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Fracking Children's Minds

One does not usually think of teachers or politicians as being paedophiles. Nor parents. But some are of course. 'Interfering' with children is abhorrent, but it seems only when someone interferes with their bodies. Sexually. Such was the starting to the conversation in the P&B about what else of children is interfered with these days, and with what trauma.

Arguably of more importance is a child's mind.

The paedophile will 'satisfy' his/her grubby urges and fantasies and 'Use' children like an African or Arab state will use children as cheap mine-field clearers or bomb-carriers, but what of the more 'civilised' teachers, politicians and parents who frack a child's mind, pouring sludge into them and forcing sense right out of them.

What of the teachers, politicians and parents who 'use' children as front line troops in their grubby battles?

Battle for Bentley - 
Holly gets it and she's only 10 years old
Steve was looking deeply and darkly into his pint in the Catallaxy corner today:
I suppose there’s a reason for such juvenile arguments from a ten year old, but what excuse is there for the others?  
Yet these are not juvenile arguments but force-fed anti-capitalist, anti-growth, anti-common-sense sentiments that would  
never cross the mind of a ten year old.  
Even the slightest notion of where the clothes she wears, the food she eats, the heating for her home, the electricity that runs her TV, where any of these come from and what is required to bring them to her doorstep, would be a start.
But given the adults who surround her, what chance is there that she will find out herself?  
I tried to think of it as funny but I’m not in the mood. It is just part of that massive juggernaut of ignorance that I no longer think we can defend ourselves against.
They are not the sentiments and arguments of a ten year old encouraged to discover the world for herself and BE a ten year old.

They are the sentiments and arguments of politicians, greenies, teachers and parents who feel themselves free to impose their green-creed on a child and put her out there on You Tube to take the flack.

She is the mine-clearer, stepping out into the mine-field with the adults standing back urging her on, satisfying their grubby urges.

Steve despairs. Is he right? Have we finally put the nails in the coffin of western civilisation by the deliberate ruination of our children?

Perhaps as they grow up they will see the error of their parent's and Teacher's ways and reach adulthood without further molestation. The evidence for that is not good though.

Tim brought this to the table.
ASIC to look into prank Metgasco email  
from schoolgirl Kudra Falla-Ricketts
Sixteen-year-old Kudra Falla-Ricketts didn't realise how much of a stir her April Fools' prank had caused until she was hauled into her school principal's office. 

Kudra, of Lismore, had emailed out a fake press release claiming that the gas drilling company Metgasco was pulling out of northern NSW.  
But in the tense atmosphere surrounding gas drilling, and with thousands attending anti-coal seam gas protests in parts of the state, Kudra's fake statement wasn't taken as a joke.
Metgasco chief executive Peter Henderson said Kudra's fake press release could have had a ''devastating'' effect on shareholders.  
Her prank has now been referred to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. 
Under corporations law, false or misleading statements can attract a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail, a $765,000 fine, or both. 
One might think that such a law might be more widely applied.  Perhaps Mz Gillard might have been jailed for 10 years for her misleading the Australian people with her 'There Will Be NO Carbon Tax under a Government Oi Lead".

Just what part of N.O. did that feminist liar not understand?
Kudra wrote a statement on Tuesday purporting to be from Mr Henderson, claiming that the company would cease its gas operations in the Northern Rivers region after intense community opposition.
Metgasco would instead start planning for a ‘‘solar thermal plant near Casino’’, the false statement said.  
Metgasco was forced to release a statement to the Australian Securities Exchange stating the email was a hoax and there was no change to its operations in the Clarence-Moreton Basin. 
The prank is reminiscent of the case of Jonathan Moylan,  who is being prosecuted by ASIC for sending a fake media release last year. The hoax temporarily  
wiped $314 million off Whitehaven Coal’s share value.
Some joke !

Those 'shareholders' considered by the Greenies and probably by most thick teachers to be parasites 'ripping' hard-earned money from 'ordinary' people, are millions of 'ordinary' mums and dads investing through their superannuation and insurances. Teachers' super too. Young Kudra's mum and dad perhaps too.

(Just who names a child 'Kudra'??)
The document by Kudra bore the Metgasco logo and contained several  typographical errors. It was emailed  to  local journalists using her school email address. She said gas mining threatened water supplies and Metgasco is ‘‘not listening to the people who are telling them to stop’’. The  implications only dawned when she was summoned by her principal. 
Her father, Aidan Ricketts, a coal seam gas activist, said 
 Metgasco’s referral to the regulator was ‘‘humourless and bullying’’.  
But Mr Henderson made no apologies. 
‘‘We understand it’s a practical joke,’’ he said. ‘‘We don’t wish any bad things to the young lady, we understand she’s made a mistake, but it was fraudulent.’’ 
He said a drop in share price would have been ‘‘devastating’’ for shareholders. No trading took place before the ASX statement was issued and the company’s share price was not affected. 
University of Melbourne  law expert Ian Ramsay said Kudra’s young age ‘‘would complicate the situation’’ for ASIC. ‘‘Given that it’s a minor and it appears as though there was no harm caused to the market ...   [it might be considered] appropriate to speak to the person to make sure that they understand what they’ve done, rather than move towards any sort of enforcement action,’’ he said.
Heaven forbid we have any 'enforcement' action. The poor little flower might have her self-esteem damaged.  All I can say here is that it is a good job she is not a 16 year old boy.

