Sunday, March 5, 2017

Can We Save a Collapsing Western Civilisation ?

We had a very busy few days in the Tavern. Some new folk dropped in and mingled with the customers we are more used to seeing propping up the bar. The conversations were more focused though and oddly enough each had their eyes firmly on 'Lies'.  

We shall have a brief look at one chap and his exposing of deep and wide lies. He was what I would consider 'Knight material'. 

The old guard, such as me, are fading and new blood is sought. But Knights are made, slowly and with some knocks and pain, not born in armour nor springing ready made from the soil when the rain falls. We old knights had many things to learn, largely focusing on horsemanship, weapons training and jousting, chivalry; and Trust and Faith in our Creator. 

Oh yes,and wound binding.  We got a lot of practical practice at that.  But today's young knghts need much more 'book learning', study, analytical thinking and writing. Many battles today are in the mind and hearts. Very soon though, we may be back on the battlefield. 
A quite young 'Moses' calling hisself "Moses Apostaticus" though seems to fit the bill. He told us about his quest. Moses was an educator for ten years during which time he completed his PhD and became a lifelong enemy of cultural Marxism.  His writing appears on sites such as The Daily Caller, Zero Hedge, XYZ and elsewhere. He has been busy honing his skills.

""Moses brought the moral law of God to Israel and Apostaticus means apostate or religious rebel. 

I am an apostate of the cults of modernity, and would lead others out of the wilderness of moral relativism and physicalist nihilism that characterises modernity. Metaphysics is truth. God is real. And you were made to be much more than the world says you are. Trust God.""

I suggested he had a tough gig there (see, I am hip with the modern argot) and might need to gird his loins or at least line his basket with some armour plate. But, pulling him a pint, I invited him to tell us more.

He cut straight to it with a shrp blade. A no nonsense fellow.
Why the West is Collapsing & How We Can Save It

Western societies today are under attack from traitors inside our borders and barbarians outside them. 
Neo-Marxist identity politics has a stranglehold on our education systems, creating an establishment that hates its own people and cares nothing for the traditions, faith and heritage of our ancestors. 
This globalist elite has opened the floodgates to mass Third World immigration in an attempt to rig the political process in Western nations and ensure that the liberty-loving, freethinking and independent culture forged by our ancestors is replaced. They want a world of slaves that they rule with an iron fist. 
The globalist agenda to destroy the Christian West has been advancing for a long time. We have been deceived into giving away our lands to others while the elite have handed our technology and our wealth over to people who do not share our interests. 
This will have terrible consequences for our children and grandchildren. 

It is no accident that whites in the West are the only group who are not permitted to advance their own economic, cultural and political interests. Our young have been indoctrinated by their neo-Marxist teachers to hate themselves as part of a program of demographic replacement coordinated by the globalist establishment. 
The cultural Marxist agenda of anti-white, anti-male and anti-Christian hatred has been advancing now throughout our societies since the radical New Left took control of our universities in the 1960's. This is why our culture is progressively becoming more degenerate. It is not happening automatically; it is happening as part of a concerted campaign to destroy the foundations of Western civilization and create a globe of passive, docile slaves to the globalist elite. 

The effects of this agenda are everywhere. Degeneracy and perversion are celebrated as liberating while Christian morality is mocked publicly. 
The foreign enemies of the West have become bold and full of contempt for us, even as millions of their people flood our nations and overwhelm our socialist welfare systems. Our children are targeted for moral corruption by the entertainment industry and teachers from infancy, and many parents are unable to spare the time necessary to raise their children due to the all-consuming work culture created by the elites. On all sides, our people are being pressured to submit and accept defeat.

Many men and women in the West who love our heritage, traditions and faith have given in to despair. They see how demoralized and uncertain we have become, and they see no hope for the future of the West. 
They should instead take heart. 
There is now a movement to push back against this diabolical agenda and reclaim our birthright as proud and free inheritors of Western civilization. To do so, we must 
stop believing the lies 
of the globalists and remember again the proud heritage of our civilization. 

The West brought the fruits of modernity to the world. We brought enlightened Christian culture to a world steeped in barbarism, prejudice and casual cruelty. We are inheritors of those proud traditions. It is not racist to say so. It is realist. 

We owe it to our ancestors and our descendants to fight back against the petty tyrants of political correctness and identity politics who seek only power for themselves. 
The way to do so is to educate, encourage and lead our fellow citizens to see the truth about who they are and what is being done to them. By outlining the globalist agenda and showing how it operates through culture war, my book will help you to push back against the control freaks and narcissists who want to rule you and to take back our nations. By doing so, we can restore our glorious civilization and again bring the light of truth and freedom to the world. 
Now is the time to fight back. 
We're the only ones who can do it.
I can only agree, even if by default. Yes you are the only ones who can do it as it will be a long fight and the old men will no longer be around.

But the talk of 'globalism' answers a question that simply diverts attention away from the true enemy. That enemy is 'Evil' which takes many forms and can lurk in the breast of  otherwise seemingly ordinary OK people.  Politics, economics, nationality, cultures  and religious belief are all important, of course, as they ever have been. They are tools to be used by Good or Evil.

I gave him a drink.

Get his book. It is on Kindle and costs peanuts. 

I have peanuts on the bar. Take a handful.

There is many a knock he will need to take, but he has the makings.


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