Thursday, September 10, 2015

They all have to go to Mecca....

...... don't they? Isn't that an article of Muslim necessity?

And there is 'room at the Inn' for all.

But while a million muslims stream across Europe's leaking borders, three million beds lie empty in Saudi Arabia.

The closest arab nations to the Syrian conflict have taken Zero 'refugees'.

100,000 airconditioned tents: not a refugee in any of them.

What are the European leaders thinking?

It certainly isn't 'peace'.

They tell us to be 'compassionate': 'help' the 'refugees'.

He who lives by the scimitar will die by the sword.



  1. That is most certainly desirable 5 star accommodation. I am sure that only the silly reffos will want to go to the tropical paradise of Manus Island where they will be guarded by the handsome and cannibalistic Tolai tribe.

    1. Let us see what Mr Turnbull will do with Manus Island !!


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