Tuesday, October 3, 2017

America is the Greatest......

I like Americans. You have very likely gathered that by now.  Patriotic folk. I even have a special bar for them whenever one or several drop in. The beer in there is just as they seem to like although I do have to say it takes a bit of doing getting it to that 'special' state. And they do like a good time. The noise is sometimes a bit intrusive and the self-congratulation can be irksome when some of them wander into quieter bars, like the UK room or even the Oz room. But everyone puts up with one another in the Main bar. The P&B.  Americans show others what Patriotism is all about.

It is that patriotic sense that sometimes becomes a bit of a worry. Who was it who said it...? Ah yes. Johnson.

Not that it is confined to scoundrels, of course. Some fine, ordinary chaps are patriotic.  Brave ones. Heroic ones. Yes, even Saintly ones. But it is the boaster that also finds refuge. And the ones who do not think much and who 'ride coat tails'.  They have little regard for reality, truth, even reasonableness. But they do like to shout their own praises.

But as I said, I like Americans generally. All except the ones I don't  particularly like. And who could like the thick, the 'moocher', the rioter, the thug? They have those in America too. And they are Americans. And socialist politicians and people in the millions who vote for them !! And damned liars. And baby-killers.

Let us be realistic and place America where it really is: In a deeply impacted world and with many deeply impacted people. Just like everywhere else: but with freeways. Oh, wait, the Germans had those first and now everyone has them apart from Mongolia and Nigeria.

So we had a couple of Americans  in the very P&B where balloons are pricked 'discussing' the issue raised by Mr Trump recently about Making America Great Again. Jonathan Lloyd was first up to blow the
America: The Greatest Country in the World

    America is the greatest country on Earth, and it has been for many years. I am very happy to be an American citizen, and I would not want to live anywhere else. 
We have so much freedom in America, although some people believe that we do not have as much. The Bill of Rights gives us many freedoms, that cannot be taken away. 

I decided to wipe the bar top and wash a few tankards.
The first reason I would like to talk about is freedom of religion, America was founded by people who were looking for freedom of religion, and that has been a staple in America for a very long time.
If you come to America, you are free to practice any religion you want, whether that be Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, and many, many more. 
I am a Christian, no I do not hate people that practice other religions, although some people may think that Christians do. 
I am accepting of them practicing their religion, as long as they are not violent towards the other religions. 
The second thing that I would like to express my opinion on is the freedom of speech that we have in America, as Americans, we have the opportunity to say whatever we want.
A young fellow from our local university, infected with the latest academic fad from the USA, just fainted. We do not have a 'safe-space' here. 
If I wanted to protest something that I thought was wrong, I have the freedom to do that, and that is just another thing that makes America so great. 
I am not against people protesting against things that I believe in, just as long as they do not turn violent towards the people that do not agree with them. 
From these two reasons, you can see just how great America is, but I still have a few more reasons I would like to express. 
The third reason I would like to talk about is our Judicial system, including our police and military. In America, we have the freedom to do things that we want as long as it does not break the law. 
We are given a fair trial to talk to the judge and try to prove ourselves to be innocent. 
In most western coutries the trial has to prove you guilty and you do not have to say a word. You are considered innocent from the start. Unless it is a woman that has accused you, in which case no proof of innocence is likely to win the day. But, I should not interrupt.
America has a very strong military, that is not afraid of a fight, and will do whatever it can to protect the citizens of the United States. Although there has been some issues regarding the police in America lately, our police system and law system is still one of the greatest on earth. Our police will capture the people that are doing wrong, to try and protect us from them doing bad things to us. 
In conclusion, America is the greatest country on earth, as you can see from the points I express.

Jonathan is young. Youth has a pass for some expressions. Cradle marks will wear off his bum sometime.

Forgive me to being just a tiny bit skeptical. I am English after all. And Australian. Born one and chose the other. Both well up on the 'civilised' scale I should imagine, were one to have such a scale.

But why not look at some points of comparison with other coutries?  Tom McKay had some handy, but I am as much beholding as you are and just as wary of who has been at the source. 
7 Indisputable Reasons the United States of America Is the Greatest Country in the World

Here are seven charts from the 2015 Social Progress Index proving no one has it better than Americans, no country has fewer problems than the United States and certainly no people could be more free than the citizens of the greatest country in the history of the world.
1. Americans treat their tired, their poor, their huddled masses better than anyone else!

When it comes to basic life and health amenities, the U.S. is killing it.
Hmmm. Isn't that the UK and Oz above the USA on the chart?  
2. We have the best educational system in the world!

Whoo culd posiblee no mor?

Yes, well we have all seen at least five 'Watters' interviews of young Americans on Uni campusae who have difficulty locating America on a world map. But they are young.  
3. Americans are safer than any other people in the world.

And if anyone is safer, it's obviously thanks to America.

I am starting to think Tom is having a go. Orders are flowing in for tankard top ups.
4. No country is less racist than the United States!

Since when has "all men are created equal" not been completely true?
 To be fair, some of those countries don't allow minorities. 
5. Americans live longer, happier lives than anyone else.

Just living la vida loca.
6. No one is more free to challenge tyranny than Americans.

You can say whatever you want here!

7. We're the freest people in the world. No one is more free than us. Freedom!

Contentious, I know, but I have to say it...... 

Oz is better. Faaaaar and away.

Even the UK scores better. On most.

But yes, America IS a great Nation. Not The Greatest though, even if you are reading this on the internet which Al Gore invented. Wait.... no, that was a British invention. 

