Thursday, March 23, 2017

What Could Possibly Go Wrong

The Powers and Principalities are in overdrive in this age, especially the ejected ones. One hopes that those who stayed in Heaven are doing their bit to lend a hand to us down here. Meanwhile we mortals seem to want to emulate them, take power for ourselves (not an unreasonable wish, not-quite-all things considered) and confer all sorts of power to half-wits - on our behalf, of course. 

And the downsides? 

Forget Murphy and Sodd, just look around the world of politics. 
The accusations of one President spying on another who would be President have inadvertently thrown some light up into the murk at the top of the greasy pole. Not that many are pleased. Particularly the smoke and mirrors salespersons.

The Judge here, a long time go-to man for legal comment by the news media, has lost his moonlighting job for blowing the lid off this can of worms.

Phew! A chap can get caught up in phrases and cliches, mixing metaphors and end up shooting hisself in the foot. Political training, perhaps?

We elect people to 'represent' us but do not pay sufficient attention to what they do.

They assume powers for themselves but are rarely called out.

No, Ray, you answered correctly. But it was very murky up there. 

Have a drink.


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