Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Least-Racist Nation in the World

The lefties and greens are continually calling Oz 'Racist'. Well what do you expect from folk who love the Lie and the calumny? Putting down Oz is their stock in trade, just as lefties everywhere are hell -bent on demeaning the Anglophile nations and shoving a hot poker up the backside of western civilisation.  One might suppose that a vibrant democracy would put such lies away by sheer force of public arguement and discussion, by even these means have been put to flight by  lefty-preferred 'conversations', to which their contributions are limited to riotous shouting matches that deny speech to any but the 'approved'. 

Added to that Oz is not a democracy, but a Constitutional Monarchy, just as America is not a democracy but a Republic. Votes do not carry much weight. But let me not digress. Is Oz racist or is it in fact the least racist nation on the face of the planet at the moment?  Such was the subject in the Oz Bar this afternoon. And there was I wanting to talk about the demise of the Law here. I shall have to get back to that later.

Oz has a very mixed bunch of folk living along its shores. Some are unpleasant folk who shout racial slurs at even quite nice wogs. But the vast majority of folk are quite pleasant and accepting: and many of them are wogs. Oz is a land of wogs, far more so than most other places I have been. And I have been around a bit.

The 'Prof', JJ Ray brought one 'Bernard' to show us the latest numbers from the Census.  I didn't catch his full name as he was hiding behind a paywall. We have such an enumeration every few years here in which all sorts of intrusive questions are asked and woe betide anyone who does not want to play.  So much for Freedom. But its a 'self-report' so people can put in whatever they like. Bernard had some observations and so did Prof JJ.  He had one or two things to say which almost contradicted, but he is a polite fellow. I cannot say I fully agree with Bernard either, but.......
Census 2016: Australia the world's least racist country?

Australian migrants have to really want to come to this country. We are not like Europe or Africa or the Americas where migrants can trek from one country to another across a land border. And Australia isn’t conveniently positioned between continents teeming with humanity. We’re a bit out of the way … in fact we’re a long way out of the way. 
Which means that if migrants do decide to make the journey to Australia, then getting back to see family and friends is difficult. I think our isolation, the tyranny of distance, delivers an urgency to the Aussie migrant’s yearning for success.
I would say it was difficult once, but air travel makes it a far easier endeavour now. 
Come to Australia, mate, work hard, pay your taxes, make a civic contribution, perhaps raise a family and share in the resources of our bountiful continent. 
Large-scale migration shapes the culture of the host population. Migrants lift the bar; they have something to prove; they measure their success by the success of their children (and often set up by the exceptionally hard work of the migrating parents).
The ideal scenario, barely a reality these days. 
Without migration Australia would have remained a white Anglo enclave, a colonial outpost of Britain. Migrant effort, energy, enterprise and muscle have shaped this nation and changed the way we eat (pasta), style our homes (back veranda is now alfresco) and greet each other (cheek kissing) along the way.

All of which leads me to conclude that Australia is the greatest migrant nation on earth. 
And here is why I believe we can make that claim. 
According to the latest census figures 28 per cent of the Australian population was born overseas, up two percentage points in the past five years. This proportion in the US, Britain and Spain is barely 13 per cent. Only New Zealand (25 per cent) and Canada (20 per cent) come close to the Australian figures.

If we include residents with at least one parent born overseas then this proportion rises to 49 per cent. Or at least this was the proportion last August; by now we probably have topped the 50 per cent mark. There are more than 6.1 million migrants living in Australia — up 870,000 from the 2011 census — which represents an increase of 174,000 per year.

In Greater Melbourne, Perth and Sydney migrants comprise between 36 per cent and 39 per cent of the population (and even higher proportions in tighter definitions of these cities). 
This proportion in Greater New York is 37 per cent, in Paris it is 25 per cent, in Berlin it is 13 per cent, in Tokyo it is 2 per cent and in Shanghai it is less than 1 per cent. 
The Germans get all angsty when Berlin pushes much beyond the 13 per cent mark; Greater Sydney is sitting at 39 per cent and rising. And if we again include local residents with at least one parent born overseas, then 65 per cent of Sydney’s population is a migrant or closely connected to the migrant experience.

I do not see how anyone can credibly make the case that Australians are fundamentally racist — racist incidents perhaps, but not fundamentally racist — when close to 40 per cent of the population in our biggest city consists of migrants. If Australians had a fundamental problem with migrants then the issue would have been brought to a head long before Sydney got to be a more cosmopolitan city than New York.
There is no rioting in our streets. [well, not much, although in recent years....Somalians, say no more] Generally we all get along. There are, of course, serious issues that we are dealing with in regard to refugees. However, I cannot cite another nation with metrics even approaching Australia’s generosity in accepting migrants.

