Friday, September 9, 2016

What the People Want

Do Governments even care what people want? That was a question that came up in the bar last evening. In 'Democratic' nations we elect 'representatives' who seem to listen to the minority of social wreckers rather than the large majority of ordinary people. Or so it seems. The 'silent majority' is all too easily castigated for not making their wishes known. But even when very large gatherings meet to make their voices heard, the Governments take only that amount of notice sufficient to raise anger and punitive measures.

There are several really pressing problems with our western society and at the root are Governments who do not want to listen to the vast majority of people they are supposedly representing. 

We have Immigration; we have Marriage; we have Abortion. We have Governments all over the west who take no notice of the people's wishes. The media either ignores or distorts.

Two examples come easily to mind - and we were reminded just last evening -  of very large-scale and peaceful 'silent majorities' taking to the streets. 

1.4 million French march against gay ‘marriage’. 
Police tear gas crowd, children
LifeSiteNews reporter Jeanne Smits directly witnessed the events that took place during this extraodinary event. She confirms the enormous numbers claimed by organizers and reports on many aspects either ignored or distorted by French and other media. 
This LifeSiteNews exclusive reports on what really happened during the demonstrations, including the totally uncalled for police tear gassing of some of her peaceful and prayerful friends and relatives.
March 25, 2013 ( - According to organizers, nearly one and a half million people joined the third demonstration in five months against the legalization of same-sex “marriage” by the French government in Paris, on Sunday.
Meanwhile, large numbers of demonstrators who were unable to join the main venue – which had filled up by 3 p.m. – or who headed straight to the largest and most prestigious Parisian thoroughfare, the Champs-Elysées, were sprayed with tear-gas and beaten as they neared the presidential palace. 
Victims included children as young as 6 years old, 
elderly gentlemen, women of all ages, middle-aged priests and monks, and even a baby aged 10 months.
One boy, aged 14, named Lancelot, needed respiratory assistance for half an hour; another youth, Léonard, 17, was gassed and subsequently seized by riot police who threw him down the stairs at the entrance of a nearby subway station. Christine Boutin, leader of the mainstream Parti chrétien démocrate (Christian democratic Party), was also among the victims: she passed out after having been sprayed with tear-gas and lay unconscious on the street for several minutes.
Videos also show a woman demonstrator who was apparently deliberately knocked over by a police van being attended to by volunteer first-aid workers of the Order of Malta. Another young man, Tristan, told that he was gassed with a group of friends after sitting down in the street at the request of the armed forces.
The French media played down the police violence: all major radio, tv and other news sources spoke of “attacks” by violent young demonstrators against the police and armed forces, while the minister of the Interior, Manuel Valls, publicly congratulated law enforcement officers for their “professionalism and cool-headedness.” 
However, dozens of videos posted on the Internet as well as eye-witness reports received from personal acquaintances of this author certify the opposite: unarmed and pacific, the overwhelming majority of the demonstrators assaulted by the armed forces did no more than vociferate their disapproval of the draft law, if that: most of them were laughing and singing as they strolled down the “most beautiful avenue in the world” – as the French believe – and were suddenly attacked by the riot police.
Contrary to recent public demonstrations involving youths from the suburbs, no damage was caused and the young people and families involved were unarmed. No stones or Molotov cocktails were thrown, and there were virtually no attacks against the police who on several occasions let people through to the Champs-Elysées without offering much resistance.
The Authorities arbitrarily decide where and whan marches can take place. Often they will forbid people walking down this street or that. One group may get a 'permit' while another will have a permit refused.  One has to ask just who gave the Gummunt the authority to 'permit' anyway? 
Why did all these thousands of people – up to 40,000, according to the numbers quoted by the organizers of the “Manif pour tous’” (“Demonstration for all”) – decide to defy police orders not to march on the Champs-Elysées as had originally been planned?
The ban had been made official for five days and had been confirmed by an emergency ruling on Wednesday afternoon. Hoqwcwe, the definitive itinerary and access points to the demonstration were only published by the “Manif pour tous” on the weekend. Frigide Barjot, the demonstration’s figurehead had previously announced that even if access to the Champs-Elysées were to be forbidden the March would go there all the same and plant tents to occupy the thoroughfare until some assurance would be given that the draft law would not be voted and enforced. She later backed down from this statement.
The symbolism of the Champs-Elysées is very important to the French. 
Military parades are held there on the 14th of July; it is where the Liberation parade took place on August 26th, 1944; soccer fans rallied there in their hundreds of thousands when France won the World Cup in 1998 and compact crowds gather every 31st December to see in the New Year. Political rallies were also held there, notably when hundreds of thousands of French demonstrated their support to general De Gaulle in the wake of the May-68 revolution.
How about America? 
March For Life
Nearly a million marchers braved the cold in our nation’s capital for the 42nd annual March for Life. The march was founded to call attention to the evils of abortion and protest the Supreme Court’s decision of Roe v. Wade that made abortion legal and on demand in the nation. Since this case, generations of children have been killed in order to make the lives of those who sought abortion more “convenient.”
On this same day, Republicans tried to pass bills restricting abortion. 
 However, president Obama has vowed to veto any bills that restrict abortion. 
Nevertheless, the attempt to pass the bills served the purpose to give publicity to the pro-life cause and send the message that it is not going away.
The march today went well but was disrupted near the Supreme Court by pro-abortion advocates who blocked the road and harassed pro-life marchers. Some of these hecklers were arrested for “crowding, obstructing and incommoding.” 
Some officers refused  to remove the hecklers.  One pro-life marched ask an officer, “isn’t it about time you cleared this road? He replied, 
“That’s way above my pay grade.”
As usual, the presence of young pro-life marchers was evidence. The Verizon Center was filled to capacity with young people, including seminarians, postulants, novices and aspirants to the priesthood.
I make an issue of this whenever it arises. The inability of Police and members of public authorities to use their Integrity. They 'obey orders' just like good little Nazis.  Men have a Masculine Integrity - it is a personal characteristic and quality - but it seems to be so deep down under 'career' aspiration and weekly take-home pay that they do not dig down to get it and use it. 

