Sunday, September 27, 2015

Turnbull drops bull shyte

While the world's attention has been on the Pope and his catastrophic visit to the USA,  barely anyone noticed the new Oz Prime Minister making his first foray into greasing palms with my money (well, yours, more likely) and licking arses (and perhaps other bits of anatomy).

I barely know what gets into politicians who denounce half the population in order to suck up to the other half. And I am not talking of the left-right divide. 

That line from 'Ghostbusters', always spings to mind.... "Lenny, think of all those Registered Voters".

Well, paraphrased, but heck Oz is in the grips of a mass hysteria (very aptly called) and we are ruled over by Mr Dickless Turnbull who is the consumate 'ladies man'. Rich, smooth-talking et al.

Not all his fault, of course, as Abbott was in thrall to the wimmyn too and Dickless Turnbull simply took the next policy announcement Abbott had already lined up.

$100 MILLION for Wimmyn: 
$Sod-all for Men.

Barely a peep of protest in the press of course, swamped as we were by adulation pieces in print and on TV showing the superwoman de jour Rosemary Batty. 

What a batty woman she is too. And the lefty press was already seduced by the lefty now in charge of the righties.

But Miranda dropped in for a swift half as she travelled about ringing the leper bell.

Miranda Devine
Miranda Devine: 
If unsuitable women stopped having kids with feckless men, DV wouldn’t be such a problem
IT IS a grim portent that Malcolm Turnbull’s first policy announcement as Prime Minister was a $100 million gimmick blaming domestic violence on gender inequality.
“Women must be respected,” thundered Turnbull. “Disrespecting women is unacceptable.”
He has drunk the feminist Kool-Aid. 
What about the men's vote, Dickless? 

Already there are Liberals (that is, conservatives in oz-speak) turning in their membership registrations. 

Time, I think, for a concerted effort by Men to make it clear that they too will not support a gummunt that disrespects men. 
But, somehow, I don’t think Turnbull’s commanding the nation to respect women will stop endemic violence in dysfunctional remote indigenous communities and public housing estates.
Poverty is the cause of domestic violence, the desperate chaos of the underclass, played out in welfare dependency, mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse, especially psychosis-inducing ice.
Demonising men, and pouring taxpayer money into permanent meddling bureaucracies, will do nothing to alleviate domestic tragedy.
It just increases government’s role in our lives, and further disempowers vulnerable men.
Of course, Turnbull, a few days in the job, was simply announcing a plan that Tony Abbott and his chief of staff Peta Credlin had cooked up to try to improve his vote with women.
Beginning as a diversion from the knighthood fiasco of January, it involved Australian of the Year, Rosie Batty, who has become the untouchable expert on domestic violence.
Batty was front and centre of last week’s announcement: “This is a gender issue … we need to respect and value women as equals.”
No one could fail to be moved by her tragedy, the loss of her only son, 11-year-old Luke, murdered by his father.
But how did the murder of a little boy by his mentally ill, drug-taking father become all about “respecting women”?
It is never noted that poor Rosie chose to marry (did she marry or simply co-habit? No-one speaks of it) such a man and chose to have him father her child. Of all the fine, upstanding, 'Nice' men she could have chosen, she went for what clearly turned out to be a 'bad boy'.  

