Saturday, January 25, 2014

Delays and Preparations.

It gets busy at the Tavern. Folks running around all over the place. So.... apologies for the lack of conversations.

This week has seen me working hard preparing for 'events'. A couple of them are connected to a local club - in fact it is State-wide, nation-wide and world-wide - and I am honoured to be the State Secretary. The club is Mensa.

Much of what we do is quite social and the Tavern is a good venue, but occasionally we venture afield - as I did last November, to Perth - so as to include members from far afield. Hence the Taverners are busy preparing for the annual BBQ.

This will be held in Ross, tomorrow.

Ross is a small village and quite old by Oz standards, in the middle of the Island and just a bit to the East. Members can get to it from all points and not over-extend their travelling.

And I have also been busy preparing to put on a 'Show' in the Tavern itself, in the music room, with a Mensa member from the UK who has brought her Harp with her.

The Fine Harpist and Celtic Singer.

Moira Grayland.

An evening with Moira Grayland is being organised. Moira is a fairly new friend of the Tavern, drawn by the ambience.

As with most Mensa events the audience is confined to members but I will be bringing some highlights from the rehearsals.

But that is to come. Soon.

So, sit in your favourite place, sup some fine wine brought to you on the shoulders of an Angel.... and be patient.

And keep the place tidy whilst my back is turned.



  1. I look forward to hearing fine Harp music, I love the music of string instruments ;-)

    As to BBQs... I promise not to send Mr C to help out with that, it would put a damper on the weather. There is a backstory there that would make go Hahahaha ;-)

    1. The weather was perfect, as was the BBQ. By pleading culinary ignorance ( not far from a 'Truth' and close enough for Intelligent heathens) I managed to get five others around the BBQ thingo doing all the cutting and turning of sausages, burgers, kebabs, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions. Another was set to work on breads and rolls. Ain't leadership wonderful. :)

  2. Not sure I'm intelligent enough to understand that.


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