Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Updated. Fantastic Video

Its all Trump's fault. Such a blatent exhibition of inequality would not have occurred under Obama.  Trump made sure that the Total Eclipse that happened across America just today, was seen by the select few 'Privileged' people but many many others were denied participation.  No wonder the media hate him.

I would be just kidding were it not for at least one stupid political media hack complaining. I shall come to her later. (Yes, a her, unless there is a demand for some made-up  personal pronoun.)

What a marvellously technological world we have made. From time immemorial humans have been seeing eclipses but  with each passing year our 'views' get better and better. 

We have lost our fear that a sky monster is consuming the sun, and now we go into space to get a better view. 

Even down here we can prepare a lot better, free from ancient pagan priests who frighten their people with threats and demands for tribute; 

and from 15C mathematicians who could tell you precisely when the next one was due, for a modest fee.

This year's big event was largely an American one. 

Australians who are feeling envious of the eclipse watchers can wait eleven years to get a taste of the action down under. 

I doubt anyone here is blaming Trump though.

There will be a total of eight solar eclipses viewable in Australia over the next century, with the next one occurring in 2028.

So be prepared and get the backyard Barbie fired up, with a torch handy.

That eclipse will pass directly over Sydney and no doubt make for spectacular sights over the harbour city.

South Australian eclipse fans might want to stay put.

Within the century, a total of three total solar eclipses will pass over the state, with the next one passing directly over Yardea in 2030.

Two of those will also pass over the Gold Coast in the same time period.

For those who simply cannot wait, you could consider becoming an “eclipse chaser” and travelling to find one.

South America is your best bet in the next three years, with total eclipses viewable in Chile and Argentina on July 2nd, 2019 and December 14th, 2020.

Meanwhile here are some snaps that you might want to try to eclipse in spectacularness.

Contemplate these majestic snaps and consider the brain snaps of this Law Professor. You cannot make this stuff up.
Are you looking forward to Monday’s solar eclipse — the first full eclipse to hit the United States in decades? 
You filthy, filthy racist.

That’s at least the take of Brooklyn Law School professor Alice Ristroph, who used a staggering 4,544 words in The Atlantic to explaining why the phenomenon of the moon blocking the sun just wasn’t diverse enough for her tastes.
“On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will arrive mid-morning on the coast of Oregon,” Ristroph writes. “The moon’s shadow will be about 70 miles wide, and it will race across the country faster than the speed of sound, exiting the eastern seaboard shortly before 3 p.m. local time. It has been dubbed the Great American Eclipse, and along most of its path, there live almost no black people.”
Yeah, really.
The movements of the firmament are indeed unconcerned with white privilege, although one would imagine Ristroph would be aware of this. To be fair, Ristroph does note that, “(p)resumably, this is not explained by the implicit bias of the solar system. It is a matter of population density, and more specifically geographic variations in population density by race, for which the sun and the moon cannot be held responsible.
“Still, an eclipse chaser is always tempted to believe that the skies are relaying a message,” Ristroph said.

And to Trump those, we need only look closer to home (well, America) to see another spectacular Eclipse of the Brain.

Republican strategist and political commentator Ana Navarro predicted that she was not going to have a good time watching the historic total solar eclipse Monday. The eclipse, which happens only once in a lifetime, will be ruined for Navarro because of President Donald Trump.

Navarro said she is too “worried” about the “broken state of our nation” and “President Loco” to enjoy the eclipse.

The mind boggles.

Just in from Destin. 
ISS Transit of the eclipe. 




  1. Everyone else is having all the fun, it seems to be passing us by.

  2. GREAT PICS! Here in the middle of America, all we had to do was go 50 miles South, to be a witness of the FULL eclipse.

    Desoto, Mo. Population: around 6,000, was ground zero, right on the line.

    I must say, the small town was NOT crowded, and God found my husband and I a wonderfully nice steal bench. In perfect comfort right in the middle of Main Street. IT was hot, but we sat and watch the moon swallow up the sun, ever so slowly, and as an even bigger treat, my son called on his cell phone and said, "We're coming!" So to experience it with my son was an even bigger gift I did not expect.

    Of course, I had to swear not to go "OOOOOO" too loudly. But, nobody actually said much, believe it or not.

    When I was a single parent, my son and I would often climb onto the roof of the house to count the comet showers. But those were numerous, and yearly.

    I did not ever imagine how really beautiful it was to watch the dark moon center in front of the sun, you can see it in pictures, but it's simply not the same....

    The street lamps came on, the stars in the sky come out, night came in a second, and the world listened in silence.

    Really, if you can EVER see one, it's worth it. I'm still feeling lucky to have even been there, and thanks to my husband who was pretty sick with a cold and didn't feel like going.

    Thanks amfortas...beautiful pictures.

    1. The picture you draw with your words is beautiful too, Joy. I hope Bruce is cheered and feeling better. A great opportunity taken there to bring the family together. Yes, you are privileged.

  3. Fabulous photos, they remind me of a solar eclipse that I experienced many years ago. At the time I worked in an office building on the 4th floor and was able to see the sun slowly being eroded away. At the penultimate moment there was a mass exodus from the office block to experience the weird darkness.

    1. Eclipses come and go but the photos get better and better. Some of those above could not have been even taken 10 years ago.

  4. Good grief. She really said that? What ignorance. Willful ignorance.

    That aside, those pics are spectacular.

    1. Yes they are spectacular. The criticisms are of almost equal stupendousness.

      I am so glad you dropped in, Kelly.


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