But the American medical system gave the world Penicillin, shirley? Nope. British again. 

And who could overlook the Combined Harvester ? Great American 'feed the world' machine.  Nope again: Oz invented that. 

You can argue the toss and bring up other perhaps more acceptible or even reliable factoids, but remember....

I have a sword.

To be The Greatest in a world that is going to hell in a basket ( the making of which has been outsourced to a third-world country somewhere) is no great shakes.

Drink up.



  1. That wouldn't go down well with my tweetership, mainly American. One says nothing.

  2. I am genuinely grateful to the holder of this webb site who has shared this
    wonderful piece of writing at at this place.

  3. Ha ha ha ha...ha ha.

    Okay...Amfortas. You CLAIM England is better? Our politicians have spread our wealth, our lives, throughout the world to SAVE just about everybody else, if not for our ancestors coming to your aid, England would be gone.

    And it's well on its way. We have not yet been overtaken by the Muslims as England has.

    What, do you think that just a royal family makes a nation?
    The Hispanics are mostly Catholics, so, you would prefer them I'm sure.

    On that we can agree, no?

    And we are spent. We truly are trashed, but deep in the heart of the country, where Trump voters abound, we are being destroyed...still I'm a witness to say that American spirit is alive and well.

    (As is YOUR English spirit! Ha ha)

    I have always looked at England as Daniel says, the inventor and creator of the "rule of law" upon which the 'Englishmen" of American created their Constitution.

    We...share...blood lines, and principles of immense success.

    England was America's Father and Mother. But, then you have pesky Kings and wars...and there you go. The child broke off and grew up.

    More than Half The people of America are just as noble as they have ever been, and they are hurting horribly. Corporations now have more say than governments.

    England will be Muslim in years ahead, and Australia has no guns.
    At least America still have ours. We went the health care way of ALL nations, and now we die sooner just like the rest of the world!


    This guy you talk about is obviously wacko, America has been drained at the teat. She had no more milk to give the rest of the world. She HAS been the biggest defender of Europe AND England for too many years.

    You know that. Of course you do.

    Our fathers blood bled for your freedom. At least give them that respect.

    It's just been in the last two decades that the 'globalists' have taken over..and it's not just the US they are destroying, it's England, Europe, And Australia...trashing America is not going to help anything my dear friend.

    Not at all. It serves no purpose in 2017.

    Australia is just as socialist as we are, am I wrong?

    Socialists are killing the West.

    So, Ha ha, I laugh at our usual stalemate on if ENGLAND IS SUPERIOUR...

    I'm beginning to must have some Irish blood in those veins...and don't even know it.

    (In all affection....and you know that.)

    American is not great, and that's why Trump was elected.

    We miss the America that we grew up in.

    I'm just glad we don't have to fight the British again. Aren't you?

    LOL. You'd be at a disadvantage. (ha ha ha)

    We have guns.

    (Nobody hopes the tavern buys me a drink before his rebuttal, in all good friendship.)

    1. God Bless America. And Britain. And Oz. Forever friends, Joyanna. Great nations and full of many fine, noble heroes, Saints and sinners. A lot of sinners Hahahaha. We live in dire times and where previously we fought together to rid ourselves of external threats, we now share the same internal, infernal ones. And we both know we can count upon one another and 'have our backs'. In emergencies, all three Nations send food parcels to the needy. Send guns this time :)

    2. England will be Muslim in years ahead, and Australia has no guns.
      At least America still have ours.

      Americans have this extraordinary delusion that owning guns will protect them from tyranny. The US government has tanks, artillery, stealth fighters, attack helicopters, drones and the most sophisticated surveillance technology ever devised. Any attempt by American patriots to resist the US government would be crushed within 24 hours.

      Americans are allowed to have guns because it gives them the delusion they're free. They aren't. Just as you're allowed to keep your First Amendment because it's meaningless. Americans have their fantasies and they cling to them tenaciously but living in a fantasy isn't going to help.

  4. I'm not very tribalist in mentality. And I haven't traveled like I'd like to.

    Thus, I can't state as fact that my tribe - erm - country (the U.S.A) is the greatest in the world :)

    There are things about us I love and things I don't.

    There are things about the U.K. I think I would love, and things I think I wouldn't. Same with Australia (except considering Oz has like 5 of the top 10 world's deadliest creatures, perhaps more nay than yay. I may be exaggerating ;) )

    But I don't really know until I go there myself, do I?

    I can only rely on biased press and pundits and the limited and select and subjective personal experience I have with people from the U.K. for information and that's not very reliable these days :)

    1. Unreliability and bias is rife, unfortunately, but 'twas always thus. It is understandable that people love the place they were born and bred in, as they rarely know any other. But as you (and others have) said, travel broadens and provided perspectives.

      Do not be put off by Oz' deadly critters. We have our own way of exaggerating for effect.

  5. PS - Would it be "proper English" to say you're being a "cheeky bugger" in this post? ;) lol.

    You'll get no argument from me on much of it :)

    Regardless, the fact is, our countries need each other, like it or not :)

    1. It is quite proper to tell the Tavern Keeper he is a cheeky bugger when he has his tongue firmly in his cheek. :)

  6. PPS - and of course as an American, I hope you/others know I meant the borrowed-British phrase of "cheeky bugger" in the most mild form possible, as in "ya mischievous rascal," as opposed to the slang term's original meaning. Just thought I should clarify in case that wasn't clear. Remember, I DID ask if it was proper English first :p :)


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