Friday, October 27, 2017

Penetrating the Minds of Children

Victoria in Oz is  becoming a dreadful place, largely under the black influence of the Lefty Premier who is surely possessed by a modest-level demon from the Pit. A foul creature he is, allowing and promoting filth to be taught to even young kiddies in the State schools under the deception of 'anti-bullying'. There is barely a kiddie who has lived who has not encountered another kid in a bad mood in the playground, equiped with some nasty thing to shout. But most kiddies are innocent.

It is the teachers now who have the foul mouths and demeaning words.

We heard about the latest planned penetration of children's minds today....... but first, pleasantries with which to start and finish. 

I have been busy the past few days enjoying fine company and out and about in the beautiful weather we have been experiencing here at the Tavern.  Hence my being quiet for several days. And I have had the tradies in doing a bit of refurbishment after my friend Cherie pointing me in the direction of someone else's Hotel in Italy, from whom I have purloined a nice idea. I shall show you later.

Now, the darknesses. I hear also that the Capital of Victora is showing signs of a European scourge. Riff-raff line and live on the streets around the rail stations even to the point of having matresses on the pavements. 

Shades of Paris, eh?

Let me pull a few pints while Rebecca Urban tell us of the teachers who are going from bad to worse. 

As I often point out the teaching workforce in Oz is predominantly female. Women are fine expressions of humanity and have some quite beautiful qualities, but when commanded and directed by dark forces, such as their Union and Left-wing agitators, they can be all too easily led by the nose (often these days by the nose-rings they wear) down quite nasty paths.

Led by these scum, amongst others.

A little background. Here is the font of filth exposed. LaTrobe University.

Our teachers, and note that is the empathetic, nurturing, communications skilled ladies who dominate our schools are in turn 'directed by the worst elements that you do not even know about.  As Lucas Rosas tells us. I will let you listen to all he says later in your own time but just let him touch on it here:
Exposed: the Communists teaching your children
These are the people you pay through your taxes to teach your kids’ teachers.
Manolya Moustafa of Socialist Alternative

It needs to be reiterated, these people are not simple ALP union hacks or mushy Greens who like trees, these people are the most radical political extremists in our society. These groups openly boast that they want to overthrow the government. They preach about the need to abolish Parliament, the armed forces, the police, the courts, the constitution, the Australian national flag, national borders, the concept of gender, free speech, free assembly, the right to own property and the traditional family.
And not only do you pay them to teach the people who teach your kids, you also pay them to formulate the curriculum more sane teachers are forced to teach by.
Do follow up and read. You will be horrified by the 'ordinariness' of some of the people Lucas exposes. That pleasant-looking young woman above is the pretty tip of an iceberg.

Now this way comes more of the lumbering Beast, the insidious mutilating of children's minds, and spreading to other disciplines. Rebecca has been keeping her ears open:
Concerns as identity politics creep into the classroom.

English students face being drilled in the politics of class, race, gender and sexuality, as an influential teacher advocacy group seeks to push social justice issues into the classroom.

The Victorian Association for the Teaching of English, a professional body backed by the state government, will host its annual conference next month, unveiling a program to highlight “the iconoclasts, the dissidents and the marginalised” and celebrate individuals “who will not, or cannot, swim in the mainstream”.

The 'mainstream' nowadays of course IS leftism, cultural marxism and the destruction of family and society, even while the lefties pretend it is not so that they can maintain 'victimhood'.  "Ve heff vays off makink your Kinder conform."
Headlining the two-day event will be former Australian Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs and GetUp! campaigner Shen Narayanasamy, who will deliver keynote speeches. Left-leaning political commentator Van Badham will also appear as a guest speaker.
GetUp! in get up

For those overseas visitors, these three are prime nasties intent on causing as much mayhem as they can, whilst in one case being fed hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in salary and now pension - Triggs: and one by Bill Shorten's largesse with union funds taken as an additional tax from workers and fed to the lefty influencers, GetUp!; 

and a thoroughly filthy and lunatic feminist who seems to garner much support from the dregs of the lady-left. That's bad'un Badham on the left.

