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American Catholics Failed from the Start

This will not please some customers - it is about recalling history and drawing its lessons -  but I hope no-one starts throwing good ale around. One won't though and he is the one people might be displeased about. The Tavern is 'tolerant' of discourse and of people with odd inclinations. I may personally disapprove of some people but heck, we are all sinners needing some mercy and forebearance. The difficulty comes when we go over-board on this 'tolerance' bizzo. This fellow had some things to say about Catholics' misplaced tolerance. 

It is topical at the moment so I let him have his say. It is topical because our western society is infiltrated by those who would destroy the Anglosphere: people who are themselves very Intolerant. They come from outside our sphere with satanic-islamic creed; and from inside with marxist-feminist creed. Both seem to be obsessed with sex, envy, anger, hatred and spite. The new customers wasn't.

But it seems he has been run out of more taverns than you can shake a stick at. At his own admit he has been banned by Mark Shea, Fisheaters, and the Suscipe Domine Forum; Scrubbed from ChurchMilitant TV, and snubbed by CAF: De-Friended by Rick Delano: Dumped by the SSPX Faithful. 

Interesting fellow. ! 

However, as he came in with my Politically Incorrect Australian mate, Mr Doom (see him on the right hand wall >>>>>) I felt obliged to serve them both.

He holds that wicked people crave subjugation to evil tyrants: Evil and good people smell each other: Weak people smell nothing; and that Silence is complicity.

I offered him a pint of the very best Ale, brewed by Monks, and he told me, "I am not a Conservative. I am an extremist, a radical, an elitist, a counter-revolutionist, and a monarchist.".

I suggested it would not be a good idea to pee on my carpet nevertheless, as I am a King. I pointedly took my sword from behind the bar and put it out next to the ale pumps.

He had some things to say about early days in America, when it was still a colonial outpost. The folk in the US room listened and so did I.  If you ever come across Laramie Hirsch, ask him if I threw him out eventually. He started off.......
Catholics Failed in America 
Part 1: Maryland
There are many reasons that Catholicism has remained mostly politically insignificant in the United States.  If I could boil it down to three reasons, it would be because on the important levels, Catholics have lacked spine, force, and conviction. 
Today, {Ishall tell you} what went wrong with Maryland. 
I should point out that he went on in some detail which I shall not cover here, but you can look up the following parts by following the link.
When the colonies were first coming into existence under the British Crown in the 1600s, it was not just the Judaized Puritans who crossed the Atlantic.  There were also a significant number of English Catholics coming to the New World in hopes of escaping persecution from the Anglicans. 
 Unfortunately, when the English Catholics got here, they discovered that the colonies were filled with Puritans who despised Catholicism even more than the Anglicans despised it.   
The Puritans hated Catholicism so much, that they despised seeing even the traces of Catholicism in their Anglican cousins, which is why the Puritans came here in the first place.  They wanted to be isolated from all forms of Catholicism, even Anglicanism.  Like the Jews who held a tribal sense of temporal destiny, so too would the Puritans come to the New World in hopes of building their City on a Hill.  
George Calvert, properly known as Lord Baltimore, had the idea of establishing a New World refuge for the fiercely persecuted Catholic Englishmen, and so Maryland would be the place where they could practice the Faith freely without fear of being arrested.  
George Calvert
The First Lord Baltimore
So, why is there no Catholic paradise in Maryland today? What was the problem for Maryland from the outset?   
A lack of spine, force, and conviction.
Lord Baltimore was a convert from Protestantism.  As such, he had the bright idea of giving non-Catholics the same freedom in his colony.  But even this concession to the Protestants drew heavy protest form the Puritan government of Virginia.  
Lord Baltimore was timid with the Faith.  How was Catholicism to find a refuge, when one of the first orders was that "all Acts of the Roman Catholic done as privately as may be"?   
To make matters worse, Lord Baltimore did not establish the Catholic Church as Maryland's religion.   
The other Puritan colonies were all too happy to put Puritanical laws on the books that would penalize Catholics.   
However, Lord Baltimore feared any resemblance to his hateful neighbors.  
Instead, Lord Baltimore demonstrated his weakness and granted the Protestants equality.
We, today, would laud this as 'tolerant', and indeed it is amongst men of good will. The problem however lies in the very word - Protestant. They were protesting against Catholics. Hello !!

Just as today we 'tolerate' Muslims who do not simply 'protest' against Catholics, Protestants, sundry part-christians, Hillsong and Joel Wossname, as well as Jews, Jains and Hindus, Zoastrians and Shintoists, but who would sooner behead you in an infidel-built civic square.

