law – out there.
Kathy, you are an inspiration. We need to do all we can to help this courageous woman. We need to start a crowd funding campaign for her. Anyone know how to do this? We love you Kathy! You are a true champ! Keep standing strong and God bless you!
I have another fine friend up in Queensland who does as Kathy does: he too has been fined and, indeed, spent 800 days in jail in the past, for simply trying to help mothers.

Graham Preston updated the bar on what is happening.
I just thought it was time again to let you know what has been happening. Or what has not been happening. The High Court decision on the Bob Brown case has not happened. This means that there has been no movement regarding the appeal of my conviction for breaching Tasmania’s abortion clinic bubble zone legislation. Unfortunately, the High Court seems to have been having a busy time of late and so there seems to be very little chance that my appeal will be heard this year. Frustrating.
Kathy Clubb in Melbourne has had her hearing on similar bubble zone charges completed and just today was pronounced guilty. She has been given a two year good behaviour bond and a $5000 fine. She is also looking to appeal. There is also an abortion clinic bubble zone case about to commence in the ACT.
Here is where I almost fell off my stool where I had been looking at what the ABC is about to launch. As if sitcoms about homosexual 'families' were not enough, we now have serial inadvertent incest for entertainment.

A new drama called 'Sisters'.  Sisters is an Australian television drama series, created by Jonathan Gavin and produced by Imogen Banks, set to screen on Network Ten on 25 October 2017. The program follows the story of Julia Bechly whose life is turned upside down when her father, IVF pioneer Julius Bechly, makes a death-bed confession that during his award-winning career as a fertility specialist he used his own sperm and admits he could potentially be the father of hundreds of children. 

Julia decides to take most of the situation and throws a family gathering where she finds out she has hundreds of brothers, but learns she only has two sisters, troubled children’s television star, Roxy Karibas and belligerent lawyer, Edie Flanagan.

