Saturday, January 4, 2014

Russian Rescue

Icy conditions pervaded the most southerly continent over the past few weeks, as is usual. Heck, who would want to go to Antarctica anyway? The Russians of course !

The news in Oz has been full of the ill-fated but highly feted trip taken down there by a Russian ship carrying 'tourists'. Tourists my Knightly arse. They were 'warmists', that early 21C sect that is convinced that what we humans do is effecting the climate, especially the ice around the poles. They told everyone before-hand that they were going there to collect the evidence that the ice is melting and we are all doomed.

As fate would have it they came unstuck - or rather, Stuck. Stuck fast in the ice that was supposed to have melted. I will tell of that and more tomorrow. The cost is still being totted up.

Meanwhile a Russian came into the Tavern yesterday, for a pint of our best. My friend Lana.

We were just discussing the events in Antarctica when she stopped mid-sentence and sat, mouth open, looking at the wall.   She was staring at a photo that some wag had pinned to the dart board. She burst out laughing when she realized it was a target.

The caption under the photo said:

"Women have very little idea of how much men hate them"
- Germaine Greer.

Please don't tell me that pinning Germaine Greer to a dart-board is misogyny. It has little to do with hating woman and a lot to do with deriding a fatuous example of a modern Feminist.

But it set Lana off on a tangent. Thank the Lord Harry she speaks English so well or the customers' ears would have turned red. Maybe it was the talk of the ice, or being stuck in the ice, and maybe Germaine's icy looks, but Lana became thoughtful.

"One of my most vivid childhood memories is a near tragedy on a frozen lake my home town near the outskirts of Rostov on Don.  
...I was walking home from school with my grandfather ...we could see skaters on the frozen lake a few hundred yards from the street. As we turned off the main street there was no sound except the crunching of our boots in the snow.  
A scream broke the silence and we instinctively looked towards the lake.  
Two skaters, a mother and her daughter, had fallen through the ice. Grandfather began running towards the lake. It amazed me how fast he could move considering he had lost a foot in the war.  
I followed Grandfather as quickly as I could, but we were beaten to the lake shore by a group of young soldiers who were already crawling on their bellies across the ice, in single file towards the two women flailing around in the freezing water.  
The soldiers were joined by some other men who had rushed out of one of the cafes. They brought some ladders to lay out on the ice to spread the weight of the rescuers.  
The women were pulled to safety and dragged bodily to the shore, passed from one man to the next until they were safely on the bank. The women, a mother and daughter were wrapped in blankets, fed hot soup and bundled into a truck to take them to hospital just in case.  
The crowd dispersed. The soldiers and the other men drifted back into the cafes to resume their meals and a short while later, grandfather and I were sitting with my parents, toasting ourselves in front of the big stove. Grandfather began telling stories of the war; tales of stoic endurance, boundless determination and heroic deeds.  
He always admonished me to remember that the bounties of my comfortable childhood had been paid for by all those men who had never returned home. My brother had once asked him why he had fought for Stalin.  
"Oh no" my Grandfather replied.  
"We didn't fight for Stalin.  
We fought for the women and children of Russia."  
-Lana's Grand-dad

Grandfather left early that night and trudged back through the town, braving one of the famous white storms, to reach the hospital where his wife, my grandmother, was recuperating from a painful operation on her eyes. He would sit and read to her through the night as she drifted in and out of sleep, until finally he would be driven from the clinic by a stern nurse telling him to go and get some rest.


I have seen many acts of incredible bravery on the news.  
Men who didn't hesitate to drag people from the wreckage during the awful metro bombings in Moscow; men who stormed an aircraft in Perm when hijackers threatened to shoot hostages; men who threw themselves into the icy waters of the Volga to rescue people from a sinking ferry. 
Whenever there is an earthquake, an avalanche, a tsunami or a hurricane,  
it is the men of any nation who will instinctively  
rush to help. 
It is the men who will put their own lives on the line if they have to, to save others.  
When the crisis is over, it is the men who will clear roads, repair bridges, restore power lines and begin to re-build. 
I often wonder if Germaine Greer has ever done anything even remotely as valuable as the men she has spent her life ridiculing. 
But there are also the ordinary heroes. Billions of men who work hard and often do dangerous jobs in order to support women and children, and in order to keep women and children safe and housed and fed.

