Monday, April 3, 2017

April 4th: Pay Day

Fools are not confined to just April the first. Their representatives - and they do have them, especially those feminist inclined - grab days for them whenever they can. And so it is that in the USA at least April 4th is 'Equal Pay Day'.  Vast amounts of public money will be spent on it tomorrow.  Taxpayers' monies. The mind boggles. It reels and falls down laughing.

Thankfully we do not have ladies seeking chaps to buy them drinks in the Tavern on the pretext that they earn less. Our Ales aren't ails and are free. And we do not have to hire only bar-ladies and thereby save on paying more to men, because that just does not happen anywhere else either.  It is amazing that all commercial businesses have not gone down the gurgler through employing expensive men when there are so many cheap women around.

And cheap lies, mendacities, calumnies, misandry and blaming.

Extravagant and mendacious claims about 'gender-based pay' have captured the thought patterns of so many people in our society and for so long that you would think something would have been done about it by now. It is shouted at us continually and loudly. By guess who.

But what possibly can be done when all that was needed to ensure equal pay was done a very long time ago?

Not that the Fools and the liars even want you to know that.

Mark Perry revisited the issue for us:
Evidence of employers paying women 20% less than men for the exact same work is as elusive as Bigfoot sightings
We’re just a day away from the feminist holiday event known as “Equal Pay Day,” which will occur next Tuesday on April 4. 
Here in Oz too we have
Mendacities Without Borders

That annual event brings awareness to a completely bogus apples-to-oranges comparison in incomes by gender.
Specifically Equal Pay Day will publicize the 20% unadjusted difference in median annual earnings for women and men in 2015 (most recent data available) when absolutely nothing relevant is controlled for that would explain that 20% raw differences in income like hours worked, marital status, number of children, education, occupation, number of years of continuousuninterrupted job experience, etc.
To start, let me observe that there is widespread acceptance by the general public, especially among women, progressives and Democrats, of the completely bogus claim that women are paid “77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men” in the words of President Obama in 2012 . Hillary Clinton repackaged the bogus claim for the campaign trail by stating in 2015 that “On average, women need to work an extra two hours each day to earn the same paycheck as their male co-workers.” The National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE) claims that because women make only 79.6 cents for every dollar men make, the average American working woman will have to continue work until Tuesday, April 4 — Equal Pay Day — to earn the same amount of income as her male counterpart earned last year. 
A Tuesday is always selected for Equal Pay Day because that day allegedly represents how far into each work week all year that women have to work to earn what their male co-workers earned during the previous week.
In 2015, Linda Hallman, who was then the executive director of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), sent a mass email about Equal Pay Day saying “Think about it: Women have to work almost four months longer than men do to earn the same amount of money for doing the same job. What’s more, we have to set aside a day each year just to call the nation’s attention to it.”
An October 2016 report from the World Economic Forum (“The Global Gender Gap Report 2016“) claims that it will take 170 years – until 2186 – to close the “world economic gender gap” based on current trends. A few weeks ago, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards and First Lady Donna Edwards hosted the Louisiana Equal Pay Summit in Baton Rouge to promote the governor’s commitment to advancing equal pay for women and families throughout Louisiana. Louisiana has the biggest gender pay gap of any US state (66%), and Mrs. Edwards said that “When women bring home a paycheck that is only 66 percent of what their male counterparts earn, the entire family suffers.” (Note: Using unadjusted, raw aggregate pay data the same way that it is used by the National Committee on Pay Equity, AAUW, Obama, Hillary Clinton, etc. to make claims of gender discrimination, women working in Gov. Edwards office make just 82 cents for each dollar earned by men, see Washington Free Beacon report by Brent Scher here).
Hang that woman by her thumbs over an open pit of vipers for paying women in her office so much less than men!! The misogynist !! 
Despite the widespread acceptance of the frequent “66/77/80 cents on the dollar for the same job” claims documented above, there is rarely ever any specific evidence presented showing that specific organizations are in violation of federal law by paying women 20% or more less than men for doing the same job. What politicians like Obama, Clinton, and Edwards, and gender activist organizations like the NCPE and AAUW are really implying is that firms and organizations across the country are rampantly and illegally violating the Equal Pay Act of 1963 by paying women 66/77/80 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men, and those .....
deliberate, flagrant and ongoing violations are somehow going undetected. 
If there were such ubiquitous gender wage disparities in violation of federal law, why are there not extensive investigations by the Department of Justice, the Office of Civil Rights, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or by Governor Edwards’ office? 
And why isn’t there a cottage industry of law firms specializing in representing women who are victims of the supposed pervasive gender discrimination, the way there are hundreds of law firms representing mesothelioma victims who were exposed to asbestos on the job in previous decades?
Just where do we find these companies that apparently have illegal dual-wage policies: one wage schedule for men and another one for women at wages 20/23/34% below their male co-workers for doing the same job? Which specific organizations are actually paying women 20/23/34% less than men and exposing their organizations to legal prosecution, fines and penalties? 
Those questions are never answered. 
Well, let’s next consider some examples of cases where it’s pretty clear that we would NOT find the kind of blatant gender pay discrimination that would result in women earning “66/77/80 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men.” Here are some of those examples:
1. Women-owned businesses. According to this report, there are more than 9.1 million women-owned businesses in the United States, employing nearly 8 million workers, which represents more than 7% of all private sector jobs. It seems highly unlikely that women would engage in the highly illegal (and unethical) activity of paying their female employees 20/23/34% less than their male co-workers. If the implication of “77 cents on the dollar” is that women are being victimized by employers, we wouldn’t accuse women of being the victimizers of other women, would we? Not likely.
2. Female CEOs. According to the BLS, there were more than 450,000 women holding the position of “Chief Executive” of their organization last year. Would these female CEOs have any tolerance for an illegal company compensation policy that paid female employees 20/23/34% less than their male co-workers for the same job? Not at all likely.