Oh terribly funny with lots of laughs. NOT.  A girly, feminist production.  I wonder how many other sisters they will discover were aborted. But life beats the scriptwriters as Graham went on to tell us.
I have mentioned Donald Whittaker the abortionist at the Salisbury abortion clinic quite a number of times but this is something quite different but almost as awful. One of my daughters came across this story about him in the Sunshine Coast Daily: “ ‘You may have 300 kids’: Coast man’s shock discovery.” 
It turns out that Whittaker was a very frequent sperm donor when he was a medical student and now a woman who was conceived using his sperm has tracked him down. 
What a shocking thing to find out that your biological father is an abortionist 
(and the article points out that Whittaker was married to the late Libby Rimmer who was also an abortionist!) 
....but sadly the woman/daughter does not look the slightest bit concerned in the photo with the article. The article notes, “He (Whittaker) didn’t believe spending his profession as a doctor performing pregnancy terminations contradicted with his decision as a student to help impregnate women.” You can read the story and see Whittaker himself at:
And another bit of irony, this morning I was at Whittaker’s Salisbury clinic and there is now a sign on the door saying, “Please do NOT bring any children into this clinic. We do not want to upset any of our patients.”
A check of the Children By Choice website ...
 .... now shows that there are at least 20 places in Queensland where abortions can be obtained. Ten of these places are just ordinary suburban medical practices that are providing the abortion pill, RU 486. This is a rapidly growing and very disturbing trend – apparently about 100 medical practices in Victoria provide the abortion pill. Will it soon be standard practice for (almost) every local doctor to offer abortion?
Graham is an elderly man and quite used to being very calm in the face of provocation, anger, hatred and physical violence. People who try to hurt him are never arrested and fined.  We know who the criminal justice system stands for.
In recent weeks I have had the police come a couple of times when I have been at the clinics. At Woolloongabba a young woman readily took a leaflet from me as she went in but the next moment a staff member opened the door and angrily informed me that she was calling the police as it is, she claimed, illegal to give out leaflets. The police did come and even though they were quite unfriendly they only threatened me and did not seek to formally move me on. Curiously, the policewoman had the leaflet in her hand as she left.
Then yesterday, I and a new young fellow, Andrew, who has been coming with me once a week recently were at the Spring Hill clinic. We spoke to a couple who looked young enough to be going in for an abortion themselves but as it turned out they were waiting for their daughter to show up. (He told me that he didn’t want to be a grandfather before he turns 40.) 
We talked with them for a while and as we did so two separate middle-aged women intervened to try and make sure we didn’t manage to dissuade them from abortion! I expect one of these  women called the police who arrived shortly after. 
These police were quite decent and said it was okay for us to be there. 
Sadly when the daughter did finally arrive she just abused us as the three of them went in.
It may have been nice to have had the police there the previous time I was at Spring Hill. At one point I turned around and saw a youngish man approaching me from a couple of metres away. He had an angry expression on his face and he began loudly swearing at me. He came to about a metre from me and then threw a cup of coffee over me and the signs. Thankfully the coffee was only warm but it went all over the signs and my clothes and face.
He continued swearing very aggressively so I turned my back on him and I did not speak. He threw the paper coffee cup at my back and then began walking away up the hill still shouting. Then when he was about 10-15m away he turned and came back. When he got close to me he said, “I ought to smash you”. He then hit me hard in the chest with the heels of the palms of both hands which caused me to stumble back. He then snatched at the baby photo. He didn’t grab it properly and I half stood on it. He then pushed at me again and grabbed it and walked off up the hill, still swearing loudly all the time. I was thinking of following him to see what he did with the sign but he turned back and kept shouting so I kept my distance. Even though I did go and search the area shortly afterwards I did not find the picture  - a brand new one too. He has not come by again when I’ve been there since.
At lunch-time that same day I went outside King George Square and had the usual sort of run-ins with abortion supporters. When I returned to my vehicle, which was parked outside a house next door to the Spring Hill abortion clinic, a young man who was at the house approached me after I put the signs in the van (which has a ‘Peace in the womb’ sticker on the back). He said to me that if I ever parked outside that house again, which he said he had just started renting, he would smash the van to pieces, and my face. I replied that at least I would know who had done it!
Less than a week earlier I had been outside Post Office Square at lunchtime. A minute before I was planning to leave a young woman came up behind me and snatched the baby photo. When she tried to grab the other signs  I got hold of her right wrist and then we had a standoff with each of us holding signs behind our backs to stop the other grabbing them. She told me I was assaulting her and I said she was a thief and if she thought I was assaulting her she should call the police. 
A young man stopped and told her to give me back the sign and then a young woman stopped and started abusing me. 
The woman whose wrist I was holding then started shouting that I was injuring her. I didn’t think I was but didn’t consider it worth the risk so I let her go and she ran off down the lane beside the GPO through to Elizabeth Street. I followed and when I got to Elizabeth Street I saw her over the road without the sign. I was happy to find it unharmed hidden in a near-by loading dock. But, then I lost it again only a few days later.
Lastly, yesterday lunch-time I was outside Parliament House. When I was walking back through the mall another young woman came up behind me and grabbed the signs. I was holding then under my arm and she was not able to get them from me. After  a brief struggle and telling me that I should have been aborted she gave up.
One morning a couple of weeks ago when I was standing beside Lutwyche Road a young woman came along with a hastily painted sign of her own which read, Your body your choice. I thought she would try and block my signs by standing in front of me as others have done before but she stood a couple of metres to the side and she didn’t attack me. Sorry to say though, she got a lot more supportive comments from passers-by than I did.
So, I don’t know if people are getting more aggressive, perhaps because I am out on the streets a lot more, or if I have just had a bad run lately. It is interesting to note that the Women’s Abortion Rights Campaign has started having roadside protests. If anyone would like to join me you would be welcome!
Lastly, sorry, more bad news: in relation to Article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the UN Human Rights Committee has drafted a legal commentary that excludes unborn children from membership in the human family and the protection of international treaties.
Thank-you for praying and for your support.
And all this going on while the male homosexual lobby demands 'eeekwalleteee'. They actually want the babies that the women don't want. But what for, one has to ask. 