The focus of the event, which VATE president Emily Frawley confirmed had been designed with social justice in mind, has alarmed some education experts, who have questioned the role of “political activists” at the event and the push to embed divisive “identity politics” into the curriculum.
When I hear 'zozchial juztitz' I reach for my sword ! 
Sessions include “Stand Up For The Outsiders’’, which will explore teaching strategies for “empowering students to speak to issues of class, gender and race”, and ‘‘We Want Gender Equality’’, on “how the plight of woman over time has not changed”. 
There will also be a discussion of Jeanette Winterson’s 1987 novel The Passion, which is billed as “post modernism, queer theory and a romping tale to boot”, while ‘‘Reflections On Growing Up Different In Australia’’ will look at “migration, racism and identity” in various texts.
Soon being White, of European stock and English-speaking with be 'different' too but do not hold your breath waiting for some positive acknowledgement. We seem to have imported the worst of America's leftist, racist teacher disease.
Another session will advise teachers how to deliver the Victorian government’s Respectful Relationships program a family violence initiative criticised for pushing gender theory onto children through English texts in the middle years.

Details of the conference have emerged in the wake of research by the Institute of Public Affairs that pointed to a rise of identity politics in university history courses.

The IPA’s Western civilisation program director Bella d’Abrera 
questioned what “political activists” were doing at a conference “about English teaching to schoolchildren”.

“This conferences shows that identity politics has not  also (sic) (only) permeated the teaching of history in Australian universities, but it is also deeply embedded in English teaching in Victorian secondary schools,” Dr d’Abrera said. 
“There is no place for identity politics in our classrooms.”

Australian Catholic University senior research fellow Kevin Donnelly said it was disappointing to see teachers emphasise ideology over good grammar, spelling, punctuation and literary appreciation.

“Instead of English teaching being about giving a balanced view of literature, it’s now more about offering a critique of society, particularly Western society, misogyny, inequality and capitalism,” Dr Donnelly said.

“A lot of kids leave school without a strong foundation of what is good or bad literature.”

Dr Donnelly, a former English teacher and one-time member of VATE, said the association appeared to have been captured by the left.
Ms Frawley defended the conference, which had always “traversed the educational, cultural, political landscape”. This year’s event would feature “diverse line-up of presenters”, she said.

“The brief of all presenters is to speak to the themes of the conference, drawing on their expertise and considering their audience,” Ms Frawley said. “We want English teachers to be engaged and challenged, to consider how they can best stand up for their students, and what the role of English content and pedagogy is here.”

Ms Frawley confirmed that the organisation received funds from the department for a range of programs, but the conference itself was not government-funded.
That is sleight of hand.  Mendacity. It is all ultimately Taxpayer-funded. YOUR monies, coerced from your wallets, are being used to pay for these nasties to plan their assault on children. 

Several voices around the bars were heard above the hubub as I handed Rebecca her well earned drink. 

Bob said:
Alarming as this is, do not underestimate the rebellious spirit of the young and the power of the internet.

I have had some very reassuring conversations with young family members aged from 16 to 25 years.They and their friends are very aware of the indoctrination that is being  being attempted in English and Social Science classes and they despise these subjects and their associated teachers. 
They know from bitter experience that to even question, let alone try and present an alternative opinion, can seriously affect their grades and University entrance, so they keep quiet and keep their heads down in school, and post nothing on Face Book.  
Once the get home they go straight onto the internet to look for the alternative view and find it on sites like Breitbart and the many Canadian and US debaters who actively question the status quo. They will express their views within small circles of trusted friends, but are very careful to keep quiet if a known activist is within earshot. They are not happy being silenced at school, and get even more unhappy when they get to University and are again silenced and continually harassed by placard-waving, slogan-chanting aggressive SJWs.

Social media may be an echo chamber for the SJWs, but the internet is a lot bigger than just social media and a growing number of the young are finding the alternative ideas and the robust debate they crave on the internet.

A rebellion is brewing.
Hanne also said: 
Is there such a thing as a “stupidity Ponzi scheme”? That’s what I’m calling this madness which will ultimately collapse under its own weight.

Yesterday on Fox News they showed another idiot from one of their universities claim that mathematics is racist and a white supremacy subject.

I don’t know where this stupidity is taking us but when the only engineers we’re capable of producing are social engineers maybe one of these loonies might just take a moment and wonder who’s left to build the bridges or treat the sick.
Both make good points. It is easy to be discouraged but we must remain optimistic and look to other voices. The young can be easily fooled but they also have a penchant for taking quite an opposite tack. 

YOU though, adults, with experience and an ability to think clearly, must become more than just a little familiar with the extent of the problem. 

Now.  Let me move on.

Some nicer news. 