Australia’s largest migrant groups are the British (1.088 million) and New Zealanders (518,000). The Brits arrived en masse after World War II as “ten-pound Poms”, while enterprising New Zealanders have always sought to test their mettle in the bigger market of Australia. However, through the 2020s it is likely that there will be a switch in our largest migrant populations. The Brits are dying off and the recovery of the New Zealand economy has stemmed the flow of Kiwis.

The rising migrant forces in Australia are unmistakably Asian. 
The latest census counted 510,000 Chinese-born residents, increasing at a rate of 38,000 a year, which means they probably already have surpassed the Kiwis as Australia’s second largest migrant group. Then come the Indians with 455,000, increasing at a rate of 32,000 a year. Then there are the Filipinos with 232,000 and the Vietnamese with 219,000.
The Chinese are our leading source of new migrants; they probably have replaced the Kiwis as our leading source of visitors; they form the largest body of overseas students; and China is our leading export market and source of imports. I think it’s time we made Mandarin a compulsory second language in the school curriculum. Indeed I think it is in the national interest for Australians to understand some Mandarin (and at times in business not to let on that we understand some Mandarin).

There are migrant hotspots in every major city, especially among non-English-speaking settlers. The Chinese make up 9 per cent of the population in Hobart’s Sandy Bay.
While my Tavern is on the Mountain, my cave wherein I reside is in Sandy Bay and I am a frequent beach-stroller even in cool weather. I always see Chinese people on the promenade. I am always struck with how polite and 'civil' they are.  The stereotypes of 'Tongs' and Laundries, Chinese Restaurants and Chinatown, have long been replaced by computer expertise and joggers with earphones. 
In Darwin’s Coconut Grove Filipino migrants comprise 10 per cent of the population. In Brisbane the Chinese comprise 23 per cent of the population in Macgregor; Indians cluster in Runcorn (9 per cent); and the Vietnamese congregate in Inala, where they comprise 20 per cent of the population. In Adelaide, for some reason English migrants love McLaren Vale where they account for 15 per cent of the population.
Generally British and New Zealand migrants integrate seamlessly into the Australian social fabric. Contrary to popular opinion New Zealanders do not dominate the Sydney suburb of Bondi, where they form just 3.4 per cent of the population. In fact the newest Kiwi enclave is a long way from hip Bondi; it’s Marsden in suburban Brisbane, where they form 13 per cent of the population. The Brits do congregate, but mostly as retirees in lifestyle locations such as Melbourne’s Mount Martha where they also comprise 13 per cent of the population.

The migrant component to the Australian population swishes and swirls to every nook and cranny on the continent. I say this imbues Australians with a global perspective not found elsewhere. 
We have developed an absorbent culture that soaks up and showcases migrant influences. 
Perhaps because we are so removed we see overseas and cosmopolitan influences as a mark of sophistication. Quinoa salad, anyone? ....

Which brings me to a final observation about Australia’s migrants. They make the journey to Australia to secure a better life for themselves and their families.

And in so doing I think they make choices based on work availability and perceived quality of life. Sydney may offer the next generation of migrants work opportunities in financial services, but it is the first generation that wants to buy a home, perhaps as a symbol of their success in the new world. And when you think about it, this aspiration to work and to own a home aligns nicely with fundamental Australian values.
He says virtually nothing about morals and mores. The Christian ethic is disappearing. Other cultures have blended but in recent years we have been bringing in cultures that are inimicable to the past and current Institutions and Customs.  Refugees coming here are predominantly 'economic' and in many cases 'hateful' of Australia. This is a growing problem. Most refugees, economic or otherwise, flown here  from Camps by Immigration or arriving illegally by leaky boat, go onto public 'benefits' for years and years and show little enterprise.  Too much is given to them gratis and for too long.  Then we have the Muslims..... 

The Prof, JJ too had a bit to say about the Chinese. 
A small note on the Chinese in Australia.  Salty Bernard above says we have 510,000 Chinese-born residents. That is both true and misleading.  
The China-born persons of Han Chinese origin are probably only half of the total Han Chinese immigrants.  Many of the people from Vietnam and Malaysia particularly are Han Chinese by ancestry and know it.  Additionally many have been in Australia for a long time now and have children and grandchildren born here.  So the number of Australian born Han could well be greater than the number born overseas.  

I repeatedly in my daily life come across people of unmistakeably Han ancestry who speak Australian English as well as I do: They have obviously grown up here.  So I estimate that there are around 2 million Australians of Han ancestry, which makes the total population around 5% Han. 
We are lucky to have so many bright, hard working and peaceful people among us.