3. Union Members. In 2016, there were more than 14.6 million wage and salary workers represented by unions. Unions typically negotiate compensation contracts based on seniority, not gender, and it would be almost impossible that unions would violate federal law by negotiating contracts with employers that called for paying women 20/23/34% less than men for the same position with the same seniority.

4. Workers Paid by Commission. There are more than 1.2 million real estate agents in the US who are paid by commission, and 55.5% of them are women. There are 630,000 insurance sales agents and nearly half (46.5%) of them are female. When compensation for these sales agents is primarily determined by commission, and those commissions are based on some percentage of sales volume, there doesn’t seem to be much support for any claims of a 20% gender pay gap for those occupations. For example, when have you ever heard that “female realtors or insurance agents are paid 80 cents on the dollar for selling the same amount of real estate or insurance as their male colleagues”? Just what I thought — never.
5. Government Employees. There are more than 22.3 million Americans who work for the government at the federal (2.8 million), state (5.1 million), and local level (14.4 million). Illegal discrimination by paying a female government employee 20% less than a man for doing the same government job? Not likely at all. Government salaries are strictly determined by job classification, experience, and seniority, and are clearly not adjusted by gender.
6. Waiters and Waitresses. There are more than 2 million waiters and waitresses in America, and 70% are female. Because their compensation is based primarily on tips, I don’t think there could be any case made that “waitresses are paid 20% less on average than waiters for doing the same job, working the same number of hours, serving the same number of customers that generated the same dollar amount of sales.” Unless, of course, customers discriminate against women and give waitresses tips that are 20% lower than the tips they leave for waiters? Not likely.
7. Public School Teachers and College Professors. There are nearly 5 million teachers at the elementary and secondary level (mostly at public schools), and another 1.4 million college professors (BLS data here). There are also nearly one million education administrators and almost two-thirds (65.1%) of those positions are held by females. Of course, some of these educators might also be represented in “Union Members” and “Government Employees” categories above, but when have you ever heard a female elementary school teacher or female college professor claim that they were being paid 23% less than their equally-qualified male colleagues? Never. Most of those salary records are public, like for the faculty and staff employed by the University of Michigan (all three campuses). If any female faculty or staff members at the University of Michigan are getting paid 20% (or some other percentage) less than their male counterparts, it should be pretty easy to prove it. A complaint of gender pay discrimination in Michigan can easily be filed here at the website of the Detroit office of the EEOC.
8. Human Resource Professionals. There are about 287,000 human resource managers in the US, and almost 75% of them are female. Would it be even remotely possible that any of the nearly quarter-million female HR managers are engaged in illegal activity and violating federal law by paying other women in their organizations 20/23/34% less than men for the same position? Not likely.
9. Many Large Companies Have Females as Their Top HR Executive. For example, the top HR position at the Target Corporation is held by a woman — Stephanie Lundquist, she’s the Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, and five of Target’s top 11 executives are female. Any possibility that Target is violating the Equal Pay Act, exposing its organization to possible lawsuits, penalties and fines by paying female Target employees 20/23/35%, or even 5% less than men for the same job? Nope. Likewise, Walmart’s top two HR executives are women. Any possibility that those female HR executives would tolerate systematic illegal and unethical gender pay discrimination that would result in Walmart paying women 20% less than men and thereby expose the organization to lawsuits and investigations by the Office of Civil Rights and EEOC? Not very likely.