Cherie has been swanning around Italy. You can follow her travels .... there >>>>

One place she came across has inspired me to rename my restaurant - actually, name it, as it hasn't had a name of its own before. So I am naming it after young Percy who released me from my pain. And my Kingdom. 

The Ristorante Parzival.

So, drop by one evening. Sample our fine wines and Ales, delivered by a messenger from my Supplier Himself. Sit in the evening sunshine and cool, fragrant breezes. Sniff deep the Frangipani at the front doors. Listen to the lefties whine outside the hedges.

Eat, drink, and be Holy.




  1. I recently met a lovely young man, resplendent in tattoos and ear-plugs. He related that he was disappointed because all resources for his criminology thesis had to be approved by a University Ethics Committee: including all print material from the public domain. He could see that this was pure censorship. Fortunately, he was able to access websites such as mine unhindered, for this he was grateful.

    1. The access is there, for the moment, but were he to use any item from your work he would still have it subject to the 'Ethics Committee' censorship. It will be up to individuals to keep their own counsel if they wish to gain the degree that seek. And in the doing so, will have to be mendacious. Sins of omission bear down too.

  2. the teaching workforce in Oz is predominantly female. Women are fine expressions of humanity

    Women are basically children. They should never ever be allowed in any position of authority. Women should never have been given access to higher education. Girls should leave school at twelve or so. After that they should learn useful skills like cooking and sewing.

    Higher education makes women more foolish. They are exposed to ludicrous ideas and they accept them all as long as those ideas give them an emotional rush.

    The problem with the West is that we abandoned patriarchy centuries ago.

    1. LOL at the daft uneducated comment "Women are basically children..." etc.

      If you crave a patriarchal society I suggest a move to Saudi Arabia. I think that currently it is a place that should suit most of your requirements ;-)

    2. LOL! Oh but wait, Cherie, it's still trying to communicate with us, there are more "Deep thoughts" from that same author below. It's entertaining, to say the least. I'll get the popcorn. I'm tempted to ask it what it is attracted to, since both women and gays are beneath him, and if there's anything it DOES like or that it doesn't isn't beneath it or dangerous, but I'm actually afraid of that answer. ;)

      And people wonder why the internet makes me lose faith in humanity and want to fold my blog up? lol

    3. If you crave a patriarchal society I suggest a move to Saudi Arabia. I think that currently it is a place that should suit most of your requirements ;-)

      I won't need to do that. Saudi-style patriarchy is coming to the West. Within the next thirty years or so most of western Europe will be dominated by Islam.

      Take a look at the bleeding hearts who have promoted the mass Islamic immigration to Europe. Lots and lots and lots of virtue-signalling and entirely irrational women, mostly white women. Mostly university-educated.

      Feminism and homosexual activism are going to be swept away by the Islamic tide.

      I'm not saying that an Islamic Europe will be a good thing, but it's another of life's little ironies that feminism has been the main driving force that has made it inevitable.

      And feminism is worse, much worse, than Islam.

    4. "It" ?

      Come along my dear, you can do better than that. Dehumanising is a tad far. Now, all should be playing the ball: I put plenty up there to kick around. A bit of colourful description is usually OK, but by taking someone's humanity away you are letting them off the hook, just as you would were 'it' a mollusc or a chaffinch.

    5. My mistake - I guess I'm just not accustomed to actual human beings saying things about other human beings like all women are children, saying our brains aren't wired for logic, and that smart women are dangerous. Oh and my favorite was that all psychologists and therapists should be shot (elsewhere).

      But it's me that's taken things too far lol.

      Carry on, Amfortas. Carry on, internet. I think we're done here.

    6. I have written at length, here and elsewhere, regarding the hubris that men and women have about themselves and one another. I have written essays (with humour) showing just how little grasp of logic is so common and how emotions has the driving role in judgement. I have taken the piss out of men and out of women who get uppity. Get used to it. Do not let it get under your skin. Rise above it and drop turds upon't. :)

    7. When I put LOL I truly am, it's hilarious :)

      And yes, I agree, critical thinking and lack of logic are part of our current Western cultural problem, on both political sides, in both genders.

      Otherwise, though I am a fan of absurdity, and it's my favorite form of humor, I do have to limit my exposure to too much negative absurdity, as it's not healthy for me. That is both a logical and emotional decision :)

    8. (Let me try this same comment again, sorry about the badly-worded sentence)

      When I put LOL I truly am, it's hilarious :)

      And yes, I agree, lack of critical thinking and lack of logic are part of our current Western cultural problem, on both political sides, in both genders.

