Saturday, July 15, 2017

Disgusting Women

Trigger Warning: Filthy Stuff ahead,

Feminism was never designed to 'empower' or 'liberate' women: it was not the brainchild of middle-class suffragettes. Their aim was to enfranchise some women so that they might vote and their voices be worth the same as the few men of their day who were allowed to vote: while feminism's aim was to destroy the worth of western womanhood altogether.  It has been at this destruction for decades now and is winning hands down.

Just as millions of men fell in WW1's carnage battle, so do we see millions of women in the mud and gore today. Back then it was young men in the main; Teens. Who did not have a vote. Today it is teen females, young women, little girls, who are under severe attack. And the media are in the enemy front-line attacking them, driving them further and further into the dirt and depravity.

Women have a firm hold on the media. Little girls emulate their older sisters, who in turn are fed soul- and body-destroying garbage through 'teen magazines'.  By women. By Feminist women. By women who are destroyed themselves. Depravity likes company.

Fortunately the battle-lines are deep and there are many fine, wholesome and courageous women who are fighting back.

This week has seen a small battle enjoined  with a magazine called 'Teen Vogue'. It is clear for whom the writers send out their missiles and shells, their bullet points and paragraphs of poison gas. They aim at young girls.

Levi and Elizabeth and Autumn crowded the bars to bring their views to the fore.  It was about this: 
A lot of people are mad that Teen Vogue published a guide to anal sex

Teen Vogue has posted an article online entitled: ‘Anal sex: what you need to know’, complete with diagrams, sexual health advice and information on how to talk to your partner about consent.
While the article has been praised by some for offering teens access to sex-education that isn’t part of any high school’s curriculum, social media has been ablaze with people calling for a boycott of the magazine.
One Facebook user wrote: This is an absolute abomination!!!! What on earth!! 
To protect our children we teach them about biology and how their body should be respected, which is ABSTAINING from sex altogether to focus on learning themselves before having someone penetrate them and vice versa, not HOW to have ANAL SEX!!!!"
Hmmmm. Even schools are teaching anal sex now. And masturbation. And transgenderism.  And do we have to struggle to find out who dominates schooling? Women. The proportion of men in teaching has declined every decade as men have been driven from the classroom. These, in the main, are not 'bad' women, just easily malleable ones who do as their big sisters tell them to do. They do not have the balls to say 'NO !'.
Another said: ”Teen vogue WTF?! How to have anal sex the right way??? This is geared towards not just children, but young children.”

One person wrote: “Absolutely disgusting and uncalled for in a teen magazine. There is a time and place to learn things and this was not it.”
Absolutely disgusting it is. And Elizabeth Johnson, mother of ten who knows a thing or two about sex, went ballistic. She is the Activist Mommy and more power to her. And fine Ale. And a large following of warriors.
Elizabeth – the activist mommy.
Gigi Engle is a straight up pervert who should be prosecuted for "pandering obscenity to a minor." Gigi Engle
She states in her instructions to teenagers...
This is sick! And illegal! It's pandering obscenity to a minor. Yes, you should be angry parents!  😡 The left wants to pretend to be outraged over the immorality of air pollution or rich people not paying taxes, but they want to teach minors how to have anal intercourse? Oh, go hug a tree and shut up while we clean up the mess you've made of our country!  😡 #PullTeenVogue#TheActivistMommy
Elizabeth did not stop there. She went on the rampage, sword of rightousness in hand.
Oops! Did Gigi Engle (who is not a certified sex therapist, but merely a journalist) forget to mention the list of health risks that go with indulging in anal intercourse? No she didn't. Ok. Let me do Gigi's job for her...
Loss of bowel control, condyloma acuminata, hemorrhoids, nonspecific proctitis, anal fistula, perirectal abscess, anal fissure, amebiasis, benign polyps, viral hepatitis, gonorrhea, syphilis, anorectal trauma, shigellosis, rectal ulcers and lymphogranuloma venereum, and proctal prolapse (where the colon turns inside out and exits through the rectum, often requiring surgery).
Wow! Sounds delightful!  🙄 🤦🏼♀️ 😡
#PullTeenVogue #GigiEngle #TheActivistMommy
"OPERATION PULL TEEN VOGUE" is underway! Teen Vogue Magazine must be pulled from all store shelves! It is a danger to children. Please SHARE to warn others. 
#PullTeenVogue #TheActivistMommy #RoarMamaBears
 Just how did such an article get into a teenage girl's magazine?  Who hired this journalist, Gigi Engle? This 'journalist' is no medical professional. Not even a 'sex therapist'. No, as Elizabeth says, she is just a pervert, out to pervert young girls. 