Gay fitness instructor 'killed 18-month-old daughter he called "Satan in a baby grow" just two weeks after formally adopting her with his company director husband'
A stay-at-home father accused of murdering his adopted baby daughter referred to her as 'Satan dressed up in baby grow,' a court heard.
Stay at home father.? He is not a father for a start.  In his 'reelashunsheep' he was the 'wife'. And he is a vicious, deranged pervert as well as a murderer. When is this fiasco to end? 

Matthew Scully-Hicks, 31, is accused of killing 18-month old Elsie after 'assaulting and abusing' her over several months.  
Clearly he has not a skerrick of nurturance or protective quality so why was he and his pervert mate allowed to adopt when heterosexual couples go through the hoops trying to adopt? 

The couple first adopted Elsie in September 2015 and the process was finalised nearly eight months later.
But less than two weeks later little Elsie died after suffering traumatic head injuries. 
She died at University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, after the decision was taken to switch off her ventilator when doctors decided she would not survive her traumatic head injuries.
How many TV sitcoms do we have to have with a homosexual couple in the lead roles before one kills a baby through gross neglect or worse for our entertainment?

Scriptwriters better get their act together if they want to assault our sensibilities more than the misuse of Life does already.

Drink up and try not to cry in your Ale.



  1. We must definitely pray for our parliamentarians, who need their eyes opened to the horrors of abortion

    I'm afraid our parliamentarians are already very much aware of the horrors of abortion. The problem is that they're totally in favour of those horrors.

    Christians need to stop making excuses for evil. We are not dealing with well-meaning misguided people. We are dealing with people who take pleasure in the slaughter of babies. They are not motivated by misguided compassion. They are motivated by virulent hatred.

    I find it strange that modern Christians seem to be utterly incapable of comprehending actual evil. You can't fight evil by holding hands and singing Kumbaya.

    1. You point to a central cunundrum. How to confront evil. I agree that many elected drones are in favour of murdering babies but some are not and they need support. Praying does no good? I cannot agree with that. It is the leasy we can do and is easy even for the most lukewarm soul. So do it.

      I agree too that we must confront evil and prevent it as far as possible. But by Christian means, means we are limited in our responses. My personal humanity and mode of being is to cut them all down with my sword, but my Supplier has given a very firm example of sacrifice. One has to follow the lead.

      We cannot comprehend evil because evil is beyong comprehension. We can apprehend it though. We can hold hands in its face. The Million in Poland for example did so just the other day. Kumbaya is not Christian but singing the Rosary is. And what a message it sends.

    2. DforD - I agree, Christians need to stop making excuses for evil and that includes Trump just because he's "supposedly" anti-abortion. There are more kinds of evil than just abortion and homosexuality, why do those receive top billing on sin?

      In fact, Christ's biggest pet peeve evils were greed, hypocrisy, and judgmentalism within the church itself, causing little ones to stumble/shutting the door of the kingdom of heaven in others' faces, but we hear few Christians speak against those evils these days, which is odd to me, considering they were central to Christ's message.

      On that note, it's not that we're "holding hands and singing kumbaya", it's that we're "trying" to emulate Christ - who last time I checked scripture, never took up arms with anyone and was all about sacrifice - and in fact, healed the Centurion's ear after Peter took up his sword and cut it off in the Garden of Gethsemane.

      At most Christ spoke out, chased the greedy out of the temple with whips for misusing his father's house as a money-making ponzi schem - but he mostly drew people to him due his compassion, mercy, and sacrifice on behalf of their sin and if they would not listen, "shook the dust from his feet."

      Thus, just as some have varying definitions of evil, there are varying definitions of what it means to be a Christian.

      I try to emulate Christ (often unsuccessfully), but ultiimately it is HE who judges souls, who is Christian and who is not, not us.

