Sunday, April 13, 2014

Men: What are they good for?

The media is constantly, grindingly  full of demeaning statements about men. Parody, sarcasm, condemnation, criticism, calumny, all abound.  The media seems to want men gone.  Or at least remade in the image of woman.

Demean, disrespect and dismiss men; these seem to underlie much of 'Family Law', that 'modern' euphemism for Kangaroo and Star Chamber Courts that operate to significantly overturn Traditional relations between the sexes and their offspring and 'punish' men for being... simply men.

There are even 'learned' papers written about the demise of men altogether, by attrition or deliberate policy, sent out at irregular intervals from our feminist-dominated Universities.

It disgusts many here at the Tavern. After all, everything around us, including the media, is the result of men's efforts; men's brains; men's dreams.

The 'Y' Chromosome is 'thought' by some to be disappearing; it has certainly become leaner and meaner over the eons. But few acknowledge that the 2-3% genetic difference between mankind and the great Apes is found almost entirely on the human Y chromosome.

The small Package packs Humanity's punch.

The homes we live in were built by men. The roads we travel were constructed by men. Our cities, our farms, our means of travelling around the world and even off this world, were all Man-made.

MAN Made.

Apes didn't do it.

Neither did women.

Recognising and acknowledging men is not to say that women have not made a mark in the world; it says nothing detrimental about women at all. Women become the Mother of us all.

But all too rarely do men get recognised and acknowledged for the phenomena of the Human Race's achievements.

A spiritual person may look forward to St Augustine's 'City of God', a heaven on Earth. But even he or she will generally overlook ......

the certainty that MEN will build it.

It will not simply 'appear', ready made.

Men are certainly very busy here on our present flawed world, making it a better place to live and find God.

And some aspects of media are actually telling a more realistic story, should you care to find it, as we at the Tavern have been reminded all week with a marathon exhibition put on by some film makers.

The chaps from Extreme Engineering have been here enjoying a lot of free pints of Goodness after their completions of their magnificent works. Their achievements have been showing all week in the Music room auditorium.

There is an unspoken story that just sometimes breaks through in these programs. The lives of the men involved.

In all instances, Hundreds of ordinary men strive together to do what is often seen as the Impossible. They devise innovative and sometimes revolutionary ways of overcoming the most difficult problems in doing their tasks.  They persist. They think. They challenge themselves.  They behave as men do, in friendship and teamwork.

And what drives them?

Most of the men are not visionaries.

They work to support their families.

Most do not have grandiose views about what they are doing.

They do not 'big-note' themselves.
They do not crow about gender.
They don't talk about false 'pay-gaps'.
They do not claim to have to work twice as hard as any woman. Even when they are working three times as hard, in all weathers, in extreme danger. It never gets mentioned.

For instance:  Turning Torso Mega Structures Documentary

There is a brilliant illustration or two in this particular film.  The men had to 'man-handle' a concrete pouring pipe in a confined space. The concrete was pumped up multiple storeys using a 'ram' technique. The shock to the men, physically, was tremendous. One man said, "I felt like I was 100 years old by the end of the shift".
Can you imagine that man coming home and listening to his wife saying she had a hard day loading the washing machine and doing the shopping?
And a woman 'inspects' the yet to be completed floor high above the vista of Sweden's famous bridge to Denmark before her. She asks the builder where her bookshelves will go.
Again, I am not demeaning the woman. She was concerning herself with her personal matters, but quite oblivious to the men and the conditions they were working in to actually build the home she was eventually to occupy. But I can imagine her telling her husband later that evening about the terrible business of getting her shoes dirty.
Will she ever wonder who built the bridge?
Did she ever wonder why 94% of workplace deaths are MEN ?
Does she ever wonder just why it is that men die, on average, 7 years earlier than the women who struggle with loading the washing machine?
But even the visionaries, the financiers, the 'executives' who enable these huge projects - men who are constantly criticised by our envy-driven media - have family concerns driving them. They too are bending their skills, intellect and brawn to provide for others.

THAT is what marks out Men.

They go out into the world of danger and toil to Provide for others.

Again, I am not demeaning women especially those who make a fine, warm, welcoming and nurturing home for those men and the children of those men.
There will be no 'book' for people to read, given prominence in the foyer of that beautiful, gigantic building, detailing the names and showing the photos of the hundreds of men who built it.
The workmen, skilled, intelligent, labouring and 'tradies', professionals all, will not be lauded by anyone.
A man, an 'ordinary' worker, at the end of that program mentions the bridge (made famous by Saga Norgen the autistic detective in the Danish-noir series, "The Bridge" )....
 "When I drive across it, I tell my passengers   
"I built this bridge" ".

And this happens all over the world. Many men can be personally proud of their achievements. Ordinary men can be proud of their contribution, large as it is.

Perhaps this is one of the drivers of feminist envy and hatred.

Men rarely 'hate' women the way women-in-general exercise their general low-level, ignoring hatred of men and Feminist their high-level active, manipulative hatred. 

Men get on with creating the 'things of the world', even to the point of the land those things stand on.
Building Hong Kong's Airport
Greenies were of course appalled by Hong Kong. And they always protest the great works that men do.  How dare those wicked Capitalists disturb the fish.

And the media will still demean the men , most of the time, despite it being men who build everything we see and use.
Let us have a round of applause for men.
I will continue to get a round in for them. It is the least a Tavern Keeper can do.


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