Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Cowards who Rule Us.

Rarely does an age come and go without the worst aspects of humanity rising to positions of power. It is horrendous almost immediately when really evil people get power. The Lenins and Stalins, the Ches, the Hitlers, the Pol Pots, the Maos but often it is more of a slow burn rather than the full force of the fires of hell. It is more often the case that the evil is small and hides behind processes and procedures, Party rules and PC tolerances. 

It is the time of Cowards.

Many who are 'ruled' seem to adore such wicked leaders.  Such folk may be excused for their youthful ignorance, but not by folk in the Tavern. One can be young and stupid without being vicious, destructive and deranged at the same time. But one can no longer be astonished seeing a 'yoof' wearing a Che T-shirt. 

Two items were presented at the bar which illustrated this so well. One from what seems a while ago (well, 1968 was before many here were born) and one from just the other day. Both touched on the same issue, but with a slightly different slant.
And they were not talking just about suicide bombers (who are anything but cowards, let's face it). Such people have little power except over life and death of very small numbers. They are growing in numbers of course and are a real worry, but they did not come down with the rain.

They were invited in.

People did warn. Enoch Powell for example tried hard to warn but was roundly villified by .... yes, the Cowards.

Cowards are often 'small' in character. Powell was a man of great stature. He joined WW2 as a Private and left a Brigadier. You do not get to do that if you are a coward. He warned his fellow politicians, cowards the lot of them, and even when thrown into the metaphorical Tiber himself, stuck to his principles and his view.....

The more recent man, Douglas Murray did not so much predict what is going to happen (as he has done elsewhere) or the extent of the problem we find ourselves dragged into by our politicians (as he has done elsewhere) but has put his finger firmly on what it is the cowards do.

Cowards avoid contronting. They avoid the truth. Cowards hide behind things: skirts, children, mendacities, you name something that can deflect attention from their lack of character and there you will find a political coward lurking. 

Cowards fear Character. They fear Principle. 

Here Murray illustrates his point starting with the political and 'police' treatment of a fairly modest fellow in Britain: one who does not have 'power' but does have principle and character. He progresses his argument to the point - "we have internalised the Fatwa". It is shocking and true.

In the words of someone famous who is oft' seen standing on street corners, "We'rrrrr allll dooomed", and so we are. We shall all die some day. But will you die a coward or with the sword of truth in your hand.

Drink up, and if I see you in a Che t-shirt, your drinking privileges might be removed.




  1. Guevara was indeed a coward and yet an icon for Kerry and Fonda.

    1. All murderous shits. And all protected one way or another by politicians and intellectuals in the west.

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    1. I am a tavern keeper, not a computer whiz. :) Even this blog is run by my scribe and he knows barely more than I about 'compatibility'. I suggest you ask your host to fix the problems but let us face reality..... computers are a pain in the backside, like itchy chain-mail underpants.

  3. Unfortunately the leaders who have brought us to disaster are not cowards. Arrogant yes, usually self-righteous, sometimes deluded, always motivated by greed for power, but not really cowards. The Tony Blairs and the Churchills and the Malcolm Frasers and the Lyndon Johnsons and the George W. Bushes and the Malcolm Turnbulls have been not so much cowards as moral zeroes, always acting in their own interests but always putting up a smokescreen of self-righteousness.

    The cowards are us. The ordinary people who have stood by and allowed their civilisation to be flushed down the toilet. Not just cowards, but corrupted. Don't make waves because you have the car payments (on a new car you didn't really need) to meet and want that new iPhone and all the other consumer goodies. In return for shiny baubles we've thrown away our birthright.

    Of course we always have an excuse. I'm one person, what can I do? We never seem to learn that if one person makes a stand others may be inspired to pluck up the courage to so as well.

    1. Again, you rightly show that we are implicated. But the 'coward' label reamins apt for those political leaders, especially Che, to whom the label was attached.

      Despite the ordinary man in the street having to carry some blame and some consequence, that does not absolve the leading figures who have used that indolence and nest-feathering seen on the street, to pitchfork us down the slippery slope.

      You make a stand, as I, in our modest ways. Many others do too. But when push comes to shove, I have a sword and I am old enough now to be happy to die with it in my hand. How you and they?

    2. Despite the ordinary man in the street having to carry some blame and some consequence, that does not absolve the leading figures who have used that indolence and nest-feathering seen on the street, to pitchfork us down the slippery slope.

      I agree absolutely on that. Democracy has produced a crop of vicious cynical self-serving scoundrels who deserve to end up with their heads on pikes (just like in the good old days). And the leaders of business, academia, the bureaucracy, etc are equally deserving of that fate.

    3. Some aspects of the 'good old days' have shifted eastward.


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