      Matthew 7 is one of my favorite verses because he's talking to US as Christians about what "works against evil" we imagine qualify us into heaven vs. God's grace and will:

      "21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

    3. Many Christians, you are right, fail to speak out against many evils. But them many christians are barely Christian these days and this is not about Trump. This is about the situation in Oz, and the war against Christians here.

      Christ did not take up arms against anyone. Correct again. He was on a Mission of Salvation. He was the Ultimate Sacrifice. He allowed Himself to be taken, scourged, mocked, defiled and crucified.

      Many a fine man and woman are standing with Him (whether they will be acknowledged by Him - my Supplier - or not remains to be seen. I have faith in His Mercy) and they are being hounded by forces of evil right here. Graham and Kathy have done so and continue to do so out of Love, charity, in a spirit and behaviour of care and prayer.

      One, Kathy, is a Catholic. One, Graham is not. He is called a christian. He is one. He is a fine and good man. My Supplier knows His own.

      Both drink at my Tavern. As do you. All are welcome. Many are called.......

      By their fruits.... etc. The people who oppose them are clearly not on my Supplier's side.

    4. Chrystal, regarding the emphasis on abortion and homosexuality. These, you are right, are just two issues and there are many more.

      But abortion kills human beings. The most vulnerable and innocent human beings. It is worse than a war in which the enemy shoots back. These babies are totally and utterly defenceless. And it is the most awful scourge of the day. It kills. It maims the souls of the mothers.

      Homosexuality is being thrust upon us, daily, unrelentingly and insidiously, even into our schools and children, and must by necessity be addressed, countered, fought and defeated. That is why they currently take, 'top billing'. They are the most ferocious elements of Evil's army that is attacking us at the present.

      Pray your Rosary Chrystal. We are desperately in need of Supernatural help.

    5. Thank you :) Hoping you received my earlier comment this morning and why I came - to thank you for your post on prayer (Rosary for Battle).

      Here, though, your words remind me of John 10, that true sheep will hear their master's voice, as long as we try to hear it despite what press, politicians, priests, pastors and pundits may say. And that not all of his sheep belong to the same pen, but they are called nonetheless :)

      I trust my spiritual gift of discernment, given to me by my father - that I know my master's voice vs. a thief hiding within it or false prophets and recognizing fruits - and by fruits, I define that according to Galations 5:22-23 "Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control."

      Of course, there are good fakers and it's also true that none of us are always this way, even Paul himself "forgot" from time to time, as well as I have found "evidence" of God's voice having more to do with their spiritual or pure heart and intent at trying to please God, rather than their works or outward appearance pleasing others, because we all sin and fall short of the glory of God and sometimes we unknowingly sin despite the best Christian intent. Sometimes we allow ourselves to be misguided despite the best of intentions.

      Other times, the intent is money or power or to puff ourselves up with pride in spiritual superiority and receive their praise from men, "doing their good works publicly" like Christ said to the Pharisees, as well as "the outside of their cup may be clean, but the inside is filthy."

      Thus far, though, I have enough spiritual and tangible evidence that despite people that politicians and pastors are trying to sell me on as God's "chosen," I do not hear my master's voice one iota within them other than a few insincere political talking points I may agree with.

      I don't hear love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

      I hear nothing but further efforts to create strife and distrust, anger, hatred, fear, arrogance, malice, and evil intent by other Christians - which does not translate to me to be fruit of the spirit of God at all - but I won't condemn anyone's soul regardless, I don't have that authority.

      I'm just saying I don't see the fruit at all, like others do:)

      But I'm still open to being wrong :)

      So just in case I'm wrong about my master's voice, just know that I pray daily for God to show me truth, show me what I'm missing that other Christians are saying, and for guidance, so I have not born false witness against my Christian brethren and would then need to seek forgiveness from both God and my neighbor, nor shut the door to the kingdom of heaven/cause little ones to stumble myself :(

      But thus far, with many of today's Christians (not including those you mention whom I don't know), I hear nothing but crickets and more evidence that the fruits of the spirit of God aren't touching them with a ten-foot-pole for whatever reason, and perhaps they should take a look at why - sorry.