Of course, the list above is not exhaustive and does not completely cover all industries, all occupations, and all female workers, but it should challenge the narrative that women are routinely paid 20 or 23 or 34% less than men – across the board in all industries and for every occupation, even in firms owned or managed by women, or whose HR departments are headed by a woman.
So just where are the organizations that have illegal dual-pay schedules 
....that compensate women 23% less than men for the same job? 
In reality, those organizations are as rare as a sighting of Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster. 
And shouldn’t the nearly complete absence of any actual documented cases of individual women being paid 23% less than men for doing the same job lead us to reject the “66/77/80 cents on the dollar” myths once and for all? 
Apparently not. 
The myth just keeps getting recycled over and over again, and regularly repackaged by President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Governor Edwards and others — for obvious political purposes. 
The fact that the myth is clearly unsupported by any actual evidence doesn’t seem to matter to most women, nor to nearly all Democrats.
Perversely perhaps, maybe the false “77 cents on the dollar” narrative is actually kept alive by the total lack of any evidence that there are any employers who actually pay women 23% less than men for the same job. After all, it’s better to keep those mythical violations very vague, ambiguous, and undocumented as a way to keep the myth alive, like very rare sightings of Bigfoot. If the bogus myth of widespread 23% gender wage gaps throughout the economy was ever exposed to the sunlight of evidence and truth, it would wilt and disappear, no longer available as a popular issue to generate political support and votes from women.
Thanks Mark and there's a pint at your table.

Mark J. Perry is concurrently a scholar at AEI and a professor of economics and finance at the University of Michigan's Flint campus. He is best known as the creator and editor of the popular economics blog Carpe Diem. At AEI, Perry writes about economic and financial issues for and the AEIdeas blog.

If you find that there is no sense at all in the demands made by feminists, you are just not looking.

They want economic destruction: and in a capitalistic society which produces and rewards  contrary to socialist mantras, they lie. It has been and remains a successful tactic.

It is not as though there were no more important matters that seek our attention. Genocide of Christians for instance. Slow asphixiation of civility by Muslim hordes. Even very personal and tragic circumstances. All are pressing and real and important.

But these liars have to bamboozle over 'pay gaps'. 

Drink up.


(And don't forget to look into the Southern Gal's hospital room to see how she is getting along.)


  1. I don't need studies to prove or disprove the wage gap, I actually was once literally given the excuse "because you're a woman, I assume at some point you'll cry and quit after not working hard, like all the other women have who work here" upon questioning it. (The job was serving at a restaurant.)

    So of course, I didn't, nor did the other female candidates for raises/management positions. Then the male who did embezzled money up his nose (cocaine) until the restaurant collapsed.

    I could tell you a million other stories like this, both from myself and people I trust. However, I doubt it would made a dent since you believe it's a lie, though not a woman in America yourself and listening to the few you know who haven't experienced this vs. the multitude of others who have.

    Btw, equal rights for women don't mean less rights for you. It's not a divorce and it's not pie.

    I originally came here to check on Southern Gal. I am sorry with her condition - and all the worse evil and immorality in this world - that political issues and money, both here and elsewhere - are your focus.

    I will continue to pray for her regardless

    Blessings to you just the same.

    1. Hmmmm. I am sure that your experiences have been as negative as you describe and I could - should I choose - regale you with other anecdotes about cheating employers. I have known some very bad people in my time. They cheated men as well as women. I have known bad woman employers and bad men ones too.

      I did not even approach 'less rights for me'. There are legislative instruments in place all over the western world's nations to ensure equal pay regardless of gender. They have been there for well over two generations. As Mark points out there is no evidence of prosecutions which, were inequality shown, could very easily be made and prosecutorial careers applauded.

      Yes, the focus here, as so often determined by what conversations I come across, do focus widely and include politics, social matters, men-women matters, religious issues and the like. Many find them stimulating and the main points are made by others than I.

      Thank you for your concern about the Southern Gal. She is dear to my heart. You, Chrystal are also dear to me. You might not think so from some of the altercations we have had. :) You are a spirited lady. Thank you for your prayers for her.

      You also sent messages via my mailbox. I do not respond as I can only do so via a private email. BUT..... your point of view is valuable and valued. You refer to something said elsewhere I think. Not sure. But you make good points. I do not necessarily agree with every one of them but I would be more than pleased for you to stand in the bar and raise the topics of your choice. You know the rules. Be nice.

      Should you wish to draft a modest length article - say 300 words or so - or point me to one already on your blog - I will be more than happy to look at it. I will see if it can fit. I would, of course, let it stand without 'edit', as I usually do with others' and attribute appropriately. But as with others I may interject a view here or there, provide an introduction context and add a codicil at the end. You know my style.

      But again, let me assure you Chrystal that I have broad shoulders and can take fair criticism. Just be pleasant when you stick the knife in. :)

  2. I've seen figures that show women overall earn more than men now. Hardly the way to have the man assume his rightful place as chief breadwinner.

    1. I guess the 'male role' of chief breadwinner is in decline for even more reasons than pay. Soon it will be the reserve of only those who maintain a traditional mind and heart, dividing up the tasks as fit for both. Woe the women who now seek men game enough to support an adult and children. The women, on the whole, have resisted sharing that part despite their careers and income.


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