Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Government is NOT Robin Hood.

We had some nice people from some Charity or other in the other day. I say nice because, well, they were. Misguided, but nice. They were raising some additional funds to supplement what the Government gives them to 'do good'.  

You will have noticed just how much of your taxes go to Charities. Perhaps. The Government in the 20th and 21C have infiltrated the charities and now 'own' them to a very large extent. They 'give to the poor', or so it seems. 

Does anyone smell a rat? 

They claim the green mantle of Robin Hood, taking from the rich to give to the poor, innit?

Except they don't.

They most often let the rich off quite easily but take from the middle classes and feed their tax money to pay middle class ladies to play charity. The poor get precious little. Robin Hood they aint. And more.... the Gummunt required that those middle class ladies implement all the Policies of Gummunt, as the feminists and socialists demand. Equal opportunity, gay 'rights', 'pay grades' and 'reporting'.

It affects even Religious Charities which are 'obliged' to support abortion and contraception and of course remove the Crucifix in case it offends some rabid atheist or muslim.

It has affected even how we see Robin Hood. The old image of a manly chap with a merry bunch of manly chaps in his forest has had to give way to Robbie Wimphood on our TVs, complete with a merry blackfella and a ninja muslim woman joining his motly crew of wimps.
Where they found this Robinette I do not know. He has the air of that lad in the corner in the pub down the road who shaves just once a month. And drinks shandy. Apparantly he 'found' his arabian lady friend with the feminist attitudes  whilst on a Crusade, but one has to wonder about his sea-sickness. He was bound to be sea sick.  Just how the African chap found himself in Sherwood we never find out. And while he does have a few harsh words about Princes and Sherrifs his main complaint seems too often to be about Bishops. This Robin is not a good Catholic chap like the original.

Most people overlook that salient mark of his Character. It is easier these days to portray the tough man, the compassionate man, even the self-sacrificing man, than it is to even hint that he was a God-loving Catholic man, especially in Hollywood. But.....He was a Catholic.

OK, most everyone was back then. Even the Sherrif ! But Avellina Balestri came by to remind us of who he was and what happened to his reputation.
Is Robin Hood Catholic? 
The Secret Catholic History of the Prince of Thieves
The legends of Robin Hood and his Merry Men exert a near universal appeal, and have done so for generations. From ballads to books to films, the daring rebel spirit of the Prince of Thieves who became a champion for the common people under an oppressive regime continues to inspire us to stand up for justice in our daily lives.
But for Catholics, he should have an additional significance, for he can claim him as one of our own, in an England worlds away which was still within the fold of a united Christendom that acknowledged the spiritual supremacy of the Pope as Vicar of Christ and Keeper of the Keys.
From the earliest inception of the legends in the Middle Ages, Robin Hood was 
always portrayed as being a pious Catholic, 
in spite of the fact that he was not above robbing and making fun of pompous and unscrupulous clergymen. This was in response to the temporal corruption that had infected the Church hierarchy.
However, he also is shown as risking capture in order to attend (Holy)Mass in Nottingham and refusing to be disturbed while in prayer, even when danger was imminent. Famously, he recruited Friar Tuck, a rough-around-the-edges but true-hearted priest, to be the outlaw band’s chaplain.
Another important element of the early ballads was Robin’s affectionate devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, who was originally said to be the only woman in his life. There is even a nursery rhyme that depicts Robin praying the rosary in the greenwood:
Robin Hood, Robin Hood,
Is in the mickle wood!
Little John, Little John,
He to town is gone.  
Robin Hood, Robin Hood,
Telling his beads,
All in the greenwood
Among the green weeds.

Little John, Little John,
If he comes no more,
Robin Hood, Robin Hood,
We shall fret full soar!
Like King Arthur, who also had strong Catholic connotations associated with his legend, the cult of Robin Hood came under fire during the Protestant Revolt in England, and recusant Catholics were branded by the derogatory term “Robin Hoods” by the government.
It was only the people’s refusal to let the old legends die that kept the stories of both King Arthur and Robin Hood alive, although with modifications. In place of the prominent role played by the Virgin Mary in Robin’s life, Maid Marian became his lady love. However, judging by the name and her purity of heart, the allegorical connections are not hard to surmise.
In spite of everything, Robin Hood continued to symbolize the fighting spirit of a small island in the entirety of his legacy. He fought with his longbow, the symbol of British pride and resistance, and prayed with his Rosary Beads, 
the symbol of the faith of the people and the refusal to let it die.
Indeed, it was the sacrifice of the Catholic “Robin Hood” Recusants that kept the spark of Catholicism from being completely smothered by the turbulent winds of the times.
To this day, there are Catholic men and women from the Northern England who can trace back their lineage back in an unbroken line of faithful Catholics. It is their story that best exemplifies the true spirit of Robin Hood.
I was quite pleased to see Mr Voris in Nottingham saying much the same, but in his own style.

 Must be his birthday sometime near. 

We raise a glass to the Real Man, Robin of Loxley.



  1. Confess I never really thought of his Catholicism.

    1. Henry's spinmeisters did a grand job suppressing any thought about Catholicism. His torturers and executioners too.


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