So the Han give demographers a few problems.  The "Overseas" Chinese who have come to Australia from Southest Asia identify strongly as Han so for most purposes should be lumped in with the China-born Han.  
But an upcoming process will create even greater definitional difficulties.  Young Han women in Australia are generally short in stature and seem to be universally determined to marry a tall man.  And if a tall Han man cannot be found a tall Caucasian man will do.   
In my observation, that is actually universal.  Young Han women ALWAYS have a tall man with them if they have anyone at all. They know how to get what they want. 
 Looking at it from the other way, around 50% of tall Caucasian men will have a little Asian lady on their arms if any. That will undoubtedly produce a large crop of Eurasian children in the not too distant future.   
How will the demographers classify them?

The phenomenon I have just described also does pretty well as an indication that neither Han nor Caucasian Australians are racist.  In the Bogardus scale of social distance, marriage is the highest level of non-racism.
If I were to be pressed as to the future of the Oz population, barring catastrophes, I would agree with JJ that we will become Eurasian. I do not see this as an altogether bad thing. Far better than Euromideastern.

Let us drink to an uncertain future.

The future was ever thus.



  1. Australians have a very weak sense of national identity. We were in the process of developing such an identity when the Second World War came along. After that we were flooded by worthless American pop culture. The Americanisation of Australian culture has done more harm than any other single factor.

    Sadly most migrants will absorb this Americanised culture.

    Our greatest weakness is that we are fundamentally welcoming to migrants and foreign cultures because we have no pride in our own culture, because we don't have one.

    Australia is not a nation in any meaningful sense. We're a giant transit lounge. A nation of migrants is not a nation at all. Our destiny is to be either a colony of China, or a colony of the United States. Being a colony of China would be the less awful alternative.

    1. I agree with some of that. We do have a weak identity, largely through being so officially anti-british. The future is up in the air at the moment and I doubt I shall see a resolution in my rapidly diminishing lifetime.

    2. We do have a weak identity, largely through being so officially anti-british.

      The extent to which Australians of the wartime generation rejected their British heritage is extraordinary. Judging by the things that I can recall my parents and other family members of that generation saying much of this rejection was driven by a deep-seated conviction that Britain betrayed Australia in the Second World War. The groveling obsequiousness towards the US was quite embarrassing.

    3. It is a great pity that anti-british feeling was encouraged by communists at that time. Britain's forces were stretched beyond any expectation of defence of Oz. When Singapore fell, Britain was blamed yet few Australians recognise the name of the Australian General who ran away.

    4. yet few Australians recognise the name of the Australian General who ran away.

      Gordon Bennett. A proponent of the Douglas MacArthur school of generalship - he who runs away lives to fight another day.

    5. I'm an American who has visited Australia twice, but only to Perth/Fremantle and albeit not since 1995. Sorry about whatever culture you think we imposed on your society. Personally I admire Australia and Australians, especially Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, ACDC, and my favorite, Chad Reed. For some reason they seem to have adjusted well to American culture...whatever that is. I felt extremely welcome the two times I visited Perth in 1993 and 1995. Hope it would be as nice again if I visit, even if the visit turns into an extended stay.

    6. Welcome unknown stranger. I don't think I mentioned anything about Americans 'imposing their culture' on Oz, although we see that dfordoom makes an aside or two. We do have a lot of dross sent our way but also some fine cultural wossnames too. On balance the American culture has been welcomed here, but I would agree with anyone who wanted to sday that it has inadvertently stifled Oz expression. Mind you, the current Oz culture leaves as much to be desired as yours does. And we do have Chinese, Indian, and a wide variety of other wog stuff all over the place here. I am pleased you enjoyed WA and please visit Tasmania next time you are down under.

    7. Sorry about whatever culture you think we imposed on your society.

      I certainly didn't mean to imply that ordinary Americans wanted to impose their culture on other countries. Ordinary Americans are not to blame for the sins of their government or the sins of American corporations.

      Nonetheless American culture was imposed on us, and has been imposed on most of the world. It was partly accidental - it's just very difficult to compete with the sheer volume of American pop culture. It was also partly deliberate. For example the Australian film industry did not die a natural death in the 1940s, it was deliberately killed by the Hollywood studios. There's also no question that the US government has sought consciously and deliberately to impose American culture on the rest of the world.

      But I don't blame ordinary Americans for any of this. Toxic American pop culture has caused just as much harm to ordinary Americans as it has to the rest of the world. On the whole I like Americans a great deal.


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