Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wrong Snout: Wrong Trough

There are occasional insults to decency that outrage folk in the Tavern, and this past week, while we have been deeply concerned about a most decent, kind and loving woman in intensive care in hospital, another woman, a most indecent and nasty one has been in the news. 

The nasty woman is JuLiar Gillard, once bloody-handed PM of Oz, the first female PM and worst PM in our History.

Not content with a $200,000 a year, index linked pension at her age - an amount which is 10 times that which real pensioners get - she has her taxpayer-provided pay as a Visiting Professor in a University in Adelaide - based almost soley on her outstanding credentials as a rabid, misandric Feminist - which doubles her income, and she now has 'been appointed' (by whom, one wonders) to the Chair'person' role of the most expensive 'Depression' organisation in Oz at another huge salary. That salary is secret, of course.

BeyondBlue deserves better and so do we.

Corinne Barraclough shed some fresh air and light on the matter. She was in and really annoyed. She glows when annoyed and is always worth listening to. So I did. She is a feisty spirit and does not hold back.
Beyond blue ties 
Take a deep breath. 
It’s started and already doesn’t look good. 
Last week, real life tears caused flooding when it was announced former Prime Minister Julia Gillard was stepping into the chair of the mental health organisation beyondblue.
On Sunday she wrote her first comment piece, ‘Why I’ve stepped back into public life’ for the Sydney Morning Herald.

It is a huge shame they didn’t first run a poll asking whether the public actually wanted Gillard back in their lives. My guess is the results would have been categorical and emphatic…
Unfortunately, here she is – and in her very first piece she’s playing the predictable, rancid gender card.
Gillard speaks of enduring a time of reflection and says she made three big decisions. Sadly, we don’t even get to the third to be pulling our hair out in distressed fistfuls.
‘Firstly, that I would refrain from being involved in, or commenting on, day-to-day domestic politics. It was time for the next generation of leaders to take charge,’ she writes.
Sigh, if only that had lasted.
‘Second, I would do what I could to encourage young Australians, particularly young women, to think about the world they live in and understand their responsibility to be active in shaping its future.’
There it is. Totally transparent, unapologetic gender bias.
Before taking the chair at beyondblue, it appears Ms Gillard did not take sufficient time to reflect on the damage that feminist ideology has done, and continues to do, in society.
Gillard has slipped into the chair wearing a hideous pink cloak and set fire to all things blue.
Beyond blue, apparently, there is pink.
Attempting to justify her new role, she delights in writing about her father who trained as a psychiatric nurse. She ‘occasionally visited him at work at Adelaide’s Glenside Hospital’, adding ‘my sister and I would go there and have Christmas parties with the kids. That was just our life.’
Never have eyes rolled so intensely or blood boiled so swiftly.
You do not become experienced in mental health by popping in to visit someone at work or stepping beyond the door and into social Christmas functions.
Isn’t it fascinating that this woman is leaning on the experience of a man, her father, while simultaneously playing the gender victim card?
Gillard continues, ‘What you won’t hear from me is biased critiques on the mental health policies of political parties.’

How about the outrageous gender bias and misandry that, largely thanks to the Real Julia, has warped policies and all political parties?
If you’re interested in suicide prevention, take a good look at the Family Court. Listen to fathers who are denied access to their children. Hear the men whose lives are destroyed by vengeful exes. Tell them their how valued their lives are.
Until you have listened, and truly, honestly understood, you are not welcome to preach about suicide prevention.
Until you recognise that feminism has blood dripping from its hands, we don’t want to hear your cleverly crafted ‘conversation about depression’.

Gillard notes that in 2015 there were 3,027 lives lost to suicide. Yet she makes no mention of the number of those that were male: 2,292 males (19.4 per 100,000) and 735 females (6.2 per 100,000).
Strangely, she doesn’t mention that it’s estimated between three and five fathers a day take their own lives because of family access restrictions, according to Lone Fathers and Dads in Distress.
She’s happy to reach out ‘particularly [to] young women’ in her call for change, but is allergic to using the word ‘male’ unless she’s screeching about sexism and misogyny.
If this entire nightmare appointment weren’t so unbelievably and hideously tragic, we would be laughing.
Here is a message from the furious, heartbroken public: acknowledge and address male suicide, now.
I had to sit her down with a cool drink while all around applauded her. 

But she simply refreshed herself with it and stood up again. 

"And another thing....." 
Suicide, Ms Gillard? 
You can’t handle the truth

Gillard has been speaking out about mental health in her new role as chair of mental health organisation Beyond Blue, but she’s still suspiciously silent on the male suicide crisis.
Furthermore, worryingly, she doesn’t appear to have been briefed thoroughly…
On 29 March, the ABC published a speech she gave at Adelaide University.

In it she said, “We still have a long way to go in fighting the stigma and discrimination that surrounds mental health. Language, images, discussion, communication and education all play an extraordinary role in shaping a better future.”
The truth is, the stigma around suicide has shifted. It used to be that people were too terrified to speak up about depression and anxiety, that’s certainly changing.