How did it get past the Editor? Who is the Editor in Chief? 


This is the woman who facilitates, presides over the perversion of little girls.
Would you let Elaine babysit your children.?
 And what does an Editor do but find advertisers and sponsors who will pay for all the perversion she choses and carefully selects to publish. 

Levi pointed to a possible advertiser to whom Elaine might listen. One that IS in the medico biz. Founded in 1668, Merck is the world's oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company. The founding family remains the majority owner of the publicly listed corporate group. 

Merck, Darmstadt, Germany holds the global rights to the Merck name and brand. The only exceptions are the United States and Canada, where the company operates as EMD Serono, EMD Millipore and EMD Performance Materials.
Is Merck behind the teen s*x article?

The editor of Teen Vogue has been on the receiving end of some butt sex backlash after publishing a “how to do anal the right way” article this week. I don’t know the true age of Teen Vogue’s largest reader demographic– and I’ve read that they do count young women in their early 20s as readers– but the fact that they have “teen” in the title makes me think there are a lot of parents who feel comfortable allowing their 12 or 13-year old daughters to read it. Assuming this is the August issue, I didn’t find the cover of it yet and have to wonder if they’ll use “five exciting gadgets to stash in your locker” as some kind of euphemism or if they’ll go ahead and announce the anal sex tutorial lurking inside.
Would you want your under-18 teen reading this how-to article in what you thought was a fashion and teen celebrity magazine? I don’t think I knew that anyone inserted anything into someone else’s anus when I was under 18. I wasn’t curious about it and I sure wasn’t in danger of subjecting myself to it, regardless of whether a stranger called it “delightful.”

Supporters of the article argue that teens are going to engage in anal sex anyway (are they really? In Table 7 on page 23, this 2006-2008 HHS survey puts anal sex at only 2.8% of 15-year old boys and 4.6% of 15-year old girls in heterosexual encounters), that kids may as well have information about making “butt play” safe, and anyone who disagrees is a Trump-loving abstinence-demanding ninny.
While the article cautions to go slow and “work up” to inserting larger objects, using lube and wearing a condom (never mind that 40% of teens self-report not using condoms at all so they’re probably not going to start when the risk of pregnancy is removed), the silence about the real dangers of anal sex is deafening.

There is no mention in Teen Vogue that HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital herpes, chancroid, and syphilis are all transmitted more easily through anal sex. Not a peep about e. coli and urinary tract infections. Any reference to anal fissures, mucosal tears, rectal perforations, sphincter injuries, and perforated colons has been omitted. No hint that even a consenting teen might find the activity to be traumatic.
Teen Vogue didn’t point out that the vagina is actually designed for sex, with its dual lining that allows healing from injury, or that the rectum has a single lining because it’s designed as a one way exit for waste. The two openings are not created equally and are not interchangeable.

I’ve also seen the argument that the anus is an erogenous zone packed with nerve endings and is made up of erectile tissue, and therefore anuses are sexual. I’m fine with consenting adults who find their anuses to be erogenous zones but the nerve endings are there to tell us when we’ve got to poop and the erectile tissue is there to hold it in until you can pop a squat.