So Germaine Greer can spew her infantile paranoia as much as she likes. She can convince herself and other gullible women that the world doesn't need these masculine qualities, but she is deluding herself.  
Our civilization was built by men. Our communities are maintained by men. We are kept safe by men. Wouldn't it be nice if feminists could stop ridiculing them and maybe even express some gratitude from time to time? 
Men are our fathers and grandfathers, our brothers and sons, our friends and colleagues. It is their masculine qualities that make them what they are.  
Men are the builders and inventors, the explorers and defenders, the pioneers and the discoverers.  
We need men, and if Germaine Greer and her fellow feminists don't care about the damage they are doing to men, maybe they should think about what they are doing to women.  
The "patriarchy" Greer rages against has always been designed first and foremost to keep women and children safe.  
But if men begin to show the same contempt for women as feminists show for men, then we women are going to be in a lot of trouble.  
In western nations now there is definitely a hardening of attitudes among men towards women in general. Decades of feminism has taught men that women have nothing but contempt for them. They are beginning to wake up.  
Feminists who say they want gender equality should be very very careful what they wish for. 
So now I am grown up and I live in Ireland. But whenever I hear some half-witted feminist denigrating men in general, my first thought is always of that brave young man, who risked his life to save two strange women, long ago in the depths of a frozen Russian winter.

It does us well to have a clear eye for Reality.

The evidence is there despite a chorus of 'consensus scientists' all singing to a cult songbook about 'Global Warming'.

The evidence is there to see despite all the agitprop spread throughout our society by Feminists.

The Russian ship is still ice-bound but Lana the Russian gal is here to throw a life-line of sense for us all.

Lana is easy on the eye too.


  1. "I often wonder if Germaine Greer has ever done anything even remotely as valuable as the men she has spent her life ridiculing"

    With respect, I do not have to wonder. I already know the answer to this question. The answer is: no.

    And it is not because she is a woman, it is because she is a feminist. The feminist does not produce anything of value for others, they only destroy things of value. Their movement is committed to destruction. They destroy families, communities, reputations, businesses, careers, schools and any system they take part in. Left unchecked they may get to destroy entire nations one day. They must be stopped and we are the only ones standing in their way. The good news is, we are growing and they fear us.

    From Iron John

    1. It has to be said, doesn't it. The Narcissist will obfuscate and 'charm', cajole and 'use' people, and may not appear to most others as anything but one who 'gets things done'. But they are 'seen' only when one becomes aware of the wrecked lives all around them. What they affect is destroyed like a rot in an apple. They are the 'dark attractor' a sort of centre of effect that sucks in and destroys other human beings.

  2. So, you start talking about ice in the Antarctic and you somehow end up talking about helpless women being rescued by heroic men. What a surprise.

    You speak of feminists denigrating men but you don't consider what you write to be denigrating women?

    Times have changed old knight, circumstances of birth and freedom to pursue careers previously denied to them, women are now in armies, navies and airforces around the world. If they are not yet on the frontline is is largely due to men's reluctance to have them there.

    Consider this: women give birth to, feed, clothe and educate boys. They teach them gentleness and respect, show them how to channel their aggression, how to control their primitive urges.

    It is women who care for elderly men in nursing homes. It is women who wash and feed them.
    Overwhelmingly it is women who clean the bathrooms, vacuum the floors , do the mundane cooking, do the shopping, and care for the children. Are the men fighting for fair representation in these jobs? Not that I can see. The dirty jobs that women do are not well paid but the garbage men get fine remuneration for their dirty work. The guys swinging from the power lines have been joined by women these days. It's not that dangerous but it is well paid. The fire service is also no longer a male preserve and some of the most dangerous work falls to women who can get into smaller spaces. (Not that all men are bigger and stronger than all women) I could go on endlessly, but that is your specialty.

    You can go on all you like about young women being sluttish and inviting harm from raping, brutal men but you can't deny that it is the men who behave this way and they should take the blame. It is the men who hunt in packs, engage in testosterone fuelled fights, punch another man's lights out, for no reason, but to impress their peers. It is men who rape. It is men who are responsible for MOST domestic violence. It is the savagery of men that is the biggest problem in society. It always has been.

    In societies where the women are oppressed it is the men who are the oppressors. it is the men who deny eduction to girls. It is the men who punish women for the wrongs of men. It was men who shot and very nearly killed Malala Yousafsai who only wanted access to education and what a wonderful woman she is, afraid of no one. There are many like her.

    I don't think that you can hold back the tide any longer. Women will have opportunities and they will take them. Women will hold positions of power. And before you start screaming about positive discrimination and quotas I would ask you to look at every government, large company or organisation around the world. The men are still largely running the place so you can relax for now. Not for long though.