And can we hope for any sense from the Education establishment that have mandatory power over the minds of our children?

Let Bill show us....

  How PC Moonbattery Harms Children  
and Society
by Bill Muehlenberg

We are creating a generation of precious spoiled brats who think that the whole world owes them everything, and on a silver platter. They must be protected from every unpleasant reality in life, and must be taught that they are the centre of the universe, and nothing amiss or untoward must ever come their way. 
The curse of Political Correctness has ensured that we now have pampered zombies walking our streets, who think that they must be immune from anything and everything negative, distressing or difficult. They want assurances that they can float through life untouched, unscathed and un-contaminated by any un-pleasantries the world might throw their way. 
These mealy-mouthed wimps make life miserable for everyone, and in fact are putting us all at risk. And this mollycoddling starts when we are quite young. Children are being cocooned from real life, whether because of over-zealous parents, or PC-bound bureaucrats. 
As one American discussion of this problem said, "School authorities punish kids for hugging a friend, pointing a finger as a pretend gun, or starting a game of tag on the playground. Congress bans starter bikes on the chance that some 12-year-old might chew on a brass valve. Police arrest parents for leaving a sleepy kid alone in the back seat of a car for a few minutes. Yet overprotectiveness creates perils of its own. It robs kids not only of fun and sociability but of the joy of learning independence and adult skills, whether it be walking a city street by themselves or using a knife to cut their own sandwich." 
Examples of this are all around us, and two recent ones which caught my eye are worth mentioning. The first has to do with a medical student in Australian who is afraid of exams. But the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal sided with her against the medical school. As one news item reports:

A medical student who suffers an "extreme" fear of exams has won the right to continue her degree after a tribunal ruled the university discriminated against her because of her mental health disability.  
The woman, who has a borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder, had failed to sit written exams and avoided some clinical assessments, particularly in paediatrics and surgery, because of ‘‘extreme anxiety in relation to sitting exams [and] performance assessments’’. The University of Newcastle declined to grant the woman an extension of time to complete her Bachelor of Medicine after she had only completed three-and-a-half years of course work in an eight-year period, the maximum time allowed.
Hello !! I want any doctor of mine to be of sound mind. I may sympathise with someone with a mental disorder but I ain't going to take their advice, pay them or let them anywhere near my innards.

Not even an 'Empowered, sassy, independent, Professional woman who can do anything a man can do and better'. But who is scared of exams!

Bill continued....

 Or consider another moonbat example of this, also from Australia. Now kids cannot win or lose at sport. Really: 
Children will be banned from playing to win, keeping score and best and fairest awards under Australia-wide changes to junior football ¬developed by the AFL. Thousands of junior footballers in up to 150 leagues will be forced to play with no scoreboard, ladders or match results under the shake-up designed to promote participation rather than competition.... AFL national development manager Josh Vanderloo said the new rules had been drafted in consultation with leagues to give children “an enjoyment philosophy rather than a winning philosophy’’.  

Yeah right. The article ends this way: " Laurimar Junior Football Club tried the changes on Sunday, putting under-10 player’s through their paces with revised rules. Club vice president Andrew Jamieson said children were 'not very happy'. The AFL drafted the new guidelines in conjunction with Deakin University research."
Of course they wouldn't have been very happy. What a joke. And all so typical here: some eggheads at a university dreamed all this foolishness up. Guess they were having a quiet day. The good news is, not everyone was thrilled with this PC moonbattery. 
Many spoke against it. 
Lauren Rosewarne for example wrote this: "God forbid that we allow a ball game to subtly teach kids anything about the pain of loss, the thrill of victory or the necessity for improvement. Adults, as they get ever-close to the grave, have a tendency to idealise their childhoods to the point of farce. I have an uncle, for example, whose own youth apparently involved nothing other than cheap lollies, yabbying and whittling cricket bats out of old planks of wood."

Many in the Tavern speak against it too.

Our children are CHILDREN. Not experiments. Not cannon-fodder. Not ventriloquist's dummies given to us to spout fractious and factitious nonsense at the behest of parents, Teachers and Politicians getting their rocks off.

Pray for our children.

A final hypnotic word from RamzPaul on Education.

2014 White Privilege Conference -
In their own words 



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      Pity the black-paint face who spouted the same rubbish Ramz was parodizifying was made President.


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