Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Defence Chief is a Disgrace

Our Chief of Defence is a Prat. A Pillock. His name has cropped up a time or two in the Tavern and each time it has caused a groan and a strain on my cellars.  It used to be, not so long ago that Australians were open-mouthed at the pathetic leadership of the American armed forces under that appalling but very effective (if you can call destruction  of military ability effective) President Obama, but whatever the Americans can do, we can do worse in Oz. At least America saw sense and elected Trump. We have Malcontent Turdball. 

America now has 'Mad-Dog' Mattis in charge of military matters: a man with a solid military reputation and a rhetoric to match. We have a 'large-figured' lady as Defence Minister calling the shots but who would not know the working end of a rifle from a tampon dispenser.

Our most senior Army bloke takes his order from her which possibly explains his fixation on finding the easiest, most vulnerable targets to aim his weaponry at: targets that cannot shoot back.  

He has raised the white flag and the white ribbon, and dirty, despoiled items they are too.

He cares little for his men, it appears, prefering to criticise and condemn them and even to replace them with women.

He is emasculating the Australian Defence Forces.

There has been some grumblings in the press this past week about the 'recruitment' bizzo and its focus - at the Lt General's direction - on getting women into roles usually fit for blokes. But now he has made an even bigger pig's ear of his role, and on National TV to boot.

His intent, whether he knows its extent or not, is to let loose a draconian regime of intolerance upon men who serve their nation under the most dangerous circumstances.

Yes, we speak of Lieutenant General Angus Wossname.  Well, Bernard Gaynor speaks of him, as he had had words with and about him before.

Today, Army Chief Lieutenant General Angus Campbell addressed the National Press Club.
Room for another medal and ribbon there. A White one.

But his address wasn’t about the war against the Islamic State. Nor was it about rising tensions and threats of nuclear war from North Korea.
And when he was asked about the upcoming independence referendum in Iraq’s Kurdistan region and the potential impact it might have on operations there, Campbell admitted that he was not across the issue as he should be.

So what did he speak about?

Domestic violence. That’s what. He’s definitely across that issue.
The Chief of Army didn’t wave the white flag. But he did raise the White Ribbon. And he supported its political campaign which Defence has also signed up to.
In fact, giving such speeches is just one requirement of White Ribbon accreditation. It appears that the Chief of Army is actually working to White Ribbon’s tune rather than doing the job he’s been given under the Defence Act 1903.
Now, let’s get one thing clear for all the breast-beaters out there. I don’t support domestic violence. No one does.
I concur. I have never seen anyone agreeing with it or promoting it. I know no-one who does not roundly condemn it.  
But you don’t need to be coerced into joining the White Ribbon brigade to hold this position. Nor do you need to uphold dubious campaigns that give an impression that all Defence members and, indeed, all Australian men are wife-beaters.
In fact, according to statistics in the Chief of Army’s own speech, a grand total of 0.4% of Army members have been linked to domestic violence. And, if you care to read White Ribbon’s definition of domestic violence, almost everything can be deemed evil.
Indeed, this is one of four examples the Chief of Army gave about domestic violence:
Elsewhere, as one of our Platoon Commanders was walking by, he overheard what he later learnt was a recruit’s ex-husband very loudly abusing her during a phone conversation. She described a very controlling relationship, in which her ex-husband was continually pressuring her to quit her training and return home.
There is no example of what the verbal ‘abuse’ was. It may have been terrible.