Talk about a self-fulfilling prophesy.
Drug and alcohol abuse and mental illness are specific problems which properly targeted government policy might help alleviate. “Respecting women” is not.
The excitable minister for women Michaelia Cash stood alongside Turnbull and Batty, talking a lot of gobbledygook which shows only that she has a touching faith in bureaucracy, as in “an action item under the Second Action Plan of the National Action Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and Children.”
Clearly they do not take DV seriously. Such a laugh.
Honestly. That National Action Plan, anyway, is a hangover from Julia Gillard, another hotchpotch of bureaucracies which exist for reports and awards and meetings and conferences and which soak up millions of dollars while doing nothing to help people trapped in chaotic lives break the welfare cycle.
Worse, the underlying narrative is about disrespecting men.
Turnbull claimed: “one in four young men think it’s OK to slap a girl when you’ve been drinking”.
That just doesn’t pass the sniff test. 
Anyone with a passing acquaintance with young men knows it’s absurd.
Cash repeated the claim, based on statistics from market research company Hall & Partners Open Mind, which conducted an online survey last year, answered by 3000 teenagers, young adults and parents. Plus some focus groups.
The report is full of gross generalisations with no evidence. 
It’s not exactly peer-reviewed scientific research, yet it’s blithely parroted by the PM and his minister for women.
How does slandering young men encourage “respect for women”? That market research was commissioned by the taxpayer-funded domestic violence lobbying group “Our Watch”.
Our Watch is chaired by feminist former Democrats Senator Natasha Stott Despoja, curiously appointed by Abbott as Australia’s Ambassador for Women and Girls. She claims: “Violence against women does not discriminate, regardless of ethnicity, social status and geography.”
But the actual statistics show a different reality.
Violence against women does discriminate, starkly. It is concentrated in communities with a high indigenous population, in the Northern Territory, in impoverished rural towns, in the urban fringes where the underclass lives, where welfare has emasculated men, where unemployment is high and education poor, and where drug and alcohol abuse is rife. These are the obvious preconditions for violence.
If you want to break the cycle of violence...., 
end the welfare incentive for unsuitable women to keep having children to a string of feckless men.
Some facts, from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics: Domestic violence is worst in the small remote town of Bourke. With its high indigenous population, it has a rate of 4195.6 offences per 100,000 population (in fact, Bourke’s crime rate makes it more dangerous per capita than any country on earth).
Note that this is 4%.

Not 25%

And this is 'top of the league'. 
Second place goes to Walgett with a rate of 2,692, then Moree Plains (1824), Glenn Innes (1103.5), Coonamble, Lachlan, Broken Hill, Cobar, Bogan, Dubbo.
When you get to the welfare-centred outer suburbs of Sydney, you find Campbelltown has a domestic violence crime rate of 628.4 per 100,000, followed by Blacktown at 610.2, Penrith (588.4) and so on. 
You get the picture.
Compare those rates to the affluent areas of Sydney; Kuringai has the lowest domestic violence in NSW with 66.1 crimes per 100,000, followed by Hunters Hill, Lane Cove, Hornsby, Manly, Willoughby, and so on.
It’s clear. Welfare traps create the conditions for domestic violence.
That announcement last week wasn’t about helping people in Bourke and Campbelltown. 
It was about making the prime minister, whoever he is this week, win approval from feminists.
Thanks Miranda, m'dear. Have a drink. You will need one.

Or two.

Of good Grace.


No sooner had Miranda finished speaking and started to take a sip from her well-deserved glass of fine wine, than the trolls, verbal muggers, Emily's List wannabees and feminist thugs assailed her. They were shouting obceneties and outright lies through the Tavern windows and my Bouncer had to call in help from Mrs Bouncer.

Miranda fired back. Here's just a brief snippet and you can follow the rest via the link:
Campaigns such as Destroy the Joint’s Counting Women project insist on making domestic violence a gender issue. It claims 66 women are victims this year, with the implication these are all “intimate partner” homicides, perpetrated by males.
In fact, only about half of the homicides cited could be classified as having a male partner or ex-partner identified as the killer.
Some of the 66 victims were killed by women, by sisters, daughters, a female neighbour or, in one case, a female ex-lover of the victim’s husband, as well as by brothers, fathers, and sons.

I do wish it was as easy to get rid of 'Dickless' Turnbull as Ghostbusters showed. The quality of his affectionados tells us a lot.

By the way, he dresses so finely. Has anyone checked his underwear draw?