Soooo… enough about that.
Some new blog pieces written by anal-defending millennials are now declaring, “Teen Vogue publishes anal sex guide and people can’t deal with it.”
Hm. Not exactly. What bothers me is not my inability to deal with it. It’s your inability to see through it and question why something so grossly inappropriate was written for a teen audience.
All of my thoughts on this subject have me wondering why Teen Vogue really published the piece in the first place. Here are my five possible ideas:
1. Teen Vogue wrote the anal sex tutorial for the greater good, without motive or compensation, because our young teens are very curious about how to penetrate their partners’ sole solid waste exit and bring more excitement to their stale sex lives.
2. The magazine is pushing forward an agenda that every child might be gay, bi or trans and every child therefore needs to know how to have anal sex before or just as they begin to sexually blossom.
3. They are catering to the internet porn culture that has infested our adolescents and teens for the past decade since the smartphone was invented, which has warped teens’ expectation of sex into a violent act that degrades females and teaches them that their every orifice was created to pleasure men.
4. Teen Vogue has been paid to promote pedophilia and is helping to groom adolescents and their younger siblings who stumble across the magazine to not only accept anal penetration with fingers, objects, or penises, but to think they should find it to be “delightful,” all as part of the new pedophilia-acceptance movement that has been the subject of a bizarre media frenzy this year.
5. This is a corporate attempt to drive up the number of teens engaging in anal sex so the CDC can conduct a survey next year, announce the raging number of teens engaging in anal sex, and Merck will sell more anal cancer vaccines, also known as .......

I think you know which one I’m going with.
We all know that magazines take money to write articles without announcing that they are an advertisement in disguise, or that they have have corporate sponsorship. This is our everyday media now.

Merck’s relationship with Teen Vogue can be found in:
This fake 2012 article about a girl who is preparing for sex by getting the HPV vaccine
This 2013 article about Gardasil saving lives
This 2015 article hailing the success of the HPV vaccine
A second 2015 article that purports to investigate the dangers of the vaccine but ends by saying your life might depend on getting Gardasil 
This 2016 article that says your doctor is making a life-threatening assumption if they don’t strongly recommend Gardasil
A second 2016 article about HPV causing head and neck cancer and to get vaccinated
A third 2016 article targeting the vaccine to boys
A fourth 2016 article that says people have spread misinformation about the HPV vaccine
This 2017 article attacking RFK Jr and Donald Trump’s stances on vaccines and claiming that girls have benefitted tremendously from the HPV vaccine
A second 2017 article that says men play a bigger role in spreading HPVthan previously thought (as if we thought men had nothing to do with it) and to get the vaccine
A third 2017 article that says a quarter of all adults carry the cancer-causing strains of HPV and to get vaccinated for it
Do you think Teen Vogue gave Merck all of that publicity for free? I can assure you they did not.
In fact, just last April FiercePharma wrote that Teen Vogue’s parent company Condé Nast “has launched a new pharma-focused division to amp up its reader-targeting powers and drive more custom branded content for its pharma clients.”
Did you know that your teen magazine’s parent company has a division called Condé Nast Pharma? Isn’t that a kick in the pants?
What we also know is that Merck is suffering because 40% of girls and 50% of boys won’t even submit to one shot of Gardasil, and the CDC just cut Merck’s Gardasil profits by 33% when they put the kibosh on the most-debilitating third dose of the vaccine in December. It’s no wonder Merck began ramping up teen magazine HPV placements in 2016.
Maybe I’m right when I say that Merck would find a jump in teen anal sex just as “delightful” as a toy up a butt, or maybe I’m way off base. But just this month our media subjected us to the (not at all new) situation of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea on July 8th and then announced our savior, the first vaccine to protect against “super-gonorrhea,” two days later. Spoiler: it’s the already controversial meningitis vaccine that college students get, and then mysteriously die of meningitis.

Does the media think we’re stupid? Were they so late in getting the memo about the Lancet study coming out that they had to quickly dig up old gonorrhea news and regurgitate it ASAP before July 10th?
In closing, I want to say that I don’t care what anyone does with their bodies when they’re 18 or over whatever the age of consent is in their state. I don’t have an issue with anal sex between adults– hetero or homosexual– in the least. I realize that homosexual boys especially are going to experiment and my response would be the same: in most states it is a felony in America for anyone 18 or older to engage in anal intercourse with or anally penetrate a minor under 15 with an object of any kind. There are lesser penalties– but still penalties– for engaging in anal sex with 16 year olds, or if both parties are under age.
To learn more about the very real dangers of the HPV vaccine, please visit Ireland’s R.E.G.R.E.T.
If you’d like to write a letter to the editor of Teen Vogue, do so here:
Not only does Merck have form but they have cosen a mouthpiece that has form alike.

