Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Some things Cannot be Digitized

The Tavern has a large library where folk can sit in comfy chairs by a roaring fire and read. A customer mentioned in passing that all of the books on the shelves are on his 'Kindle'. He wondered why I bothered to have a library at all. 

Apparantly, he said, " there are currently 3,461,773 products in the Kindle store. 93,499 of them were published in the last 30 days (over 20,000 per week). 3,327,206 of these are classified as e-books. You can find these numbers on by browsing the Kindle store."

I laughed.

Abbey Library of St Gallen, Switzerland.

There are some things you just cannot digitise.

The Tavern library room is not so grand, but books are the tools of imagination.

And man has imagined so well.
Trinity College, Ireland
Handelingekammer, Netherlands

Biblotheque National de France.

Strahov Monastery, Czech Republic
A 'Private' Library. Jay Walker's, USA
One could go on. But you could simply follow the link and see 56 more.

Not quite the same, is it ?

Sit, surrounded by beauty and comfort and I shall bring you a drink.

Mind you....... 



  1. Mightily beautiful libraries, just the place to read.

    1. In some so beautiful libraries the books are a distraction. Just reading the walls and ceilings, the tables, columns and stairs is an education.

  2. Stunning architecture and artwork. Quite overwhelming, including the vast collection of books to choose to explore.

    1. Overwhelming is the word in many cases. But what a way to be swept away, eh?


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