(And ladies, stop slapping your husband, boyfriend, small boy-child)



  1. A couple of points that I feel need to be included:
    1. Domestic violence numbers are skewed. One in three victims of domestic violence are men, just look up the one in three campaign. (Sorry, can't link as I'm posting from phone).
    2. Rosie Batty suppressed a journalist's attempt to get her court details released under freedom of information. Why? If she's so clearly blameless, what will releasing what transpired in family court do other than help other woman going through what she's supposed to have gone through to see the warning signs. Perhaps she'd dragged him through court and had him imprisoned on false accusations, which possibly sent him over the edge.
    3. Batty's age is now 52-53, which means she was in her late 30s to early 40s when she had Luke. This is a big telltale that she herself was either incapable of maintaining a normal relationship with a normal man long enough to have children or she prioritized her career until her biological clock started going off, leading her to grab the nearest (arguably unsuitable) guy. If society were serious about this they'd scorn people like Batty for leaving starting a family so late. That said, now that Gillard made government funded IVF using sperm donations available to single women, perhaps this will happen less.
    4. Everything about this story is a joygasm for the media: white male kills. Where're the father's of all those eight children killed by their mother this time last year? Oh wait, that doesn't fit the 'white men are evil' story.
    There's a phenomenon about this I refer to as the "4th paragraph": basically, if the perpetrator is male, the article has that information in the heading or in the 1st paragraph, if the perpetrator's a woman that information is held back until the 4th paragraph, if at all. The same goes for race. If women are getting sexually assaulted by a man in an area we know from the first paragraph if he's white. If they fail to mention ethnicity you can bet your bottom dollar the man is either middle Eastern or of colour.
    We had just that where I lived in Melbourne a few years ago. When the suspect was middle Eastern we were just told that there's a man assaulting women. Years later a white guy was the perpetrator and the media kept telling us this guy was white.
    Next time you're reading about crimes you'll notice it so much more when you realize how they withhold information.

    1. Excellent points, Sir. Your phone must be running hot. :)

      Batty was 'appointed' "Australian of the Year" More like victim of the year by proxy, as it was her son who was the victim.... but heck, let's forget about him. After all he would have grown up to be a wife-beating rapist paedophile.

      As for Race, we have just had the ultimate deprived and vilified Aboriginal as Ozzi of the Year. Millionaire, celebrity footy-thug who has a small girl 'taken away for questioning'. That looked remarkably like child abuse, abuse of wimmin, and racism all in one. Would he have complained about a black child calling him an ape?

      Batty and Goodes have milked the Australian psyche for all its worth. I can't wait for either of them to put a DV foot wrong. It might make paragraph 15.

  2. I also have huge reservations about the misandrist Batty, the headline seeker. I question her silence when the eight children were killed by another women in Queensland and again when the Sudanese women drove her vehicle into a lake drowning her children. She spreads misery, apathy and hatred against all men at every opportunity, a direct result of her own inability to judge character, make correct decisions and act appropriately. I wonder about the moral fibre and character of those who leap to support her.

    And then there is that ridiculous Goodes bloke - Aussie of the year - for heavens sakes. His imaginary spear-throwing at a crowd of football spectators - that pretty well sums it up for intelligence and then he whinges about people giving him a hard time and booing him - too bad, how sad. It must be "racism" scream those who are desperate to be on the band wagon. Ignore the fact that there were many coloured sportsmen and women competing everywhere throughout Australia who were not being booed.
    Personally, I'm sick to death of whinging, aggressive females. I'm sick to death of whinging aggressive abo's who claim some ridiculous connection to our land now that we have made it valuable. Sacred sites magically appear from nowhere. It doesn't seem to matter that not so long ago, they were merrily burning huge areas to trap a few kangaroos for dinner. It wasn't so sacred then and the diversity of flora and fauna irreversibly altered and destroyed by their ignorance and laziness is conveniently ignored. Now people, seemingly at every opportunity have to recognise the "original owners" of the land upon which they stand. Note that it is no longer the "traditional owners" and vast tracts are being privatised into tribal hands at your expense and mine. You and I will then build opulent tourist facilities which we will be invited to enjoy at an equally opulent price.
    Do you really think we should change our constitution to recognise these people? I thought the constitution applied to all Australians.
    Peter H.

    1. I am delighted to see your keyboard is in as good working order as your mind, PH. :)

      Yes, those two and more get the old Tavern Keeper's goat.

      I hope the weather is fine and all is well down beside the bay, sir. Who knows, it may be just the place for me in half a year hence.


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