Not long ago Teen Vogue was extolling the joys of abortion !

Autumn had something to say about that too.

 Do I worry? Of course. I see perversion all around and believe me I do not even look for it.  I am saddened by the decline  of morality and of the western civilisation. I am saddened that so many are not just taken in by lies, but eager and willing. Even to the point of paying for it.

But I am heartened by people, women and men, like Elizabeth and Amber, who I do look for.

The feminists mantra (one of many) "Where did all the good men go?" is easily answered. The good men avoid feminists. Seeing the hordes of feminists strutting around, a chap crosses the road, and he could similarly ask, "Where did all the good women go?"  

He finds them across the road too.

Many of both are on their way to the Tavern.

Drink up.



  1. I actually agree with you on much of this one, including the Teen Vogue article and advertising, I disagree with just 1 thing and it's a dangerous suggestion - Gardisil. Gardisil immunizes against HPV which is the leading cause of cervical cancer in women.

    In fact, as my daughter's pediatrician put it - who was a conservative Catholic and recommended it - it's protection against HPV and cervical cancer, even if she waited until marriage (because statistically, most men DON'T wait until marriage, and what if her husband had contracted it previously and didn't know it because males rarely have symptoms with HPV?).

    You get the 1st of 3 injections at 14 because t takes years for the immunity to build and take effect.

    Additionally, she refused to sign the "promise to wait" commitment in 8th grade abstinence class because she said she couldn't tell the difference between friends trying to convince her to have sex because it was good for her and a teacher trying to convince her not to because it was good for her, she needs more info about sex, STDs and the spiritual and emotional drawbacks effects of having sex before marriage (which I and her doctor provider as the class didn't).

    I'm happy to report that when she graduated high school, out of everyone else in the class that signed that commitment form, my daughter was not only the very last virgin in that class, but the very last virgin in her graduating class (and I know this because they joked about that and teased her about it):)

    (I'll only add here that some girls that signed the form decided to have anal sex instead of vaginal sex, convincing themselves it wasn't really sex because the abstinence class didn't teach them better!)

    So if there's some sort of sex push with Gardisil, it failed miserably with my daughter, because she didn't take it that way nor did I. The only person who DID take it that way was her father, who was told then told by both the conservative Catholic doctor, and his conservative GF at the time, he was an idiot - this wasn't about sex, it was about STD and cancer prevention - and he consented.

    She graduated last year from college, no pregnancies, no drugs, no STDs, and works for a PR firm now :)

    1. I am very pleased to hear all of that news and views. I have nothing against Gardasil or any other helpful medications. I am however against deliberately encouraging such behaviours which call for the need for the medications to be used. Thanks for your input here Chrystal. Usual drink? :)

  2. Never underestimate the extent to which all of this is driven by homosexual men. Their aim is to normalise their disgusting sexual practices, and to normalise the idea of children as sex objects. This sort of thing is not a feminist agenda, it is a male homosexual agenda. Their interest is in young boys but if they can normalise the idea of young girls as sex objects they're halfway to their objective.

    Homosexual men are also motivated to a large degree by self-disgust (deep down inside they know that what they do is disgusting) and contempt for women. They love the idea of dragging women down into the filth.

    Lord knows the feminists are evil and crazy enough but in this instance they're just being employed as useful idiots by the homosexual lobby.

    1. I do not doubt that. But Gigi the writer is a woman and so is the Editor in Chief.

    2. But Gigi the writer is a woman and so is the Editor in Chief.

      Our culture is so thoroughly marinated in the male homosexual aesthetic and mindset and anti-morality that it's quite possibly that some of these airhead feminists aren't even aware of the extent to which feminism dances to the homosexual tune.

    3. Agreed. And the homosexual in turn, as with feminism, dances to the Devils tune.

    4. Also don't underestimate the implacable hatred of lesbians for heterosexual women.


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