Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sanity in the Gender War

A sane man walked in and showed us why he the best 'spokesmen' for anti-feminism that I have seen and heard. Always cogent, well argued, well supported by evidence and example, and polite. A model of how it ought to be done.

A simple question. Can you improve the 100 metre Olympic Sprint Race by bumping off a few of the black men and having some 'quota' white men in their place?

So, without any further discussion, I will let him speak for himself.  Just sit back with a pot of wine and watch.

On white sprinters and female CEOs

The feminist extortionist as Tony Soprano, the waste management executive. Hahahaha. Very good.
The Damned Old Man at the bar knows that despite the logic of the argument we cannot win-over a Feminist easily.  He says:

Feminist logic may seem like another one of those oxymorons, like military intelligence. But it isn’t. The military at least thinks it has intelligence. Feminists believe logic is masculine and therefore a tool of the Patriarchy used to oppress women.  
Logic is a form of oppressive power because of its objective stance that is devoid of emotion and ignorance of context. The association with power and domination is what makes it masculine. One claim that is often made is that men and women have different styles of reasoning.
Feminist researchers appear to prefer quantitative research methods over qualitative. In fact, I have seen arguments that qualitative research is masculine because of its reliance on logic and math. Qualitative research relies on neither. It is far more interpretive and expressive and permits researchers far more freedom to draw conclusions. In fact, two researchers using the same sets of data can easily reach contradictory conclusions about that data.  
For the feminist, this poses no problem.  Feminist researchers often talk about multiple realities and the importance of context.  This permits the feminist to make both of the following statements without regard to any double standard.

“A man who criticizes one woman is a misogynist.”
“A woman who criticizes all men is empowered.”
Is feminism a madness or a badness.

With one professional hat  on I say it is psychotic. A madness.

Some might be cured.

With another sleeve turned up, I say it is badness.

Does it come from 'womanliness' ?  Not at all.

Feminism harms men but it harms women too.

And babies. And  Families.

Drink it up. For Clarity.
You will need it. You are faced with the Diabolical.

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