Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Icy Winds of the Hateful Left

Are there no depths the lefties cannot plumb? The warmth and welcoming rooms and bars of the Tavern are very different from the world beyond the hedges around our gardens. But there are so many people outside, baying from the Abyss that note has to be taken of them and what they do.

Barely a day goes by without some green stupidity; some atheistic outrage against people who simply want everyone to love one another; some scientific rent-seeker demanding public monies to pursue his or her obsession;  some pervert suing a baker for not  wanting to provide a 'wedding' cake; some regulational mendacity imposed by the collectivists. And generally accompanied by hate, invective, intolerance and 'punishment'.

They play the schoolyard bully game of "Let's you and him fight".

Stupidity has its comeuppance. Nature often takes care of itself and we may laugh.

But all too often these days it is the innocent who suffer from the un-natural hatreds of the perverse.

Old JJ Ray was mentioning the other day:
Leftist intolerance: Young Woman Attacked For Her Beliefs 
 "A fairly balanced Christian commentary on homosexuality by a vlogger called iEmanuella elicited such vicious comments from Leftists that she took her channel down rather than host or encourage such comments.  She has thus been largely silenced by hate ".
He brought in young Johanan  Raatz to talk about it and show us this young women so vilified. What on earth had she done? What had been done to her?

From what I gather she is a warm and loving young woman who has developed from a rather 'firm' Christian to a more 'Loves the Sinner but not the Sin" sort.  A lot like my own attitude. Comments have even condemned her for that attitude and practice.

The Abyss howls.

It is not only 'left' identifiable people, of course.  There has been a general coarsening of comments over the few years that the 'service' has been open. Many of the worst, most foul-mouthed commenters appear to be young men; Boys.

There have been a few louts coming to this Tavern too.

In the Men's Movement there is a proportion of boys, having been raised in 'single-parent families ' (read single mother ones) and through a feminist-dominated ( a favourite feminist word) education Industry. Boys have been dumbed-down.

Moral behaviour has been diminished almost deliberately.

Oz has its own legion of feminist young women in the public eye, on TV and in newspapers whose 'tweets' are frankly gutter-press. These are virtually ALL leftists. Their hatred simply pours out. Filth too. All too often it is other, Conservative or Christian women who find themselves targeted.

Point it out and they will, as Julia - Liar - Gillard would did, shout 'misogyny'.

Emanuella is a 'private' individual, unlike the Public one I mentioned the other day. Senator Bernadi.

Bill Muehlenberg, a regular here and having his own spot on the right side of the page, did what I have not yet had the time to do: read the words that have caused so much howling against Bernadi.

Unlike perhaps 90 per cent of the haters bashing Cory Bernardi on various websites, I actually have his new book and have actually read all 164 pages of it (and all 137 footnotes). So that might make my review slightly more reliable than a good hunk of those from the various secular left trolls. 
The reason for their utter wrath and vile remarks is clear: Bernardi dares to say that which is politically incorrect.  
For example, he thinks it is not a good thing that our most trusted institutions of marriage and family are under attack;  
that killing up to 100,000 unborn babies a year is deemed acceptable;  
and that the Christian faith has been under so much attack – even though it actually has been a force for good in this nation.  
No wonder the poisonous barbs are being unleashed upon him. 
The South Australian Senator makes a very simple case: the mainstream values which a majority of Australian support are well worth promoting and defending.  
Things like faith, family and freedom –  
all the things the radical left so love to disparage and trash. 
Bernardi defines a conservative simply as one who seeks “to protect and defend the structures and values that have allowed our nation to achieve the traditional freedoms and prosperity that we enjoy today.”  
And by revolution he means the need to “restore conservative values to their rightful place as the guiding principles of our civilisation and the cornerstone of governance.” 
Everything that the destroyers want to stop him speaking about.
In his chapter on faith and its importance, he rightly notes what a valuable role it has played both in the foundation of this nation and in its growth and development. 
And by faith he does not mean just any old generic faith, but specifically the Christian worldview which did so much for Australia in particular and the West in general.  
He notes that even those with no religious identity “will likely identify with values that would not exist if it weren’t for the historical role that Christianity has played in shaping” Australia. 
He notes that the increased secularisation of late has been closely connected to shifting morality – indeed, to a moral freefall 
He discusses the culture wars, including the battle for the sanctity of life. He notes how secular elites such as Peter Singer have pushed for not just abortion and euthanasia, but infanticide as well. 
Bernardi deals with the separation of church and state myth, and examines how religious freedom is increasingly coming under attack by those committed to the secular left worldview. He also notes how counterfeit religious movements are arising, such as the radical green agenda.
Men and women of Good Will HAVE to stand up against the anti-human tide.

I make the point that most of the invective and hatred comes from the Left. I will make the argument later on in the year for those that are too blind to see it.

The message in the video above points to one aspect in particular. The use and misuse of Sexuality. But it is but one part of a broad attack on Humanity by Evil, in particular the Cultural Marxist plague.

It's main 'shock troops' I have pointed to often.


The Princess of Lies

This has 'captured, in whole or in part, most of half of humanity with a crude greed-creed which relies upon 'liberating' the worst aspects of Femininity. It has unleashed the 'Id' in Psychological terms.

The 'dark-side'.
You can delve further into this by wandering off into the US Room to listen to Fidelbogen explain.
Feminism, the dark side of feminine.

History has shown that we cannot counter it alone, bare-handed. We need to be raised by loving parents. Mother and father. You can see why the lesbian-feminist woman at her lectern, preaching to the academic masses in the video was so keen to destroy marriage and the family, and to LIE.


We need Grace. 
With Grace we have an advantage.
Do not simply be part of the herd that follows the loudmouth haters.
The Left, the Cultural Marxists, the feminists and all their fellow-travellers have no grace at all.

Step off their path and consign them to the Depths they love so much.
Pax Dei Vobiscum


  1. "Are there no depths the lefties cannot plumb?"
    I've noticed that SOME folks will exert VASTLY greater effort into malingering than what the task at hand would actually require, ultimately, with nothing to show for it.


  2. Yep, you've pretty well got it covered there. They never rest.

    1. Yes, they never rest. And a chap has to keep at it.

  3. If you stop all those abortions you will get more single mothers. No? Which is the worst evil? You can't have it both ways.

    1. The Abyss has many crevices in its walls. I see you have found an uncomfortable toe hold there in illogic . You provide and 'either/or' (a logical fallacy) where better alternatives are worthy of consideration.

      Evil is evil. You distinguish only speeds at which one slides down the slippery slope. I see your pants have caught fire. I hope someone chucks a bucket of cold water on them lest you lose the tenuous grip you have.

      As Feminists are fond of saying, a man should keep his pants zippered', to which one can add, 'and women should keep their pants up'.

      Recall the 'promises' of the Pill?

  4. AmfortasJanuary 9, 2014 at 11:01 AM
    Yep, that too.

    I respectfully disagree.
    It's not "that too". It's an ever so slight variation of the very same mental affliction that applies, right down the whole column.
    Today, I'm SURE it has a "new name", removing "official" consequence, even "celebrating" the "diversity".
    I can't be bothered to look it up in my copy of D&SMof MD as it is from 1987.
    Despite 4000 years of folks reflecting on human nature, the MMD is constantly "revised" to
    ameliorate the Id and Ego of groups that *ahem* think they're "all that".



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