    1. A spirited defence but shooting and shouting at what exactly? "You started off...and ended up...": The entire thing was about rescue. It started off with an ice rescue by some Russians. A personal anecdote by a lady.

      This Tavern gives a voice to women, just as it allows you to have your say here too.

      Nothing in that report denigrated women. Just Germaine Greer. Are you her lawyer? Do you think she needs you? The anecdote praised men for men's sacrifice. Why do you object to that. It is a clear truth.

      Careers that women claim were denied to them were available to them generations before you were born. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in Seattle - for instance in 1909 was a woman. The education of women was virtually identical to men at that time. Roughly 1% of men went to University and into the professions at the turn of the 19/20C and roughly half a percent of women. That is half a percent difference. Statistically insignificant. But modern feminists, just like their early counterparts persist in lying about that. Why lie?

      Women do a huge amount of work, as you say, and I never deny that. Why should I. But many of my customers point out that despite men doing so much menial, dirty, dangerous work in foul weather, doing all that is essential for society to function, feminists NEVER seek to have women's quotas to join them. They seek quotas for wealthy middle-class women to sit in 'high' positions without having put in the hard yards to earn them. I will praise the Feminist - and you - when they and you demand 40% women in the dirty, dangerous jobs that keep our cities going and puts food on your table.

      I agree there are societies where women are oppressed. So change those if you will. Not that they are your societies. Whatever happened to people organising as they deem fit?

      Men go about in testosterone packs doing all sorts of things to women, do they? That is a 'truth' told by a feminist. Yes, some do. They are a TINY proportion. And they were all raised by women. Why did you omit pointing that out? Everyone of them has a mother. Most are without fathers though thanks to our Feminist-infected society.

      Why - as a feminist - do you not mention the much larger majority of men who behave well and provide for all the needs of society? Lana does. She did not find it difficult to see the legions of men who have provided for and protected women throughout the ages. Why do you not see them? Are you blind, or are you doing as feminists do, as narcissists do, destroy all around you with your invective.?

      Now, I have enabled you to speak freely in my Tavern. I am quite OK with differences of opinion. At least you did not pee on the carpet. I can point you to feminist watering holes where such freedom to express yourself would not be allowed.

  3. anonymous said;
    "Consider this: women give birth to, feed, clothe and educate boys. They teach them gentleness and respect, show them how to channel their aggression, how to control their primitive urges."

    I have considered all of the above and find this statement a complete crock of cowshit-except for the birth part.

    As for the rest of the statement,women have taught me the EXACT opposite and is the reason for me becoming an mra.

    Feminist rantings are always about shaming and I am glad to watch you attempt it. You really should get with the times though as this shit just doesn't work anymore.


    1. To be fair, outdoors, many mothers do a fine job of teaching gentleness and respect. Many do not though. The raising of boys is almost totally in female hands in our society and feminists (as in the commenter above) blame men for the outcome. Sheer feminist mendacity.

  4. The evidence is there despite a chorus of 'consensus scientists' all singing to a cult songbook about 'Global Warming'.

    Just no. Stop reading the economist Lord Monckton's work and actually listen to a real climate scientist

    1. Such as...? Perhaps the fellows at the University of East Anglia?

    2. Just had to get back to you today. I was trying hard to hear what was being said in the various bars about the ice bizzo. But I was diverted. Then again today (that is the next report from the Tavern. - you will have to look up a bit) I was listening to a cool appraisal when once again I was diverted. But a REAL SCIENTIST did get a word in. He heads up the French efforts.

      I guess you had better argue with him.

  5. The fellows (oh, it wasn't the women) at the University of East Anglia did a great disservice by overstating their case and fudging their results. That does not mean that they are wrong. The Antarctic ice ship being used to debunk all the climate science is a crazy over-simplification and everyone on each side of this debate picks and chooses what data they present and what they ignore. Did your country not just endure the hottest year ever recorded? Why do you fail to mention this?

    Your man "outdoors" is perhaps the one who is behind the times. Everywhere I look women are participating in areas that were previously male-dominated. As for your claim that women are almost entirely responsible for the raising of young boys, I would take issue with any suggestion that this is a recent thing. Women have always dominated in the teaching of young children and when men were in the elementary system they almost always became the principal regardless of the competence of the females around them. I think that has changed a little, but it remains the case that any man who is any good at all tends to end up in the top spot. Men are still very much a strong presence in the teaching of older students.

    It's a fine thing though when men join the traditionally female occupations. When cooks become chefs, the wages get hiked. When hairdressers become artists who can command stupid amounts of money. When the nurse on the ward is a man and it isn't automatically assumed that he must be a doctor, then we have come a long way. It's a win-win.

