Friday, July 21, 2017

Cool stuff: Planes and Ladies.

The past few days have been 'serious' in the Tavern and we needed some lightening up. What better then than watching planes and girls. Old planes, fancy planes, playful planes and exotic ones. And ladies that match. 

It is a way to pass a few minutes.

First up the 50's gal. She has style and is well cared-for, good performance and looks darned pretty. 

Curvey is the motif. Sleek? Hmmm. Not overly. Maybe a little fast for some but very presentable. Great in a small group.

Then we have the little tomboy. Dad's favourite? The delightful child that just wants to play.  With the boys. Doing boy stuff.  No fancy dress. No ribbons. 
Or maybe grown up....she can hook you. Especially in the Idaho back country.

She is a bit wild. Loves to touch and go. She reaches parts of your soul few others get to see.

Play can sometimes be competitive, needing agility, flexibility and alacrity. These girls set records and even blow your pants off.

Call that Low?  Hmmm. When only 'unoffical' watchers are about......we go lower and faster. Raise the hair on your arms. Get that blood racing .... but be careful you don't die for her.

And we must never overlook the exotic; the high flyers. The High Maintenance 'empowered' girl. 

You have to prepare yourself!  Few can manage her. 

I am ready for a stiff drink !



  1. My family all the time say that I am wasting my time here at web, except I know I
    am getting familiarity every day by reading thes pleasant

    1. I am pleased that you are using the Tavern to improve your language skills. Be sure to drink your fill of my Supplier's good Grace.

  2. I'll pass on the High Maintenance 'empowered' girls and the tomboys.

    It's strange how much happier women seemed to be before they got empowered.

  3. While not the "fanciest" aircraft, the Super Cub was impressive. Seeing it land and even more so takeoff from some of the locations on the video was a sight to see.

    1. A superb and rugged 'tomboy' of a lady. It gets in and out of impossible places. The Idaho hills look a lot like places in Oz. Arid. More rivers though in Idaho. I look at the flying and am astonished at the skill.


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