Or it may, just perhaps, have been nothing more than a husband trying to get his wife to leave the Army, return home and restore the marriage. We just don’t know.
But this is the point. 
Both possibilities amount to violence against women 
....according to White Ribbon’s definitions. And we are all expected to condemn both with equal ferocity.
And there is no detail of the ‘controlling’ relationship. On the face of it, it cannot have been that controlling. After all, the husband wanted his wife to return home. And she was ignoring that desire and was instead in the Army.
So the real surprise is that more people have not been labelled a perpetrator.
The truth is that White Ribbon is nothing less than hypocritical virtue signalling of the highest order. 
And, even worse, support for White Ribbon equates to support for the worst form of domestic violence in Australia.
It is also part of the leftist program and political agenda to criminalise dissenting thought in this nation. And even if you do support abortion, which I will touch upon below, you should still understand this because it has ramifications for you.
Now, these are harsh words. But they are true.
But first, this point needs making. 
The reason the Australian Army exists is to wage violence and engage in lethal combat to protect Australians.
The focus on diversity and anti-domestic violence campaigns might sound nice. But they do absolutely nothing to ensure the Army can do its job 
Despite all the catch-phrases, zero evidence has been presented that our Army’s capability has been increased by any of these politically-correct policies.
And when they result in insane recruitment programs that prioritise women over men, they actually decrease our national ability to defend ourselves.
Ironically, they also put women in harm’s way for no good reason at all, which seems quite contrary to the goals of anti-domestic violence campaigns. I can’t explain the logic but I’m not a feminist, so I won’t try either.
Now, let’s turn to White Ribbon.
It supports abortion.
Let me say that again: White Ribbon campaigns for abortion.
Abortion involves the deliberate destruction of a baby. In other words, its death.
It is the most brutal, violent and prevalent form of domestic violence in Australia. 
It also occurs on an epic scale, with about 100,000 abortions each year. 
That’s about one every six minutes.
If our nation truly does have a systemic problem with domestic violence, then I helpfully venture the suggestion that ending the culture that legalises mass infanticide will probably do more to increase respect for life and limb than anything else.
However, the organisation that pretends to campaign against domestic violence is out unashamedly campaigning for it.
This is a quote taken from White Ribbon’s webpage earlier this year:
Because of this, we advocate for: – Decriminalisation of abortion, for example we support the It’s Not 1899 Campaign by Pro Choice Queensland.
Just so you know, the ‘It’s Not 1899 Campaign’ urged the Queensland government to decriminalise all forms of abortion, including late-term and gender selection abortion. White Ribbon is loud and proud in its support for your right to abort unwanted baby girls.
Pictorially, if you buy a White Ribbon you are donating to political campaigns to legalise this killing of  the innocent, most vulnerable.
Just up the Lt General's street I should think.  
Unfortunately, the Australian Defence Force has signed up to White Ribbon, as detailed by former Chief of Army, David Morrison:
Your Army’s commitment to White Ribbon is not merely symbolic; it reflects the best of our culture and values.
The mind boggles. This is the best of our culture and values? His rhetoric does not meet even basic animal values. 
We are challenging ourselves to promote positive attitudes and behaviours in the workplace and in the community. I encourage Army members to intervene to prevent violence against women. I also encourage my commanders to become White Ribbon Ambassadors and our soldiers to swear the White Ribbon oath.

