Monday, July 3, 2017

Islamophobia and Stockholm Syndrome

Politicians in the west are islamophobic.  

Their police forces too. 

I know of no other institutions or individuals that are.  (There may be the odd individual who is, too, but I have yet to meet one).  Who else are so scared of Islamists, Muslims, Mohammedans, that they would constantly speak so highly of them when all the evidence is to the contrary? 

If I hear one more politician spouting about the 'Religion of Peace', I shall get my whetstone out and put a finer edge on my sword. And not for the Muslims. The Pollies should appreciate having their heads cut off by some bearded fellow (I have a fine beard) as they are so full of praise for the devoted and faithful practitioners of Islam. It  has been like this for some time now.

Yesterday I quite clearly pointed that they- the politicians - are cowards.  Mr Murray did too. It is perhaps worse. They are in Thrall, much like the person kidnapped and mistreated by a terrorist or bank-robbing criminal who becomes 'sympathetic' with the wicked ones and even comes to their defence when captured. Politicians all across the west show clear signs of Stockholm Syndrome.

The police can stand and watch some mad and bad muslim walk through the streets with a sign calling for death to anyone who 'insults' Mohammed, and do nothing. But should someone take umbrage and object, they will be carted off, perhaps after being subdued with a taser, and charged with the 'Hate Crime' of Islamophobia.

They dare not act against the mohammedan who throngs with his mates, blocking streets, threatening by-standers, instituting a parallel legal system that is inimicable to our society, 'patrolling' in gangs to enforce 'sharia' in our suburbs, for fear of retribution and/or being swarmed by hundreds of rock-throwing and petrol-bomb hurling Islamic thugs.

They are SCARED.

They do not listen even to the words of Muslims; those that speak very clearly about their intent and methods, their hatred for the west and for you. Police and politicians make excuses for them. "It is not really Islam" they say with all theological authority of the copper on the beat straight from high-school. Nor to the warnings from Muslims who warn on our behalf.

The politicans don't have to man the riot lines, but they are scared too. 

They are scared of 'unrest' - from the very madmen they have foisted upon us and count upon for votes. They are scared of losing 'income' from weapons sales to muslin middle east countries. They are scared of having oil cut off. They are scared of losing the billions of investment from Muslims buying up our cities.

They are scared of YOU, but they know who you are, where you live, what taxes you have paid and they control your health services. They are not as scared of you as they are of Islam.
A point about Phobia: take it from me as I am qualified to diagnose such. It is a fear, irrational and built in, deeply. It is atavistic. 

We are often phobic about spiders and snakes. Never about cocktails or Lambourginis. 

Fear is, like most things, learned. It takes quite a bit of exposure to mathematics to make a child fearful of the maths class, and even then it is not so much the numbers and operations, but the child's failure to grasp the concepts and getting into trouble. We fear heights, often.  We fear rats. 

We need only the most slight exposure to elicit a phobia.  It does not have to be learned. We don't usually criminalise being scared.

In our modern post-truth, cultural marxists society, being in fear is now a criminal offence.  For you that is. Even having a rational and reasoned appreciation of the dangers of a man with a beard and a sign threatening to cut your head off is now considered a crime.  You are Islamophobic. 

For policemen, especially very senior ones, it is not a crime. They are above the law. They can ignore the dangers and the evil actions of Muslims and  threaten anyone who tries to raise the alarm or even report a muslim crime. Just look at the treatment the Police meeted out to the girls that complained in Rotherham.

One wonders just how long the confidence of the man in the street can be maintained, when he is not simply ignored in his reasonable concern, but arrested and charged for it.

Islam promises - yes promises - that it will subjugate you.  It promises Islamic Peace. You WILL submit. It will take over your cities and countries and if they have not killed you they will tax you. They have already had great success at that last item. Most muslim immigrants / 'refugees' live on 'benefits' and pensions paid by your taxes already.

And what does this 'Fear' all mean for  your heritage, your nations and nationality? Mark Steyn has a view. I shall leave you to mull it over.

Have a drink.

You will need it. 

It won't 'Last Order Gentlemen, Please', here just yet.



  1. I'm the first to admit that I'm scared of being blown-up or beheaded by Christianophobic activists.

    1. There are a lot of them about if you take phobia to mean hate as the modern politician does.

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  3. I continue to be disgusted by those that defend Islam and all it represents despite the abundance of evidence offered up on a daily basis that demonstrates the evil of this ancient curse. No other religion demands the destruction of all opposition and the immediate death of those who abscond from the "faith". The southern Philippines is currently under attack from this monstrous system of beliefs and this should be ample warning - but it won't be, will it? They will use our own system and our tolerance to destroy us and I wonder just how compliant those protesting pro Islamists will be wearing the hijab! I wonder if they will protest prior to being stoned?
    Peter H.

    1. Leading those disgusting apologists are our own elected politicians. They are too scared to put an end to the inflow of Muslims or to Islamic expressions in both public and private. Instead our politicians bend over forward to accomodate the buggering of our society, promoting mohammedans to public media position and public authority position. How much longer will apathy facilitate it?

  4. There is certainly something Crowley satanic about the RofP. So many [think Janjaweed, Darfur] see it as carte blanche from the Big A to slaughter and do despicable things.

    And there is only one source of such a mindset.

    1. I think my take on Islam is well enough known. It is a Satanic response to the Resurrection. It is a howl of hatred. It is satanic in origin: satanic in practice. It is anti-human. It hates humanity.


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