Monday, January 27, 2014

Socialists Hoisted : and Howling.

A studied example from two great speakers and writers of our time, enlivened a sunny afternoon with sound argument for the customers on the patio. Socialism, they said, does not work.

As though to a sensible man it could be otherwise; and to many nonsensical men - and not a few women - in the audience that socialism could even be questioned. But question and interrupt the speakers they did, of course. 

This was a debate and you are free (as we are not socialists here) to make up your own mind.

The Tavern customers like to wrestle with topics of the mind and of social relevance. Often they consider matters that go against the grain of the slippery slope that our society is sliding down.

Daniel Hannan earned his free pints and a square meal first. He is a politician with a sound mind and the memory of an elephant. He can quote off the top of his head almost all the great people of humanity from soon after man began writing anything down to the present day.

Typical of this wise and perfect English speaker, he waves the Red Flag at the lefty Bullies right from the start. How many public speakers would have the sheer gumption to open with Godwin's Law.?

Socialism Does NOT Work | Daniel Hannan | Oxford Union

He was followed by Anthony Daniels, better known as Theodore Dalrymple. Dr Daniels, a psychiatrist, has delved into the deep and dark recesses of the minds of not only the every-day mentally ill and socially decrepit but of the politically ill and evil too. This was one of his rare public appearances and well worth it.

Socialism Does NOT Work | Theodore Dalrymple | Oxford Union


As you can see and hear, both speakers had spirited opposition to the sense they spoke coming from the audience. Indeed Hannan's talk was interrupted by intellectual midget thugs of both sexes and there was even an attempt by one lady to make her own speech in his place. He dealt with them politely, of course.
They had their opportunity in the debate and most of the Tavern customers heard them out. You can too by following the entire debate with each speaker by continuing the links shown after each video.
The ensuing discussions continued in the P&B and the UK room where you too can join in.
I will charge your glasses.


  1. Just a note here to Chrystal.

    I have your note and can accept that you have a course to follow and paths can be stony and wind around uphill much of the time. I cannot say I understand the ins and outs of the issues you speak of but nonetheless I wish you only sunnier pastures ahead. Were I to know more it might tempt me to mislay role as Tavern-keeper and put a different hat on; one that I put aside a while ago. To bridge chasms between people has a cost.

    Others may make calls upon a Tavern Keeper but they too are on the other side of the bar-top. I hope all involved drink deep of Grace.

    You said "I tried to give grace, to give the benefit of the doubt, just to understand, but I can't anymore.".

    Chrystal, you cannot give Grace: you can only receive it. We all need it. Even I simply pour it. Open yourself to it. My supplier has much to give.

    May God Bless you on your journey, my dear. With some luck you might lose the weighty baggage to the great airline suitcase vortex. :)

    Pax Dei Vobiscum.

  2. Funny thing, this, but I kinda agree with you. :)

  3. OK, No more. That goes for all. The Bouncer will simply not let this through.

  4. Referring to the woman heckler in the first video. There is always someone (or several someones) in a debating forum that doesn't know how to conduct themselves in such a forum.

    I have encountered some amusing hecklers in some debates (of a political nature) that I have attended :-)

    1. Indeed there are. The occasional humorous heckle is par for the course, of course, but attempts to take over the platform usually comes from the loopy extremes. At least she didn't wear a red tie. :)


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