    Sure, it's a small minority of men who are violent, but it is nearly always men and we should admit that. Sure, there are stories in the papers and in the media generally about violent women. The fact remains that these tales are newsworthy because it is still unusual for women to behave this way. It still has the power to shock.

    Women are not all kind and gentle but neither are they cowardly little creatures needing the man to protect them. I think women are by and large, mentally tougher than their male counterparts. Only my opinion, but that seems to be true of many women that I have

    You do use anecdotes told by women to create an impression that this is how most women think and feel. You can always get someone to make your point for you and taking woman's words in order to somehow distance yourself from your own views, is a fairly transparent ploy.

    I imagine that most women do not agree with much of what you say. Believe me, when you are in the ER room on a Friday evening and the battered and bruised are brought in, some men, some women, it is normally assumed that the perpetrator is a male. Sadly, this is nearly always the case.

    1. First, please give yourself some identification. A name so I can address someone other than 'anonymous.

      Second, I dis not deal with Global Warming at all other than use the current hoohaa as an introduction, therefore your asking me why I did not mention 'hottest year on record' is redundant or diversionary. I may deal with the Ice-bound heros later, as I said.

      Third, you use the term 'male dominated' in the same mendacious fashion as most feminists. I do not suppose you would use it in education or nursing for example. What the term should indicate is a preponderance of one sex or another by the choice of individuals, but you choose, mendaciously, to imply, even state, 'dominance' as though it were an imposition. You say "... it remains the case that any man who is any good at all tends to end up in the top spot" You do not say why or why equally competent women do not step up to those 'top spots'. Does their choice not matter to you? Women fail to step up as often as men do, so to you men should be blamed.

      Fourth, you say, "You do use anecdotes told by women to create an impression that this is how most women think and feel". That is plain daft. I let women here say their piece. I do not ascribe their words to others or to 'most' women. Lana's anecdote and views are hers. She approved the use. You do her an injustice. I have invited and responded to several women's requests to put their views in the Tavern. My views do not rely on others. They are quite clear already, and not wholly popular ! Yours are here in the comments but should you want to state a view in the bar, please talk to the barman.

      Fifth: assumption in the ER are by individuals who may well be focusing their analytical skills on the ailments of the patients rather than assigning blame.

      Sixth: what drink would you like?

    2. Please excuse my typos. It was a hurried evening serving everyone. I am here to serve.

  6. The reason I did not give myself a name is that I wished to be gender-neutral. Call me Ben, a 'male nurse' , a term which I think is ridiculous. I am a nurse. I am a man. I am married to a doctor. I am also a father of two girls. Enough said.

    1. Gender neutral? I don't find 'male nurse ridiculous.

      Welcome Ben. Have a drink.

  7. Well, you have no idea what it is like to be a nurse, who is also a man. It does make you sympathetic to the plight of women who do so called "men's" jobs

    Really it is quite funny. My wife is taken for a nurse. I am taken for a doctor. I'm sure there is a sit-com in there.

    Maybe you misunderstood? Being a man who is a nurse is not ridiculous. I am not gay, as is often assumed. My wife is not a "female doctor", she is just a doctor" . I am a nurse, she is a doctor, I am male, she is female. Our gender has nothing to do with what we do.

    Make mine a large scotch. I'm in need of cheer. Just don't call me a "male nurse"

    1. I am generally sympathetic to anyone, Ben, regardless of their work, as long as they and it are honest. I take it that both you and your wife follow careers that you chose.

      The faux issue of 'men's work' and 'women's work' and the nomenclature 'domination' are terms thrown out by Feminists. As you can see from the tone, if not the actual words of myself and some who speak here, the work-gender war is one formented by feminists. It is not surprising that those they oppose use their own words against them, asking them to be consistent.

      I won't call you a male nurse; that is what you called yourself. Indeed you said, "Call me Ben, a male nurse". Be consistent. A wee dram coming up.

    2. Strange, I also work in the field of care and in a sub-field that is particularly female dominated. I don't find people quite as ignorant as you suggest, in fact, nowhere near as ignorant as you suggest. I think you've listened to too many feminists and believe their lies.

    3. Strange, anti-misandry, I too have had a close connection with the health industry although I have not worked in a hospital. I have admiration for nurses. Some people doth protest too much and just will not see the feminist pervasiveness all around even when it is pointed out.

  8. A lovely heartwarming story from Lana :-)

    1. They still make grand-dads like they used to, I hear. :)

    2. I loved both of mine to bits ;-)


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