We see the same thing in the Immigration issue. Crowds of Muslims can block streets with their arses in the air and the cops do nothing. The bearded hate-mongers can march in the streets with signs calling for by-standers to be beheaded and the cops do nothing. But the moment a crowd wants or tries to march to regain the right to determine who comes into a country, the tear gas  and batons come out.

The media is complicit. Ordinary people who want to be heard are condemned for speaking out, either when in protest crowds of alone. They are calumnised, demeaned, and their legitimate concerns are called 'Hate Crime'.

British people concerned about their nation becoming foreign are 'discussed' in derogatory terms by the most dim commentators for almost any otherwise ordinary country you care to name. Canada for instance.  Here the use of condemnatory terms is almost worthy of an award.
Anti-immigrant tirade caught on video amid rise in post-Brexit racism
A rise in hate crimes following Britain's vote to leave the European Union has brought condemnation from lawmakers and police officials, including investigators in Manchester who are looking into a "disgusting display of abuse" that took place on public transit. 
Yes, there will always be those who will not control themselves, so we can expect such media to behave badly.  Any disagreement can be called 'hatred' by those disagreed with. Just claiming to be 'uncomfortable' is enough to have the cops decend and arrest a person. Crikey, this old Tavern Keeper was banned from a facebook Mensa page by a woman who 'felt uncomfortable' for addressing her in a friendly manner with a 'm'dear'. 
The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on Tuesday urged Britain to act to prevent incidents of xenophobic abuse and prosecute perpetrators — amid a spate of racially motivated hate crimes since last week's Brexit referendum, in which immigration was a key issue.
Ahhh. Brexit. What a kick in the arse for the Gummunts who would ride roughshod over the Will of the People. They really dropped the ball there.  And of course, all the OWG people crawl from the woodwork to condemn.  
(Prince) Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, the UN human rights chief, said in a statement he was deeply concerned by reports of abuse targeting minority communities and foreigners in Britain.
Human Rights people are so often just the very ones that ordinary folk are concerned about. I wonder if  Prince Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein would have risen to the dizzy heights without the UN to give him his salary.  Well, of course. Being an Arab Prince is just so democratic.
"Racism and xenophobia are completely, totally and utterly unacceptable in any circumstances," he said.
This from an Arab !! This from someone from a part of the world that mutilates little girls, throws homosexuals from rooftops and demands that Infidels be beheaded. !  Of course, he might just be the exception to the rule, but I won't put $5 on it.
Britain's National Police Chiefs' Council on Monday reported a 57 per cent rise in hate crime complaints, compared to the same period in May, in the wake of the referendum.
57% rise in hate complaints, eh.

Don't you just hate stupid statistics like that. You should complain.

Not that anyone will take any notice though.

Drink up.


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