Friday, June 24, 2016

June 24th 2016: Independence Day

The runner with the cleft stick burst through the door with a big grin. He'd read the note.

A New Independence Day goes on the anniversary calendar. The day that Britain decided to leave the disaster zone that is the EU.

It has been a longish while since since Britain thought it a 'good idea at the time' to join a Common Market.  That idea was defended by assurances that a trading zone would NOT turn into some political overlord. But what did happen? The unelected bureaucrats dominated and attempted to destroy the Sovereignty of Great Britain.

Worse, those unelected ruled as a Politburo on a Soviet model.

The British are patient people. They suffered in silence for a while as the fat cats and traitors sucked off the EU teat; a milk and honey pot that was continually topped up by the taxes of British people who were given no say whatsoever in the transfers. But eventually they have said....


Yes, V for Victory with our two bow-string fingers.

The fingers (or even just one) can be turned around now at the Eurocrats who will be crapping their pants this night. The French will have their Frexit plans boosted. The Swiss have already shelved their plans to join.

The spirit of Winnie the Churchill will smile. The night is still dark and the threats and prognostications of doom and woe still ring in our ears from the traitor's lips. And we shall look to a bright dawn. Their lies and disdain will not be forgotten. Their lack of faith and confidence in Britain will be remembered. 

It is time to heal the disasters of the past and bring the Anglosphere back together as a Force.

By the Lord Harry it is needed.

But traitors and ne'er-do-wells will need to work hard to gain forgiveness. They have denigrated Britain. They have rubbished the ability of Britain to 'survive' outside the farcical EU. Britain with its 1000 year history of greatness; Britain who gave Europe and the world its Charters of Freedoms: Britain who devised and led the Industrial Revolution that brought the world's nations into Prosperity; Britain that created and held the largest and most successful and benign Empire that the world has ever seen; Britain that stood entirely alone against the same National Socialist aggression that crippled Europe; Britain that paved the road to the liberation of Europe with a million bodies.

The traitors refused to see any of that. They do not believe in Britain.

They do not deserve to 'remain' on Britain's shores.

Let them go to 'Europe'.

Gentlemen, Ladies, Squires, farm boys, wenches and sundry damsels, the drinks are on the house.



  1. Indeed it is a moment for reflection as a sigh of relief escapes my lips prior to a little grin of joy starting to form. I think many are irritated by the political classes who persist in telling us what we want, while they remain aloof and very well insulated from what we get, while they pretend to "get on with the job"!
    Peter H.

    1. The ship is starting to turn. It will be a while before the effects are felt and we can expect the Europeans to take some 'vengance' on Britain. The initial losers will be the stock market gamblers. But the 'One World' people have been given a wallop. I see Cameron has resigned. I would like to see Nigel Farage kneel to recieve the slap across the face and the presentation of a sword at his Knighthood.

  2. you boys know you've done something when you got yanks flying union flags and blasting the anthem.

    1. Your turn to get rid of some 'connections'. Start with Obama and his cronies. Good luck. The Anglosphere must become closer.

  3. Very happy for you my friend:). Let's pray we have a similar revolution here ....... We shall see.

    The southern girl:)

    1. The world turns and the people will not be pushed for too long. let us lift a glass to the revolting. :)

  4. I was up through the night, tweeting with others and it certainly started to look good early. Everyone feared London but it did not quite negate the huge lead by then. Brummiland was evens.

    1. The bias in the reporting over here was astounding for anyone who remembers what fairness and dispassion mean.


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