Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Playing with Your Food.

"'Give us this day our daily bread', and cakes, lots of cakes, and puddings and fine foods of all kinds from all over" So say the customers in the Tavern's fine dining rooms. Our chef works hard but does not have a sense of humour to write about.  So I invited someone to teach him a thing or two, and I am happy to show him and his wares here.

Italian chef Matteo Strucchi. For a young fellow he is certainly making his mark. And he does have a sense of humour.

The pastry chef from Lecco in northern Italy has been featuring his intricate pieces on Instagram through his account I dolci di Gulliver, which has garnered around 67,000 followers.

“I wanted to present my desserts differently from others."

"There are lots of artists who create miniatures using food, but I focus on desserts. I try to use my imagination as much as possible in order to surprise people."
Imagine a world made of pastry... chocolate rivers, gingerbread houses and buildings made of dough.

That's exactly what he does.

Strucchi has been working as a pastry chef in Lecco, northern Italy, for two years, but since this summer, he's also been working on a passion project: a food photography account on Instagram which transforms his delicious desserts into a landscape for tiny people.

The account, I Dolci di Gulliver, takes its name from the book Gulliver's Travels which sees an ordinary man travel to Lilliput, a nation of miniature people. Using models of people and vehicle, Strucchi creates scenes showing the people of Lilliput living in a world of pastry.

From sailing down a chocolate river to building complex desserts using trucks and cranes, Strucchi's characters have clearly captured people's imagination, and scores a visiting chefship in the Tavern.

As for how he comes up with the unique ideas, Strucchi says he first focuses on making a beautiful pastry, and then tries to look at it from a new perspective.

"Then, I think about how I can make my characters interact with it," he explained.

The proof is in the pudding.

I will show a few more here but then, for more, you will have to go and find him yourselves.

Eat up.

Wash it all down with a fine drink.



  1. His creations are artworks, what a great artist he is. I would struggle to eat his creations due to their beauty...

    1. Art they are and fun too. I would have no trouble eating them though. Hahahaha. The lad is making a name for himself.


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