What hasn’t shifted, however, is acknowledgement that it is men in particular who are vulnerable.
In her speech, she focuses on depression and anxiety saying, “We know that untreated depression is one of the leading causes of suicide.”
Who briefed her?
Where the hell are the experts with genuine insights?

Aha, look, I’ve found one.
“A ten-year study in Queensland, the Queensland Suicide Registry, is the best overall insight we have into causes of suicide as it relates to relationship breakdown in Australia”, Pete Nicholls of Parents Beyond Breakup tells me.
“The findings relate only to Queensland, but it’s by far the most detailed data on the subject. If we extrapolate the findings across Australia, we find that of the 44 men that commit suicide each week, 
11 or so of those will have done so specifically due to relationship conflict, relationship separation or child custody issues. 
That’s 25 per cent or one in four of all male suicides, a statistic rarely seen in the media and certainly not well known amongst the public. The fact is, relationship separation is one of the greatest risk factors for suicidal men, particularly when children are involved.”

Interesting, hey Ms Gillard?
Nicholls continues, “Our grassroots work with men experiencing these challenges is about intervening in real time, in the real world. To address their ‘situational distress’ and to provide practical solutions that take the option of suicide off the table. For example, we know from research into the farming community that four out five suicides are based on acute situational distress, where suicide appears to be the best and only solution; and only one out of five of these suicides were down to mental health related causes.
Bottom line, pills and therapy can only go so far in addressing a level of suicidality when it’s actually based on external drivers, and really what many of these men need is someone to help them address their very real and seemingly insurmountable challenges.”

In her speech, Ms Gillard highlights two areas in which Beyond Blue “will be striving to make a major difference in the next few years. The first is preventing suicide.”
She lists statistics – no mention of men.
She talks about Indigenous and LGBTI communities – no mention of men. 
Here she notes these communities “are at even greater risk with rates more than double that of the broader population.” No mention of men.

She says many people who are discharged will “try again in the days, weeks and months following discharge from hospital. And too many will be discharged right back to exactly the lives and circumstances that may have contributed to their attempt – and with no active follow-up or on-going support.”
Circumstances like being homeless after a relationship breakdown?
Circumstances like days, nights, weeks, months, years passing without being able to speak to or hug their children?
Circumstances like sliding into addiction to numb the agony of parental alienation?
Circumstances like the Family Court slowing churning its cogs, taking years to reunite fathers with their children?
Say it, Ms Gillard; the connection between your political legacy and the increasing suicide rate among men in Australia is undeniable.
You made mental health about politics.
Clear up your mess.
If tackling suicide is really your priority, let’s have a conversation about “lives and circumstances that may have contributed to their attempt”.
When are you free?
I fear she will never be free. There will always be a Fee.

The taxpayer is robbed to pay nasty, misandric - that means 'male hatred, by the way - pigs like her.

The woman is rotten. 

The organisation which started with a fine ethos and intent is now rotten.  

There is a special BBQ pit down below for the likes of her. She will probably demand a fee to attend her own funeral.

But.... drink to her conversion.

Pray that God is merciful and that she ends up deserving that Mercy.

We live in Hope.


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  1. Don't let her in ... she'll soil the carpet for sure.

  2. You have to understand that there is a lot of money in mental health. Money for drug companies, money for doctors, money for psychiatrists, money for counsellors, money for social workers. It's in the interests of the people making money out of it to portray it as an illness that needs to be treated.

    But it hasn't worked. All that money that has been spent and we still have a horrifically high suicide rate. It's even stranger when you consider that psychiatry now has a miracle drug to treat depression. Prozac (and the other drugs in the SSRI family) was indeed hailed as a miracle drug. Millions upon millions of prescriptions have been written for these drugs. People still go on killing themselves.

    No-one wants to face the possibility that our entire approach is wrong. Maybe, as you suggest, it has more to do with the breakdown of the family. Maybe it has to do with living in a society that has no spiritual or moral values. Maybe it's living in an atomised society in which our worth is measured by money. Maybe magic pills aren't the answer.

    1. You are correct to seek explanations. Pills may often correct organic deficiencies, but they have no effect in existential matters. And you are correct to allude to 'follow the money'. There are huge amounts of public monies being channeled into 'disability' and 'mental health' which end up in already stuffed pockets.

  3. Gillard is one of many pollies - almost all of them, that could well be in prison for their actions

    1. Yes. The convicts here are all home grown. (Any refugees seems to get away with all sorts of crime. Its their kulcha doncha know).

  4. I have a dream, that all the men of the world would go on strike, and just not build any more toilets for women.

    Or houses. Or air conditioning.

    Unless of course, the woman is NOT a looney feminist.

    Good god. Gillard should get together with Hillary...and I suggest we send them both to Mars.

    Let THEM be the first women on Mars.

    And let them build their own toilets there.

    1. Hahahaha. Even men need toilets. But I get your point. We are currently cursed with the most awful women (who follow a long line of awful men, I might add), who just will not go away. They hang around like a bad smell. A toliet smell to be sure.


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