      Otherwise, though I am a fan of absurdity, and it's my favorite form of humor, I do have to limit my exposure to too much negative absurdity, as it's not healthy for me. That is both a logical and emotional decision :)

    9. I'm tempted to ask it what it is attracted to, since both women and gays are beneath him

      I like and respect women (unlike feminists who despise women). I don't consider women to be inferior to men in any way, just very very different. Our brains are wired differently. That means we're suited to different roles. That's why every sane society in history has recognised that men and women have different roles to play.

      Looking at the world from an emotional perspective isn't wrong or stupid, in fact in many instances it's the correct approach.

      The trouble with feminism is that it's persuaded women that they are only worthwhile human beings if they try to play traditional male roles. When they do try to play traditional male roles they're not very successful because such roles don't suit them and they become angry and unhappy. That doesn't bother feminists because feminists hate women. And mostly feminists hate themselves for being women.

      You shouldn't lose faith in humanity just because someone disagrees with you.

  3. Hahahaha. You have just managed to alienate half my customers. But why stop there? I know some quite smart ladies for whom higher education is most appropriate, and, sadly I know many a chap who is pretty thick and no amount of education can repair it. so I would go much much further and still manage to be fair to both sexes. Make higher ed competetive. Have only the best 20% get it. Regardless of sex. Make 'responsibility' compulsory from 10 y/o. Or even 9. Make all who get HigherEd earn it by being consistently responsible for appropriate level actions from that age. And show superior IQ, study record and achievement at ploughing. Or swordsmanship. Preferably both.

    1. so I would go much much further and still manage to be fair to both sexes.

      The trouble is that "fairness" and "equality" are two of the delusions that have brought us to the verge of ruin. When we accept such concepts we are accepting the core ideas that form the bedrock of evils like feminism and homosexual marriage.

      I know some quite smart ladies for whom higher education is most appropriate

      They're the ones for whom higher education is most dangerous. They're the ones who fall for the clever lies promoted by the academic establishment. All women, smart or not smart, make judgments based on emotion rather than facts or logic. It's the way women's brains are wired.

      It's the way women's brains are supposed to be wired - it's what suits them for their intended roles as wives and mothers. Educating women for careers is like trying to train cats to be sheep dogs. It doesn't work. Cats are fine animals (I happen to like cats very much indeed) but they aren't dogs. Trying to turn a cat into a dog results in an unhappy confused cat. Trying to train women for careers results in unhappy confused women.

      Without higher education for women we wouldn't have feminism. That's a thought worth pondering. The family would still be a healthy institution. Happy marriages would still be common. We'd have children being raised properly. Our schools would not have become indoctrination centres for sexual perversion.

      Without higher education for women we also wouldn't have the homosexual lobby preying on our kids in school. Men (before feminism emasculated them) would have put a stop to such nonsense. Women have supported the homosexual agenda, because feelings. But women would never have been exposed to such dangerous nonsense if they'd been protected from higher education.

  4. That is the important first step. Jesus says pray.

  5. It's amusing that these people think they're promoting communism. They're promoting a political ideology certainly, but it isn't communism. Social justice is merely a feelgood front for globalism and it's one of life's little ironies that globalism is more of a radical right-wing ideology. It's an internationalist version of fascism, and it's backed by the evil capitalists that these loonies claim that they oppose.

    Their thinking isn't just twisted and evil, it's also hopelessly muddled and irrational. Which is what you'd expect from a movement dominated by women and homosexuals.

    1. Rationality is definitley not their strong suit. As for communism and NWO, capitalist or whatever, they have no idea what they are doing, just so long as they can cause evil to spread. They are tools. The women and men.

    2. they have no idea what they are doing, just so long as they can cause evil to spread. They are tools.

      Yep, that's what it comes down to. They're destroying our society and they don't even understand how or why they're doing it. They don't understand that they're being used by billionaires and bankers. They're just babies throwing their toys out of the pram.

  6. "the daft uneducated comment "Women are basically children..." etc. If you crave a patriarchal society I suggest a move to Saudi Arabia."

    What a silly comment. This issue in the post is real and needs to be addressed.

    1. And real issues need real solutions not arbitrary exclusion of vast proportions of society.

      You seem to have missed the meaning of my original comment.


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