Not a word about violence against men.

Nothing about violence against children.

Nothing about violence against the most innocent and vulnerable: babies in the womb. 

Forget about the Billions of OzBucks deployed to visit violence upon the enemy.

Forget about any Oath of Defend the Nation.
In fact, the Australian Army, the Royal Australian Navy, the Royal Australian Air Force and even the Australian Defence Force Academy are all White Ribbon accredited workplaces.
So presumably the battlefield is too !! 

They fork over taxpayer dollars to this organisation so that they can display the virtue signalling, pro-abortion White Ribbon logo on things like our nation’s military equipment.
I have no idea how much this costs. But considering the Diversity Council of Australia charges a cool $10K per year for an organisation with more than 3,000 employees, one could guess that the Australian Defence Force bill each year might close on $100,000.
These taxpayers' dollars are, of course, deployed for defence of the nation. Not for frittering on organisations that have nothing to do with that task. 

Personally, I call it embezzlement and corruption.
At this point, you might be saying so what. Especially if you support abortion.
Well, this is the first so what.
Defence has no business in sponsoring or promoting organisations that are campaigning politically to change laws in this nation.
The fact that it is doing so affects all Australians. It undermines our democracy because it violates the convention that Western militaries do not interfere in domestic political matters. They have had a tendency to do so in the past and it didn’t end so well for the general population.
But if that is a bit airy-fairy for you, let me get to the second so what. 
It’s a major threat that you now face to your own personal freedom. 
And not just if you work in Defence. But if you work in any organisation that is seeking White Ribbon accreditation.
If you don’t support abortion, your job in such a workplace has suddenly become a lot less secure. And if you do, you should be aware of the way these things work. I have not yet met any person who is actually politically correct enough to withstand all the demands of the new Thought Police.
Every single one of us still lingers in the real world in some way.
White Ribbon states that this is domestic violence against women:
Reproductive coercion is any behaviour, physical and emotional, aimed at establishing and maintaining power and control by restricting a woman’s reproductive autonomy, denying her control over decisions related to her reproductive health and limiting her access to reproductive health options.
If you are a husband, or an expectant father, any opinion you have about your partner's pregnancy can be deemed 'restricting'. Even fully supporting and being delighted with the prospect, can be deemed  'coercive' or at the very least 'emotional pressure'.
This language makes it clear that opposition to abortion is a form of violence against women.
The White Ribbon workplace accreditation program also requires employers to implement policies that:
“define VAW [violence against women] in the broadest possible sense”
If the above definition did not cover liking pro-life Facebook posts, the workplace accreditation program does.
It gets worse.
As part of accreditation, all employees are required to sign a code of conduct that recognises violence against women is unacceptable as part of the job.
It might not have happened yet, but if you are in a White Ribbon workplace like the Army and you state that you do not support abortion, or you like a Facebook post of a pro-life group, then technically you are in breach of your code of conduct and should face disciplinary action.
And White Ribbon requires accredited workplaces to take action against all such ‘perpetrators’ of ‘violence against women’.
This includes counselling, warning, and ultimately loss of employment.
Just because no one has been sacked yet at a White Ribbon workplace for actually wanting babies to live doesn’t mean that the sackings aren’t coming.
The framework is in place for draconian, totalitarian crack downs from the Thought Police.
All it take is one huffy pro-abortionist to lodge a complaint 
....and all of sudden a workplace like the Army will face questions about the disciplinary processes in place.
By the way, this is exactly what happened to me in the Australian Army, although on the issue of marriage and family. Homosexual members of the Defence Force lodged complaints and next thing I knew I was in the middle of an investigation and termination procedures.
The White Ribbon framework also encourages complaints from subordinates.
There’s nothing like the old Communist strategy of turning children against their parents and workers against their bosses. It keeps everybody on their toes, fearful and compliant.
It is certainly turning the Military leader Donkeys against their Lion-hearted men. 
Accredited workplaces need to demonstrate that they have addressed ‘perpetrators’ adequately if they are to keep the right to use the glossy White Ribbon logo that they have already paid so much to obtain.
So when it comes to weighing up the job of a pro-lifer against the complaints of a female victim of ‘violence’, you can guess who’s gonna win. 
No one wants the ABC on their back for failing to address ‘verbal abuse’ against women around the water cooler.
However, perhaps you think you can get by with being silent.
Unfortunately, that won’t work either.
The White Ribbon accreditation program does not require all employees to sign up and take its oath: just the ones who want to get ahead in life.
If you want to be promoted in a White Ribbon workplace, it’s more than likely you’ll have to start meeting performance measurement indicators for your support of the White Ribbon campaign. This includes participation in White Ribbon events, donating monthly, acting as an ambassador and generally promoting the logo.
All of this implicitly involves active support of White Ribbon and its campaigns for things like abortion.
You’ll also need to be seen to do things demanded in the White Ribbon accreditation program like ensuring females are prioritised for promotion, training and leadership roles.
So on top of the hypocritical participation in a campaign to eradicate domestic violence that actually supports the killing of innocent children in Australia, you’ll also have to participate in the feminist movement’s attempts to discriminate against men in the workplace.
The Oz  Military does not give out many medals, but it is only a few steps away from having a white one amongst the coloured ribbons on a senior chapesses chest.
All of sudden, White Ribbon is not a colourful flourish you wear on your suit or uniform once a year to demonstrate you don’t beat up on women. 
It’s an insidious cancer that is steadily hijacking your workplace and emplacing measures that will also silence your political opinion and replace it with theirs.
There’s no better proof of this than the Chief of Army’s speech today.
We face significant military threats across the world. But our nation’s most senior soldier is giving speeches to meet White Ribbon’s workplace accreditation demands.
The only way to stop this is to push back and end the political correctness that is being thrust upon society.
No one wants domestic violence. But no one needs a solution like White Ribbon either.
Next time you’re asked to buy a White Ribbon, tell them no means no.
In fact it is high time our Feminist Chief of Defence learned what N.O. means. 

I gave Bernard free drinks all evening and put another couple of barrels on for all the glum chaps in the Oz Bar.  Someone suggested Ol' Wossname be given a couple of different barrels for himself. 12 bore.



  1. Utter disgrace, completely the wrong people in charge. As usual.

    1. It has deteriorated over the decade. The rot set in with Gillard and Rudd, with little arrest of the decline by successive 'conservative' gummunts.

  2. Meanwhile the Australian military have their role in this...

    1. Agreed. When standing by an ally, one needs to know what sort of person they are. One would stop a friend from doing evil: one must stop an ally. Or treat them as the enemy.


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