      Doesn't mean they're not Christian, doesn't mean this isn't THEIR time of suffering (which we all have to endure in this life at some point), but it does mean they're not bearing witness to God's fruit on a regular basis and there's probably a reason for that.

    6. As you know, I agree with you on abortion, but disagree on homosexuality - and IMO, there is a difference between paedophilism/sodomy and homosexuality that even the bible itself differentiates - forced rape versus "lies with." Just as most heterosexual mean rape women, most homosexuals do not rape children - rape isn't about sex anyway, it's about power over the defenseless and vulnerable, just like abortion, IMO.

      But I am not in Australia and I can only judge by my personal experience with homosexuals here in America, which has been one of their kindness, mercy to me when others had none to give, and of their own attempts at suicide after being bullied all through high school before they even admitted or realized they were gay - or after hearing some of the words that I've read spoken over them, even in this thread. It hurts my soul to hear these things spoken to others - period - on either side.

      But in fact, I see no difference between angry LGBT frothing at the mouth their hatred and propaganda against Christians and some Christians doing the same against them. I have seen bullying on both sides and one side imagining their better than the other morally is self-deception and folly.

      But the shame aspect I've seen from gay friends - I've almost lost two to suicide. The suicide rate for teenage sexually-confused teens is twice as high as heterosexuals according to the CDC, often after bullying - which I have seen myself.

      You really don't see any Christians killing themselves in shame like LGBTQ, do you? And that's because of their abundantly displayed moral-superiority, which often has to do with why they are persecuted more than simply BECAUSE they are Christian.

      Regardless, neither side deserves to be treated badly or condemned of soul - no one is beyond redemption - there's absolutely nothing in the bible that either gives us the authority to do so or advocates it (with the exception of Paul advocating shunning, which is in complete contradiction to Christ, who instead made the worst sinners his disciples.)

      Additionally, after transcribing for Boston Children's Hospital and learning the staggering amount of children actually born with some degree of both reproductive organs (much more often than you think) - and that the brain develops months before the reproductive organs (nipples first, it's why men have them until the body seals the deal), I believe that something went awry biologically, but just as with abortion, God doesn't make mistakes.

      So perhaps the lesson isn't for THEM, it's for us - how to better love our neighbors as ourselves as Christ commanded.

      Just my belief, open to and respect other opinions though, I get it :)

    7. Oh my goodness, major typo correction (when I'm on my antiquated laptop, it just loves to scroll up while I'm typing a new paragraph, sometimes even deleting what was typed prior without my touching a thing).

      That was supposed to read, "Just as most heterosexual men do not rape women, most homosexuals do not rape others including children - rape isn't about sex anyway, it's about power over the defenseless and vulnerable, just like abortion, IMO."

    8. One last thing, if I may - I believe that greed in God's name should also receive top billing, considering greed is the only sin that actually made Christ angry (thieves in the temple) - it ruins both livelihood and lives, particularly in the form of lack of healthcare for millions, which can kill as well, both adults and children.

      If we're going to defend and protect the sick, vulnerable and defenseless, let's protect them all.

      But as I said, that's just my opinion, thank you for allowing it - I respect where you're coming from, I've been there myself before - but after much prayer and focus on the words of Christ as opposed to others, I've changed my mind :)

  2. "Sisters" is precisely the show which should not be on, normalizing such things, and the producers need to be given their marching orders.

    1. Yes. It is par for the course by 'our ABC' - Aunty BBC's skanky neice.

  3. My theory is that abortion supporters know that abortion is wrong. They know it's murder. That's why they're so angry and shrill. They're trying to convince themselves that it's OK to kill inconvenient babies.

    They're too selfish and too filled with hate to stop doing it but they still know it's wrong.

    It's the same with male homosexuals. Their aggressive response to even the mildest criticism is fuelled by their own self-disgust.

    1. Yes. That is the root dysfunction. Excuse oneself and disparage others.


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