Saturday, April 22, 2017

Making Combat Pilots

If you can drive a car, you can fly a plane. Mind you, it does depend on the plane and just what you want to do with it.  Have fun? Of course. Easy, if a little expensive. Almost as expensive as a child's pony. Hahaha. That's what I am told. 

But to 'really' fly, at the top of the game - as a Combat Pilot - takes a huge amount of taxpayers' money and a lot of fine men's help to get you there.  My friend the Major knows all about that. But he is busy taking care of SG, so we shall take a look care of someone else - young Destin.

Destin is one of the nicest and smartest men around. He has fun and recently was shown some of the basics. One has to start somewhere. Watch and learn. There will be more soon.  Here Destin flies in a T-38 with the 560th Flying Training Squadron.

Get all that? He coulda been. He is just the sort who could. Young fellows start on a small but so well put together plane like this. Its a sports car with wings. Goes like sh*t off a shovel.

It wants to get into the air,  and take you with it. Such planes  love the air. You have to learn to. But getting it down makes you work very hard. Here an instructor will talk you home. There is a lot to do. It all happens very fast. You have to be alert and do seventeen things at once.  In your head.

 OK, you are getting the idea. Of course sitting here you cannot 'feel' it.  And you do not have the pressure and urgency.

These guys are not just having fun. They have a job to do and it is vital that they get it right. They have to Win. There is no second place medal in what they will be expected to do on your behalf. Take a look at what goes into training at fighter pilot to fly the F-16 during the F-16 "B-Course" or Basic Course at Luke Air Force Base, AZ. Two Luke AFB instructor pilots discuss the training and mindset that are involved with preparing a pilot to fly combat missions in a deployed environment or to perform other aerial combat missions.

And you go into battle along with mates that you need to keep close. Remember Destin's automatic, instinctual imperatives? Keep clear of flying metal? You have to overcome that. Control it. Meticulous flying is essential.

Then, maybe, you might be ready to look for the opposition. They are as smart as you are. 

First though, you have to find them.  Put your hat on.

It isn't like 'Top Gun' where the Director can show you the enemy coming, in close up. Nope. Airplanes are small and not at all easy to see in the great and wide sky.

The aircraft in this video is hard to see because in real air combat, the other aircraft is actually really hard to see especially when you are fighting the effects of 'g' which can cause the world to become monochromatic and narrow your vision - enjoy. See if you can see the 'other' plane here. Remember, he is looking for you too.

And the enemy are not only in the air. They are on the ground too. Watch a ground attack. Here's a few hints. Look at the ground. Look at your HUD - the Head-up Display. 

Height is on the right verticle bar: speed on the left. Look at the tops. Above is a small segment of a compass. 'G' force is shown near the bottom left verticle. Weapons are shown when called. Surface to air missiles too !! You will be 'talked- through' 

And practice. Know where you are going. You need to know your route; where the targets are; what the weather is doing; what the plane is doing. At SPEED.

And now you are ready. Hah !

Better have a drink, but remember the rules: Eight hours between bottle and throttle.




  1. I must say that I enjoyed watching the videos. It is difficult to put into words the way it feels to strap into an airplane and slip the surly bonds of earth with another airplane about 10 feet from you. It is incredible.

    1. Strap the airplane to your backside and do yer thang. Hahaha. It was good that we had the good oil from the Intructors in them and young Destin was just the man to set us off in the right frame of mind. I am pleased you enjoyed that. Pint on the table.

  2. Eight hours? That's a long time, man could get thirsty again.

    1. No time for thirst when you are upside down and there's now't on the clock but the maker's name.


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