Things have changed little since Lord Baltimore opened the gates.
While it may be true that cousin Captain Thomas Cornwallis was able to vigorously blow a broadside into the hull of the Cockatrice, such defense of Maryland was isolated.  Perhaps the force of arms was not a priority for Maryland's leaders.  As a result, this lack of forcefulness resulted in the pirate Richard Ingle and his Puritan friend William Claiborne taking over Maryland's government for a year in 1642.   
It was an atrocious humiliation.  
Where leaders failed, the people prevailed, driving out the two usurpers, and giving Parliament back over to the Catholics.
However, Maryland's status as a Catholic refuge would not last.  As Charles Coulombe explains in his book, Puritan's Empire:
""Maryland was, of course, a different case.  Like his father and grandfather, the third Lord Baltimore, Charles Calvert, allowed Protestants to freely settle in Maryland and enjoy full civil rights.  By 1689, they were a majority of the population.  A group of the more wealthy and influential formed, when the news from London arrived, the Protestant Association.   
On July 27, the Association seized the capital at St. Mary's City.  In 1690, King William officially took control of the colony, and voided the rights of the Catholic proprietor.   
The Assembly made it illegal for Catholics to hold office in Maryland." "  
So much for tolerance and men of goodwill. ! 
The Catholics of Maryland foolishly put everyone on equal footing.  They tried to practice pluralism.  And by allowing in outsiders, they lost everything.   
Maryland became co-opted by the Protestants.   
They failed to kick out heretics and impose negative sanctions against the Puritans.  They missed their chance. The opportunity was there, and they failed to take it. 
The Catholic leadership was dull and dim-witted, while the Protestant Association was deliberately focusing on the capture of the Maryland government.  
Sound familiar? Just look at the infiltration of Mosques, no-go areas, Sharia Law impositions etc.  
The Puritans were fully prepared for a bureacratic long-game, as the Catholics instead rested on their laurels and enjoyed a false peace.  In reality, the surrounding Protestant hordes were fully prepared to overtake them, and they were at war with the Maryland Catholics-- 
even though the Catholics never knew they were in a political and cultural war in the first place.  
Christianity today stumbles about in a forest of so many splinter groups that they cannot see the fires of Hell coming. The 'Unity' that was at the heart of the Christian Movement, Catholic, started by Christ, is no longer and has not been since those very years when America was founded by refugees from religious wars.
Insult was later piled on top of the Catholic Marylanders' grievous mistake:
 ""1704 saw a political victory for the Protestants in Maryland as great as Moore's in Florida was for Carolina.  In that year the Assembly passed the Act to Prevent The Growth of Popery.   
This prohibited Catholic worship and forbade priests to make converts or baptize any but children of Catholic parents. 
 The wealthier Catholics of the colony petitioned for a temporary reprieve from the first clause in respect to private homes; in an extraordinary move, Queen Anne intervened to make the exception permanent.  Because of this, Catholic Maryland survived.""
It survived in tatters, never becoming what it was supposed to be.   
While the Catholics of Maryland were fully prepared to be merciful, be tolerant, embrace pluralism, and pretend there was unity: 
in reality their enemies stood next to them the entire time holding concealed knives behind their backs. 
The Catholic Marylanders wanted to "not be like those guys." They wanted to not be the same bigots they tried to flee from in England.  But ultimately, they proved to be sell outs. 
 The Protestant Assembly consolidated their power and were all-too-happy to kick out all who might oppose them.  The Puritans of Maryland had the balls to win a war, while the Catholics were completely lacking.  The latter were completely unprepared to respond to the challenges of their surrounding and internal enemies. 
If I could make an analogy of what happened in Maryland it would be of a silly man going to the beach to build a sandcastle, but the beach is filled with his enemies, and they come to kick over his sandcastle.  Lord Baltimore and his followers were filled with ideology and utopian thoughts, lacking any understanding in bureaucratic warfare.  The idea of Maryland was a defensive posture, and there was nothing offensive or aggressive to protect it. 
The Catholic failure of Maryland is but a mere microcosm for so many other Catholic failures, such as the eventual co-opting of the Church by liberals and Freemasons.  Yet such co-opting techniques of dissidents, liberals, and rebels goes beyond the Catholic Church to corporations, your job, and even your Protestant church, if you go to one.
Worse, of course, is the willing blindness of most western liberals - yea even unto the Church of Nice catholics - to accept into our midst today an even more virulent and violent creed.  When Catholic priests open Church doors so that Muslims can worship satan out of the rain, we know we are in deep trouble. 

Will we never learn?

But why not welcome Muslims? Are they any worse than politicians? LGBTXYZ ?  Communion in the hand? 

I shall tell why. We are here to Fight. The World: the Flesh: and the Devil. And that ancient Evil One has many tried and tested tricks that people easily forget. Disunity is one. Emnity between men of goodwill is another.

This old Knight is a Catholic. And a Monarchist. And an elitist by simple virtue of rank.

As for America, and all those there that I admire and love, I often wonder at their brazen claim that they are a 'Nation Under God'. Really? They are a Nation under Protest against the One Church established under and by God.

I gave the lad, Laramie, a pint. 

Have one with him.

Follow his link and see what else he has to say.



  1. Think I'll stay out of this one. :)

  2. It is interesting that you should post this right now :-) A couple of days ago I read a blog post (about the gunpowder plot) that gave me an idea for a mini series of posts about priest holes in the old Catholic houses of England. If the weather is favourable over the weekend, I hope to visit one I haven't been to before.

    1. You remind me of all the things I miss, Cherie. I have never seen an actual priest hole. But I am glad you are on hand to do all our heritage visiting for us and allow us to experience it through your eyes and words..


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