Sunday, July 9, 2017

An Ode to Brexit

Wanting out is becoming all the rage. Since the British folk voted to leave the EU, several other nations within that infernal 'Bloc' have expressed the wish to leave too. Of course their expressions were in furrin' tongues and so far not in verse.  We know little of what and how they feel, apart from anger at being stuck in the mire of the Brussels bureaucrats.

But into the Tavern the other evening came Adrian, a poet, although unofficial.  He had an ode as per the thoughts and feelings of the 'Sir Humphrey's' that will have to do all the civil servant work that they so enjoy.

To the tune of ' A Policeman's Lot'. You all know it of course.

A civil servant’s lot is not a happy one
Now that Brexit (which means Brexit) has begun.
We’ll brace ourselves for tussles
With the Eurocrats in Brussels
While our work back home in Britain goes undone.

Liam Fox had us mug up on EU Law
It’s all in foreign, badly written and a bore.
Red tape not of our making
Is one biscuit we hate taking
But unpicking every treaty is a chore.

We’ll be decades at the table without pause
Going over every paragraph and clause
And it’s absolutely vital
We win power back for Whitehall
Where Theresa May will get all the applause.

A civil servant’s vote was likely for remain
So as we make the best of Brexit feel our pain
As we all puff up like jingo
Mock their cultures and their lingo
And prepare for war with France, Germany and Spain

Drinks all around.

(Not tea) 
(exceptions made for Sir Humphrey Appleby, GCB, KBE, MVO, MA (Oxon)



  1. HaHaHa :-)

    Sir Humphrey, currently has a lot of work to do ;-)

    A Civil Servants Lot is Not a Happy One!!

    1. If they cannot find it, Minister, they will make it.

  2. After my previous comment I found that Sir Humphrey is broadcasting some different news...

    1. Ahoy ! The unsung barnacled bottoms of the boats and barrels. Deserves drinks all round.

  3. Replies
    1. There was a time, and it has now passed. Memories remain though.


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