Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Thou Shalt Not......

There are none so dogmatic as the irreligious secularist PC mob.

In the Tavern we have rules: just a few and mainly about p***ing on the carpet. You can argue your point, politely, raise any topic you like, take any stance you wish. All you have to do is be rational, reasonable, or at the very least raise some supernatural justification.  I will simply argue with you.

But out there in the wide world of Hillary's Village, everyone and her dog is ready to leap into action and impose some 'Shalt Nots' the moment you take a breath and part your lips. 

Here is a sample  from around the world that J.J. Ray (the Prof) showed us today.
Canada: Criticizing Muslims is forbidden! verboten! vietato!
(It appears that the fellow here is homosexual so he has good reason to criticize Islam.  In a Muslim country he would be dead - JJ)
A Richmond Hill teacher has been fired following a 10-week investigation into “racist” comments critical of Islam that he allegedly posted online.  Michael Marshall was dismissed following a meeting of the York Region District School Board (YRDSB) on Tuesday, said board spokesperson Licinio Miguelo.
Miguelo said no one at the school or the board would be available to comment further.  Marshall could not be reached on Tuesday or Wednesday for comment.
The investigation began after students at Richmond Green Secondary School discovered a Twitter account, @firstatheist, which featured a profile picture of Marshall and numerous tweets mentioning pupils’ names.
The @firstatheist account tweeted more than 4,500 times, including messages that said:
“I get sad when girls I teach decide to wear the hijab. I feel like a failure,”
“Hijabs make me sad.”
“Just have a trailer full of guns roll down the street and arm the ghetto. Oh wait that’s black ppl.”
“Kinda have this perverse urge to wear a hijab for a day and twerk in the street.”
“There is an absolute s***-ton of Muslims at Ikea tonight. Any special occasion?”
“I’m sorry but sharia law is incompatible with my democratic secular nation. You can have it, but keep it over there in backward land.”
Well, clearly we can't have a person making such outrageous statements, can we.  He might get his head chopped off. He should be thankful he was simply suspended and not thrown off the Ivory Tower.
UK: You must not call residents sweetie or darling, care home staff told
Care home workers have been reprimanded for calling residents affectionate names such as sweetie, love, darling and handsome.
Critical inspectors told them the terms were ‘patronising and demeaning’ to the dozen adults with learning difficulties.
And don't praise their photos either or a proud feminazi Barrister will be on your case. 
More UK: Must not criticize Pakistanis
JJ says, As Muslims, they probably deserved the criticisms concerned.  Muslims look down on "kuffars"
The Queen's representative in the West Midlands has resigned after emails containing controversial comments about the Pakistani community were leaked. 
In the messages, Paul Sabapathy, the lord lieutenant for the region, is reported to have said there was a 'lot of work to do' to teach Pakistanis 'basic common courtesy and civility'.
The email reportedly said: 'They talk to themselves and do not engage with the wider community. They are living in the UK not Pakistan.
'Whilst being rightly proud of their Pakistani culture and heritage they need to explain better and engage more with their non-Pakistani brothers and sisters if they want their children to succeed as British Pakistani citizens.'
The email was apparently sent after he attended an event in Birmingham marking Pakistan Independence Day on August 14.
Sabapathy, who is originally from Chennai, India, has notified Buckingham Palace of his intention to step down from the role which he has held for nearly eight years.
He was the first non-white person selected to take the role of lord lieutenant, whose first duty is to 'uphold the dignity of the Crown'.
The PC mob are 'inclusive' and will whack anyone. Almost. 
France: Must not hint that Jews are preferable to Arabs
A former French minister stirred up controversy today after saying Germany 'took our Jews and gave us Arabs' as France began taking some of the thousands of refugees arriving in Germany.
Patrick Devedjian, a right-winger who served in the governments of presidents Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy, made the remark at a press conference, but quickly tried to backtrack on social media.
'My humorous jest was misplaced,' Devedjian wrote on his Twitter account, saying he regretted it all the more because he himself helps refugees in need.
Devedjian, who comes from an Armenian family and now leads the Hauts-de-Seine region of wealthy suburbs west of Paris, said the joke was meant to be about Syrian and Iraqi refugees.
That was ridiculous, of course. The French insult everyone.  It is 'inclusive' too.
New Zealand: Must not criticize immodest women
An online petition has branded a radio host as 'inappropriate' with a 'misogynistic and sexist way of thinking' after he 'sl*t shamed' girls on air.
The petition was launched after New Zealand George FM Breakfast host Thane Kirby, together with co-host Kara Rickard, 's*** shamed' two girls by judging their Instagram photos.
In a segment which aired on Thursday, Thane and Kara labeled girls who 'sit around and post half-naked pictures of themselves' as 'do-nothing b******'. said a MediaWorks spokeswoman had confirmed the hosts had been suspended.
How can anyone even think that New Zealanders could be offensive? It just does not make sense.  
America: Must not oppose abortion
Office Depot is standing by its refusal to print 500 anti-Planned Parenthood flyers, because the flyer is “graphic” and “hate material” that persecutes those who support abortion rights, according to a company explanation obtained The Daily Caller News Foundation.
Maria Goldstein, 42, of Illinois requested the flyers Aug. 20, but an employee refused, citing corporate policy. Goldstein said she is being discriminated against because of her religious beliefs, and obtained legal counsel.
In a letter written by attorney Robert A. Amicone, Office Depot said the refusal had nothing to do with the woman’s religious beliefs, but she disagrees.
“When I tell people they’re shocked because this is America,” Goldstein told TheDCNF Thursday. “Office Depot is trying to silence my freedom of speech and my freedom of religion.”
Goldstein planned to hand them out at her church. The flyers list facts from Planned Parenthood’s annual report and quotes a prayer calling for an end to Planned Parenthood.

I should point out that the company 'Office Depot' has since done an about face, which is in keeping with our world today. The entire place is going nuts. 

You can catch up with J.J and keep abreast of the madness at

So..... when I say don't P*** on my carpets, count yourselves lucky.



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    1. Or as they say in France, 'dans las Maracage'.

  2. That nursing home one is insanity. In fact, a woman calling an inmate "love" shows she's indigenous and that would be welcomed.

    1. Indeed. And it is just one small example of the general paranoia that has infected our society, driving people apart and common courtesy into the the hedgerows.


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