Friday, September 9, 2016

They Heff Vays......

Occasionally we get an expert or two in the Tavern, trying to pull wool over customer eyes.  Most experts are either harmless of quite useful. From them we can learn a thing ot two. But  NLP experts are a menace. Rather like 'psychics' who claim extraordinary powers and sell their fantasies to the gullible over phone lines at $5.99 a minute. 

It seems some of the NLP wallahs have been busy in Britain's National Health System (NHS). Americans pay attention. Any organisation controlled by Government has people 'placed' to do the Gummunts bidding, no matter the idiocy. We heard a little about that too which I shall detail later.

The pub owner down the mountain, Anna Raccoon, had a tale to tell of a lady who 'controlled' a portion of the NHS. One Katrina Percy. She is one of those women that my friend James is often handing out warnings about. A 'parachutee' put in place by the PTB, and having not a jot of common sense to go with the power she is handed.

You can go to the Raccoon Arms itself if you wish, when you have had a few swift pints here, and get all the details. But here we shall simply let Anna speak of the NLP chaps.
The Percy Principle.
Anna tells of the two 'experts that wormed their way in. 
The twosome who particularly tickled her fancy were Chris Martin and Paul Gray. They must have tickled it pretty well for she has handed over millions of pounds of NHS funding in order to have them whisper in her ear on a regular basis. Perhaps she has become addicted to their Svengali words?
Paul Gray she has known since she was but a humble director of strategy at Hampshire Community Health Care. Paul specialises in teaching NHS employees ‘longer-term strategic and annual plans’. How could she doubt that his methods worked? Or that they were worth the £602,000 Hampshire Community Health Care paid him. Did Katrina not go on to become Chief Executive of Southern Health? A bargain – for her, if not for Hampshire Community Health Care.
Then along came Chris Martin. Fresh faced and full of vigour. Chris is master of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Dr Richard Bandler, who invented NLP, says it is “a model of interpersonal communication chiefly concerned with the relationship between successful patterns of behaviour and the subjective experiences (esp. patterns of thought) underlying them”.   
He also claimed that NLP could cure problems such as phobias, depression, tic disorders, psychosomatic illnesses, near-sightedness, allergy, common cold, and learning disorders. I’m only surprised he didn’t include AIDS.
Unfortunately, a number of peer reviewed studies have shown that ‘to date there is no convincing empirical evidence on the efficacy of NLP’. 
Not to worry. Katrina was convinced. 
She handed Chris Martin a £288,000 contract for three years, with an option for a one year extension. Three years later, Chris Martin had received £5.365 million, an ‘overspend’ of near 2,000% which must have been the envy of British Aerospace…..............
What mystic plots they weave. How skillfully they used their NLP to turn $288k into $5.3 Mil. What are those 'peer'studies that said it doesn't work? Please do not all rush out to learn how to be a master manipulator. Most of us can barely manage to handle things for good.  
An inquiry which the CQC reported was ‘a failure of leadership and governance at the trust’. Katrina Percy, the only chief executive the trust has ever had, has faced widespread calls to resign but has refused to do so.
Instead, the Trust have created a new job for her. They have appointed her as a consultant to 20 – twenty! – GPs in the area. A job which neither existed two minutes ago, nor has been advertised. She will take her £500,000 pension pot with her, and keep her £240,000 salary.
By the Lord Harry. Would you take her direction? 

Go read it all at the Raccoon Arms. When you have finished here, that is.

It is a huge problem with government enterprises.  Most people think governments are necessary, not just necessary evils. Robert Higgs gave his view.
What Really Creates a Peaceful, Orderly, and Prosperous Society?
The idea that genuine self-government—the system in which individuals contract for the type of governance they prefer—must fail because under such a system no one can make others obey the rules is stunningly misconceived. On any given day, even in a world pervaded by states and their dictates, nearly everything that people do or refrain from doing is so not because the state threatens them with violence for acting otherwise, but because they find conformity with rules—honesty, promise keeping, careful handling of goods, avoidance of opportunism, working hard and responsibly, refraining from shirking and malingering, and so forth—to be in their interest. 
The world does not run on the state’s threats of violence; it runs in spite of those threats. Notwithstanding the supercilious declaration that “you didn’t build that,” you actually did, and not because the state threatened to hurt you if you didn’t.
In most part, yes. We acquiesce, largely out of our own ignorance and trust in others. 
Many sanctions besides violence and threats of violence may be—and are even in the world in which we now live—effective incentives for adherence to law and order. Ostracization of dishonest dealers, for example, works wonders, and in the world of modern communications it can be more effective than ever. Many people conduct their affairs honorably and fairly in order to preserve an upstanding reputation and thereby to retain beneficial commercial and personal relations.
The Katrina's of the world are many however. They 'create' their reputation from falseity and falshoods. 
Many people subscribe to religious or other moral codes that regulate their conduct and direct it into decent and productive channels. The state’s contribution to creating a successful world is, as a rule, to stand in the way and, all too often, to punish those who are trying to serve their fellow human beings in free markets and other peaceful, cooperative arrangements.
States don’t make our world peaceful, cooperative, and productive 
—to the extent that it is so.

Insofar as the world works successfully, it does so in spite of the state’s characteristic bloodthirst, oppression, and plunder, not because of it. Upon real reflection, the puzzle is that anyone believes that the relationship is the other way around. 
People who think, work, create, invest, plan, and carry out productive projects make the world work. 
People who collect taxes, create mountains of unnecessary regulations, threatening violence against those who fail to comply with them, and devote vast amounts of extorted resources to wreaking senseless death and destruction at home and abroad also make the world work—but much, much for the worse.
So, to the extent that the state is necessary to make people obey the rules, chances are that the rules to which it compels obedience ought never to have been made in the first place. 
But don’t take my word for it: open up the U.S. Code, the Code of Federal Regulations, the Federal Register, and the corresponding legal documents for any of the state, county, and city governments in the USA and see for yourself. 
If you conclude that all of this legal outrage and the police who enforce it make economic or moral sense, you may be a unique person, indeed.

My Supplier makes the only rules you need to follow.

He has the way. He IS the Way.

Drink his Good Grace.


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